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Mar '95
GOD clearly, simply, from Adam till now, demanded obedience Gen2:2,(3)
Ex20 Deut11:1,26-28 Mat19:17 Jn14; 15 Rom2:13; 3:31; 7:7-12 Jm1:22 Heb5:9
but few obey from the heart Rom6:16-18,19c; 7:22; 8:4 into 14 1Pet4:2,6,19.
GOD clearly, simply declares LOVE is His prime command Mat22:36-40
fulfilling the law Rom13:8-10 Gal5:14 thru Mat5:44 Jn14 level working love
by faith Gal5:6 Jm2 Phil2:12 into agape level Jn15 Rom8 1Cor13
Eph3:17b-19a; 4:13c 1Jn2:5; 4:17.
GOD clearly, simply says obey His voice Heb11:6-8 blindly to prove our love
Deut5:10 Jn14:15 yet merely born again to "obey truth thru Spirit" 1Pet1:22,23,
if diligent 2Pet1:10 into 11,12 proving Greek in 1Jn2:24,27 says "shall abide,"
GOD clearly, simply proves/tests our obedience to love, to faith Job33
Acts14:22 Mk8:37 Lk21:19 Jn8:39 Rom4:16 Jm1:3,4,12; 2:22 Heb10:39 1Pet1:7,9
but few worthy Mt22:8 Lk20:35 to abide Jn15, to be born of Him 1Jn3:9,
to partake of His nature 2Pet1:4, to receive His divine gifts as
promised in Christ 1Cor1:30 2Cor1:20.
GOD clearly, simply commands us to be holy, perfect as Him but very few
believe Him, essential to abide in, enter into Him, as 100% believing and
purity attained thru obeying in love, faith, so Jn14:17,26 1Jn2:3,21,27 level
must Mk9:24 1Thes2:13 Jn6:40; 20:31 till 1Jn2:6; 3:3-6; 5:10.
GOD clearly, simply says Jesus "learned obedience" Heb5:8..."became
obedient unto death" Phil2:8 but very few copy Jesus, resisting sin to blood
Heb12:4, yet in gross disobedience mouth and anointed believers claim
1Jn2:6; 3:6 fulfilling 2Thes2:4,8-12; 1:8,9.
GOD clearly, simply reigns, rules in His servants not satan's sinners,
Rom6:16 "sin to death or obedience to righteousness" only if "free from
sin we become servants to GOD" 6:22 so Jer23:5 Rev2:27 a few from May '88
as King over Jews 2Sam5:5a.
 Robert Bristow
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