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Mrs. Edith Blumhofer
Institute for the Study of
American Evangelicals
Wheaton College, Ill.

Dear Mrs Blumhofer

May 2002
I am slightly acquainted with 
a) the evangelical teaching +
b) Wheaton College, Illinois.
GOD, for many years, has had me meet Wheaton people,
mainly students, and for the most part I found their faith-belief
at the confessor level, very rarely did they believe "obey Him."
GOD consequently has had me pray for the Wheaton College
to believe + teach His full gospel, His whole truth from
His holy inerrant word, the Bible, that a few would Phil2:12.
GOD, in '83, had me briefly married by Prof Gilbert Belizekian
to a divorced lady resulting in my committing adultery - though
all was condoned and blessed by Willow Creek Com. Church.
GOD delivered me from that filthy sin in His timing, but taught
me the extent of the evil practices in the current church
along with the complete disregard to His holy commands.
Yours thru Christ,
Robert Bristow
Note: GOD's Acts5:11 2Peter2:6 judgement of Tim Phillips, Wheaton College.
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GOD's highly anointed
Wm Braham failed
to obey the Spirit
into Rom1:18.
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Sep '95
GOD demands we obey
GOD, in Gen-Rev, demands we obey His voice; most believers ignore, happy in sin,
forever lost, bound.
GOD, in N.T., clearly says obey just to be born again, Jn14 1Pet1:22,23 1Jn2:3,27,
yet still bound, apart from Christ, dead.
GOD, in Gen-Rev, clearly says obey as Abraham, Christ, to qualify to be
His children Jn15 1Jn2:6; 3-5, Spirit led to live in Him.
GOD commanded Paul to Jerusalem Acts18:21; again 20:16,22,23, despite suffering
Paul insists 20:24, to obey His voice.
GOD tested Paul Acts21:4,11,12 but Paul obeyed 21:13,14 by working faith
Phil2:12; 3, so justified Gal3; 5:6,18.
GOD, in '83, commanded(3 times) I trust Him; knowing in my spirit I had to obey
to see eternal life Mat19:17 Heb5:9.
GOD, in '83-'85 tested my faith thru church and family rejection, abuse,
beatings, frostbite, prisons, knowing His grace, love, power sustains me.
GOD, from '88, is changing the world,
 enabling Acts15:16 thru true repentance
or ceasing all sin.
GOD allowed Yugoslavia and Rwanda as microcosms of current church failure
to obey and teach all His word.
GOD in flesh, Christ, "learned obedience, became perfect" Heb2:10; 5:8,9
to be the perfect Lamb of GOD.
GOD demands we copy Christ Mat5:48 Jn17 Col1:28; 4:12 Jm1:4 1Pet5:10
into His death Rom6 to abide.
GOD afflicts His anointed to correct, prove, purge, try, unite, thru Job Acts14:22
but most fail His grace, love, power.
GOD afflicts, chastens, refines, renews, transforms us into
1Cor1:30; 2; 6:11,19,20; 12:13-27 into 2Cor3:18.
GOD afflicts to qualify, teach us overcoming, partaking, patience,
rejoicing for Him and His glory only.
 Robert Bristow
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GOD's Flesh and Spiritual Israel

    In Jerusalem's New Imperial Hotel in 1966, Bishop Homer A. Tomlinson of the Church of God (World Headquarters) crowned himself King of the World.
    A genial American evangelical and occasional presidential candidate on the Theocratic Party ticket, Tomlinson had already set foot in as many nations as possible, claiming them for God's kingdom. Evelyn Waugh happened on the scene in Dar-es-Salaam when the "purposeful and recollected" Tomlinson placed a "light and inexpensive crown" on his head and announced his rule as God's agent over Tanzania.
    Tomlinson's calculations, based on the prophecies of Daniel and Biblical commentaries, convinced him that in 1966 the Kingdom of God would come on Earth and the throne of David would be restored. The New Yorker even tracked Tomlinson's road to Jerusalem.
    Well, the Kingdom of God did not arrive in 1966. But its arrival is still on many minds. While most evangelicals know nothing of Tomlinson's antics, most share his deepest conviction: that the nation of Israel and the "end times" are inseparably linked. Indeed, they believe that the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 set the stage for the return of Christ. This is one reason evangelicals have been such strong supporters of Israel throughout its history, including today.

