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Rev Bill Hybels,
Oct '95
GOD's true believers
GOD's holy inerrant word from Gen to Rev demands action, labour,
work to qualify for His spiritual/eternal promises 1Jn2:6.
GOD clearly says faith is confidence, having evidence(deeds)
and He alone proves, tests our obedience of faith Rom1:5; 16:26.
GOD's examples clearly performed to please Him, blindly hoping,
yet satan teaches 100% contrary so mouth and anointed never fully Heb11:6.
GOD exhorts us to copy Jesus, refusing sin, thru blood, disgrace, pain,
endure chastising, to receive His heavenly gifts Heb12:10,11,14,22-24,28.
Heb12:6..He receives qualifies Rom6 Eph4:15 into Him Zech13:9 Mat1:21
2Cor6:16,17 His, separate, clean, receive, so few received as His.
12:7..endure chastening qualifies Ps88 Job Jam1:3,4,12 into His
children, Jn15:2b abide, a few grow into sons or fathers 1Jn2.
12:8,10..partakers qualifies 1Pet4:13 1Cor11:26 evidence His death
so Rom12:1 2Cor4:11, bastards fall away, Jn15:2,6 1Cor5:5 Heb6:6.
12:11..exercised qualifies His work of fire purging Mat3:11 Lk3:16 1Pet1:7
Rev3:18 into His holiness to clearly see, 12:14, Job33:26; 42:5.
12:15..diligently qualifies Mat6:33; 11:12 Lk13:3,5,24 Acts2:38; 14:22
into full grace Rom4:16; 5:2 or soul saving grace Eph2:6-10; 4:24.
12:17..rejected qualifies Jer23:1,19,39,40 Mat7:21; 25:11 Jn11 4th day
blind, dumb, 1Cor3:15; 5:5 Rev20:10-15 as Bernardin from Nov '93.
12:22-24,28..qualify Rom14:17 1Cor1:30 Eph Col1:2,13 heavenly gifts
for a few in Christ 1Pet2:5,9 2Pet1:4,11 1Jn3; 4; 5 if we endure.
GOD's total word is rarely believed, so few Jn5:24(Jm2:19) Heb11:6
to receive His heavenly gifts with the hope of the 1st resurrection.
 Robert Bristow
The SON is GOD, the Word Jn1:1,14, so Jn3:16 means to believe, truly believe,
is to accept, agree, trust every GOD inspired message whether Spirit or Bible as did
Abraham, tried and proved 3 times in spirit. Jesus had no scripture to base His belief
on His 3rd day resurrection, going thru life and death believing the Holy Spirit message,
faith in GOD alone to do the (im)possible, so Jesus proved Himself worthy Heb5:8,9,
now expects us to believe 1Jn2:6 till 2Cor4:13.
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