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GOD's grace
GOD in flesh, Jesus is full grace, mercy Jn1:14, a gift to us as we respond
and grow till as Him, in all ways.
GOD's grace never stops our free will, His full grace is attained
if we copy Lk12:50; 22:42 Rom6:3-8,16,22; 8:1-4.
GOD's full grace is retained if we copy Phil2, but Judas church teaches
a no-faith grace, as John Reisinger.
GOD graced the Sardis church for 5yrs from '88, sending 100% Bible truth
to 1000s clergy and faculty, but none believed.
GOD's grace from Elul 6 (8/23) 6th yr('93) shook Sardis for 3mths to fear,
repent, set free, Acts5:11 2Cor7:10, but many as Esau Heb12:15.
GOD's grace lost by 100s as He judged Jn3:36 Rom1:18, given to satan for
Mat12:31 Jn6:60-66 2Pet2:1,14 1Jn2:15-19; 3:8a,10,14b.
GOD's grace continues as He purges evil, as He grows Acts15:16,
as He works Job Acts14:22 a few into Job33:24 1Pet2:3(5,9) His people.
GOD's grace qualifies few believers thru His fire, into His holiness,
into 1Cor1:30, into 2Pet1:3,4,11 into 2Pet1:12 His full truth.
GOD's grace is falsely assumed, claimed, taught by mere mouth and most anointed,
proving Jer23 Ezek34 is valid today.
GOD's grace works in obedience after initially drawing us to 1Cor12:3,
growing us to 1Cor12:7 if Jn14:21 1Pet1:22.
GOD's partial grace works thru anointed, filled, lukewarm, ungodly till
Rom4:12-16; 5:2,21 is our daily life.
GOD's full grace is Christ as King reigning in and thru His holy body,
as no sin abides in Him, only grace and truth.
 Robert Bristow
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