CCCInc Note:
GOD's spiritual kingdom truly began
in Acts2 for a few who completed
Mat11:12 Lk13:24 Job33 Acts14:22
2Pet1:10 into 11 thru GOD's baptism
Mat3:11 Lk3:16; 12:50; 22:42 of fire,
not tap water, hence Acts10:35,43; 26:20
Rom6 Eph4:5 1Pet3:21; 4:1.
GOD's spiritual kingdom reign-rule
(parousia) began in Is2; 4; 9-12; 32:1 (1948)
Jer23:5b Mat2:6 Lk1:33 then began Amos9
Acts15:16 in 1988, so He continues
Heb8:2 Rev3:7-13.
GOD's spiritual parousia is plain
to true believers who seek Him
in spirit and truth,
His kingdom rule of Is9:6,7 is Now,
in the power and glory of the Father
Mat16:27; 19:23,24 Lk21:27 not flesh.
GOD's spiritual work from 1988 is growing
Eph4:15 His true body, to fulfill His word
Eph5:1,26,27 1Jn2:6; 3:6,9,24 from Ex20:20
2Chron7:14 Ps15:1,2; 24:3,4; 66:8-12
into Ps91; 149 true eternal life Jn5:24; 17:3,
His holy gift thru His baptism Acts2:38
Rom6:23 Col2:11-14 for a few
living as Abraham Rom4:12-16,
Paul 2Cor4:11-7:1, Christ 1Jn2:6.

    One source of an end-times scenario is the best-selling Scofield Reference Bible (1909). There we can read how Christ's Second Coming and the founding of a new Heaven and new Earth will follow the arrival of the Anti-Christ, the tribulation and the conversion of the Jewish nation. The battles of Armageddon will take place in Israel, it is believed, and the triumphant return of Christ will end them, establishing Jerusalem as the capital of his earthly kingdom.
    For evangelicals, marking events in Israel is a way of noting progress on their own end-times calendar. It reminds them of the need to evangelize the lost as well as of the importance of their own readiness for Christ's return. Some also eagerly await the conversion to Christianity of the Jews, taking literally (as the Scofield Bible teaches) the words of St. Paul's Letter to the Romans: "All Israel shall be saved." This hope has long animated evangelical missions to the Jews.

CCCInc Note:
Rom11:26.."all Israel will be saved" refers to:
Jer23:6 33:14-16 + many others in the OT
Jn4:22 "of the Jews" (belonging to)
Rev2:9; 3:9 
from Deut10:16; 30:6 Jer4:4
into Rom2:28,29 Col2:11,12
Rom4:12-16 Abraham's holy seed (1Jn3:6)
Gal4:22-31, so the free Rom6:18,22
are his true seed.
Consequently spiritual Israel refers to
the few chosen, elect of GOD; the holy,
perfect in Christ; those delivered
from sin; truly saved from sin;
GOD's 3rd part Zech13:9; the righteous Ps1:5
1Pet4:18; having entered His rest Heb3:6-4:11,
His holiest Heb9:3; 10:19-22; 12:22,23;
looking to Rom8:23-25 (Mk13:13) Rev20:6.

    The evangelical interest in Israel reaches much further back than 1948. Jonathan Edwards, grandson of the Puritans and promoter of the Great Awakening, proclaimed in the 18th century his expectation that the Jews would return to the land of Israel. For Edwards, this certainty was rooted in the character of God, who had promised it. And so generations of American evangelicals have embraced the view that the God who is faithful to his promises will someday restore Israel incontrovertibly to the Jews.
    This historical fascination with Israel does not mean that evangelicals everywhere endorse whatever Israel does. Though they may point to biblical passages that seem to them to explain the conflict, they do not neglect the biblical injunction to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. And clearly the most strident factions of the Christian Right do not speak for all evangelicals.
    But a substantial group does give Israel a unique place in history's prophetic unfolding.

