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Rev Martin Marty
Jan '98 Part 1
GOD's word to Luther, "the just live by faith," has been corrupted till all references to
His repeated demand for obedience are denied, ignored, rejected, so Mat12:31.
GOD's clear demand for obedient faith from Gen2 thru Mat19:17 Heb5:9 till Rev22:14 is
supported by 100s of scriptures, but the Judas church teaches against Him and His holy word.
GOD clearly says "the doers of the law will be (yet to be) justified" Rom2:13, totally
rejected, as you teach against His law, 100% contrary to Bible truth, so again Mat12:31.
GOD clearly says "be doers of the without works is dead" Jam1:22; 2:20, yet
even "demons believe" Mat8:29 Jam2:19, so the current church merely copies demons.
GOD has graced you with a fine mind, but you are still in gross darkness 2Cor4:3,4,
a mickey mouth Christian, believing fables of evil men, desperately in need of Truth, Christ.
GOD graced Aquinas with a brilliant mind, but He later revealed his work was straw,
but Aquinas lacked faith, penned no more and died a sinner 3 months later 1Cor3:15; 5:5.
GOD is gracing you to grow (thru obedience) into His Acts1:8; 9:17 level to hear Truth,
then to prove your faith thru teaching Bible truth and maybe grow into Him, all Truth.
 Robert Bristow
P.S. Very few actually live in Truth.
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