Popular evangelicalism assigns the Jews at least "favored nation" status, even if it does not envision their full conversion. And the belief that the state of Israel plays a determinative role in the end-times calendar encourages the devout to pay attention to day-to-day events there that hold significance for their own salvation and the ushering in of the kingdom of God.

CCCInc Note:
GOD's end-time agenda or parousia is clear, living,
real, seen by true believers listening to His voice
Jn14; 16:13 about "things to come,"
1Cor2 1Jn2:20-27 Rev10:7; 11:3,6
as He repeats Rom9-11 to establish true leaders
1Cor12:28 Eph3:7; 4:11
to be His earthly government
over the true church, His 7 candlesticks.
GOD's parousia is 100% hidden to the blind,
deaf confessors and most lukewarm-anointed
2Cor4:3,4 2Thes2:9-12 2Pet2
including most evangelical Christians today,
refusing to believe the basic gospel of Christ
and rejecting the consequences of sin;
believing and teaching a dead faith (Rom4 Jam2)
leading millions to death.
GOD's parousia has established a true,
full gospel teaching across the globe
enabling all to learn His full truth
during the final church period Joel2 Malachi4
using His dictated Bible study material
to qualify His 3part church.

    This interest easily takes political form, but its driving force is spiritual and its implications are practical. What happens to Israelis and Palestinians is for some evangelicals primarily about God and God's covenant with man. Events in Israel perennially suggest to them that "the day" is at hand, summoning all humankind to conversion.

[GOD demands we love the Hebrews]
The above is excerpted from "The Power of Prophecy" - By Edith Blumhofer
The Wall Street Journal - Friday, May 10, 2002
15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into Him into all things, which is the head, Christ.  Eph4
24 Therefore let that abide in you which you heard from the beginning. If what you heard from
the beginning abides in you, you also will abide in the Son and in the Father.
27 But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone
teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true,
and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him.  1Jn2
6 He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.  1Jn2
6a Whoever abides in Him does not sin.  1Jn3
GOD's 3part church, 4 levels

16 That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man,
17 That Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love,
18 May be able to comprehend with all the saints what the width and length and depth and height -
19 To know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of GOD.
13 Till we all come to the unity of the faith,.. and of the knowledge of the Son of GOD,.. to a perfect man,.. to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ;    Eph3,4
2 A Minister of the sanctuary and of the true tabernacle which the LORD erected, and not man.
3 And behind the second veil, the part of the tabernacle which is called the Holiest of All,
4 Which had the golden censer and the ark of the covenant.
19 Therefore, brethren, having boldness to enter the Holiest by the blood of Jesus,
20 By a new and living way which He consecrated for us, through the veil, His flesh,
22 Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.    Heb8,9,10

GOD grows His church: from babes to children,
from children to young men or holy in Christ,
then a handful into His image Rom8:29 1Cor4:15.
GOD's 3rd part Zech13:9 is His grain, seed, holy,
Rom12:1 Phil3 1Pet2:5,9 1Cor1:30 1Jn3:6,
His true temple 1Cor3:16,17; 6 Eph2; 4:24; 5:27 now.
GOD's covenant or heavenly promise is in Christ,
if we continue to be sealed 2Cor1:20-22; 3:6; 5:5,
if we copy Abraham Rom4:12,16 Gal3 Jam1:12 now.
GOD's Holiest is thru His fire, His blood 1Jn1:7,
His water Jn3:5 Ps66:8-12 Rom6 Tit3:5 1Pet3:21,
all a Job33 experience and a work of obedient faith.
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GOD's parousia or being near or presence or return
is copying 3x40 years of Moses, being the precursor.
GOD's parousia is copying His work during 3x40 years of
Acts13:21 1Kings2:11; 11:42, when 3 kings ruled over all Israel.
GOD's parousia is ruling spiritual Israel with a "rod of iron"
Is32:1 (9:6,7) Dan2:40-45 Mat2:6 Lk1:33 Rev2:27, as thru Moses.
GOD's parousia began with
Is11:11,12 in May '48, then Jer23:5b in '88,
truly ruling His 3rd part Zech13:9, His true people 2Cor6:14-18.
GOD's parousia is in Spirit power + glory Micah4 + 5 (Is10) Mal4,
"seen" by true seekers Lk21:27 striving to enter into 1Jn3:6,9.
GOD's parousia builds His true temple
Zech3; 4; 6:12 Acts15:16 Heb8:2
which is His pure, holy body 1Cor3:16,17; 12:12-28a Eph2; 4:24; 5:27.
GOD's parousia is testing + judging His 3part church, disposing
of false teachers Jer23, enabling His full truth saves a remnant.

"... this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come." Mat24:14

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GOD's Zion
Is2; 9-12 Joel2:28-32 Hab2:2,3 Mal4 Rev11:3,6
GOD's true tabernacle or His holiest place is the true destination for
those referred to in Lisa Cooke's vision from our Warrior King,
or our Almighty GOD who has shown Lisa His Zech13:9 work.
GOD's true prophets 1Cor12:28 Eph4:11(3:7) or His 3rd part have won,
or overcome satan, living 1Jn2:6; 3:6,9,24; 5 Rev2 + 3 to enter
into His holy kingdom Job33 Acts14:22 2Pet1:4,11 Heb3:6-4:11.
GOD's true resting place is for His few chosen-elect, never those outside,
His hagios who are Col2:9-14; 3:12 Heb8:2; 9:3; 10:19-22; 12:22,23 or
His spiritual Zion Is4, literally Zech3 + 4 His 7 candlesticks CCCInc.
GOD is yet to reveal-teach Lisa the truth of His holy body, so
Lisa still equates every believer with His holy saints, yet
His family or 3part church must grow into His fullness Eph4:15,
since Christ's body is holy, fully sanctified 1Thes5:23 1Jn3:5.
Ps125..Those who trust in the LORD (are) like Mount Zion,
cannot be moved, abiding forever. (see inexorable)

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a New Look at family teaching
GOD rules
Jan '97   

GOD's full, bitter truth has been shared to thousands for ten yrs, yet none believe, obey, teach, Gen-Rev e.g. Ex20 Lev23 or 2Ch7:14 Zech13:9 Mat1:21 2Cor6 to be His or Jn5:14; 8:11 Rom2:13; 6:16 to abide 1Jn2:6; 3:6 so very few truly abide in Christ, yet 2 billion merely confess Him as do Mat8:29 Jam2:19 Jn8:44 1Jn3:8a.
GOD foretold satan's rule Acts20:27-30 2Pet2 1Jn2:18,19, seen now by true believers obeying His voice e.g. Mat5:48; 6:33; 19:17; 22:37-40, to prove we love Him Jn10:17; 15:10 1Jn3:24 Rev14:12; 20:4,6, also seeing His hand in Jer23 Acts15:16 NOW, proving Is11:11,12 Lk1:33 will repeat Acts2:42-47; 5:42, but globally.
GOD promised to effect Spirit rule, 100% contrary to man's 1900yr rule, copying Paul's example Acts20, as chief 2Cor11:5; 12:11 1Cor4; 11:1-3a even over Peter Gal2:11 1Tim1:16 2Pet3:15,16, so His true spiritual, holy, sin-free body Eph1:4-14 2:6; 5:27 Heb12:22,23 or Rom6:3-8,22; 8:14,29, apostle of GOD, Rev2:27 fulfilling Dan2:40-45; 7:7 Rev17:9.
GOD's promised grace Is65; 66 Mic4; 5 etc. demands an equal measure of obedience into right Rom2:13; 6:16 as His full grace demands a walk Rom4:12-16; 5:2; 5:21 or blind obedience to His voice, from 1Pet1:22,23 thru 1:7-16 into Job33:24 1Pet2:3,5,9 2Pet1:4,11 1Jn3:6,9 then truly His, if endure forever, hoping for Rom8:23-25 1Pet1:3-5; 4 Heb3:1,6,14.
GOD promised a Ruler for His true people Mat2:6 Lk1:33, qualifying 100s O.T. references for His 3part church but most believers are bound, lost, sinful, rejecting His grace, love, power for soul salvation, so join Esau's fate, Obadiah Zech13:8 Ps1:5 1Pet4:18, as sin is darkness and death, outside Christ, few truly abide 1Jn, most Heb12:15-17.
GOD promised a personal love, agape or affection, towards His true people Jn15:10, as Jacob Rom9:13, but few join Jacob's joy Rom11:26,27 1Jn3:5,6 Jn15:11, most only experience His moral love Jn3:16 ever in sin, so His enemies Mat15:26 Rom5:8,10 1Cor15:25; 16:22 Col1:21 Heb10:13, outside Christ Jn15:6 2Thes1:8,9 as He hates sin Heb1:9 1Jn3:4,8a,10.
GOD promised a fire purging to set right or justify His true people Lk3:16; 12:49 1Pet1:7 Rev3:18 qualifying Is48 Mal3 1Pet2:5,9 1Jn1:6, so very few Col1:11-13, worthy 1Cor10:15-21; 11:23-31 2Cor4:11-7:1 Lk20:35,36 and few truly believe Jn5:24; 6:47-63 "as Christ" or "in Christ" 1Jn2:6, most so-called believers outside Christ Jn3:18-21.
GOD's full, heavenly promises are experienced by His true people 2Ch7:14 Rom8:15-17; 14:17 Eph1:4-14; 2; 3:17b-19; 5:27 as fallen man is of satan Jn8:40-44 1Jn3:8a,10, totally rejecting Jn4:22c; 19:19-22 Lk19:14, very few see Job33:24-30 1Pet1:9; 2:24,25 most outside Christ 2Cor4:3,4 Eph2:12; 5:3-6, in Adam 1Cor15:22, so Lk19:27 Rev2:9; 3:9; 18; 20:7-15 2Pet2:17 Jude7-13.

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Christian Community Centers Inc./ Prison Fellowship International
Prison Fellowship International
Mr Charles Colson,
May '97
Part 1
GOD, many years ago, showed you His grace, love, power operating in a S.A. (Brazil?) prison,
but you never sought His hand to replicate inmate-run Christian rehab. centers globally.
GOD's incredible grace, love, power desires His qualified family of believers participate in church
run rehab. centers; teaching, training, working thru NFP support industries/services 2Thes3:6-12.
GOD's grace, love, power is establishing Christian Community Centers Inc. to manage Christ-centred
institutions to house, teach, serve any qualified Bible believer if needy, poor, sick so Acts2:42-47 again.
GOD will use and purge PFI for His glory, so unlike Thomas Aquinas, ensure your work is gold not straw.
 Robert Bristow
GOD will use PFI to qualify Bible believing prisoners using CCCInc. Bible study tests,
then use Bible believing attorneys like Sandra Edwards to petition their cause.
cc Sandra Edwards, Glenview IL

1Cor3..11 For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.
12 Now if anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw,
13 each one's work will become clear; for the Day will declare it, because it will be revealed by fire; and the fire will test each one's work, of what sort it is.
14 If anyone's work which he has built on it endures, he will receive a reward.
15 If anyone's work is burned, he will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire. (Hell)

Note: 1Cor5:5 mere spirit saved, naked Rev21:8; 22:15.
GOD called William Branham, see his outcome 1Cor3:15; 5:5 Mat10:28.
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