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GOD's parousia or being near or presence or return
is copying 3x40 years of Moses, being the precursor.
GOD's parousia is copying His work during 3x40 years of
Acts13:21 1Kings2:11; 11:42, when 3 kings ruled over all Israel.
GOD's parousia is ruling spiritual Israel with a "rod of iron"
Is32:1 (9:6,7) Dan2:40-45 Mat2:6 Lk1:33 Rev2:27, as thru Moses.
GOD's parousia began with
Is11:11,12 in May '48, then Jer23:5b in '88,
truly ruling His 3rd part Zech13:9, His true people 2Cor6:14-18.
GOD's parousia is in Spirit power + glory Micah4 + 5 (Is10) Mal4,
"seen" by true seekers Lk21:27 striving to enter into 1Jn3:6,9.
GOD's parousia builds His true temple
Zech3; 4; 6:12 Acts15:16 Heb8:2
which is His pure, holy body 1Cor3:16,17; 12:12-28a Eph2; 4:24; 5:27.
GOD's parousia is testing + judging His 3part church, disposing
of false teachers Jer23, enabling His full truth saves a remnant.

"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come." Mat24:14

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Christian Corporate Concepts Inc.
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Christian Corporate Concepts Inc.
All Biblical precepts are summarised in Gal5:6 "faith working by (agape) love"
as GOD says faith is acting our confession, proving we believe till salvation
Rom10:9,10,13 Heb10:38-11:6 1Pet1:7,9 so GOD episterizo souls thru fire 1Pet5:10,
only if we prove greater than Mat5:44 1Pet1:22 love level i.e. merely moral, brotherly;
but Jn13:35 Rom13:10 1Cor4:21 shows GOD's discipline, charity to and thru His, if Jn15:10-21,
yet to grow thru further purging from affectionate level to His beloved ones 1Jn3:2.
GOD's true institutions: whether business, church, hospital, school, etc. (a)only employ
Bible believers, proven annually; (b)teach Jesus 7 days a week in mandatory Bible studies
Ps119 Acts5:42; 15:16; (c)offer products, services to support life, teach love and truth Gal5; 6.
GOD is again separating His family into: followers, anointed, holy or 3 parts; outer, inner, holy or Ezra
1Jn1:9..sinning; 1Jn2:3,18-21..filled; 1Jn4 agape to agapetos in Him; all His family, house, temple,
finally dividing His own from the church Zech13:9 Mal3:3 Lk14:14 Acts24:15 1Thes4:13-17 Rev16:19; 18:4; 20:4,6.
Only GOD's holy live and work in perfect love and faith Eph4:2,12 Col1:2,8,10 1Thes4:1-11; 5:8-13,
adhering to His holy law, not man's evil ways Jer42-44 2Thes 2Pet2 Jude Rev3 1Pet1:25, as Jesus,
hated and killed by the church, then and now Mat23; 24; 26 Jn7; 8; 16:1-4 Rev18 1Pet4; 5.
GOD's true ministers must be as Him Mark10:42-45; 14:34-36 Rom6:16,22; 8:4,14,17 till...26,29
as only these can 2Cor1:4-6; 4; 5; 6 Mat16:19; 10:28 1Cor5 Rev11:5,6; 20:6 2Tim2:12,19-26; 3:10-4:5,
having been Lk14:23 to agapetos Rom1:5-7; 9:15-26, GOD's true servants Rom15 Heb5:4-9, so 1Cor9.
GOD promised truth to a few in Him 1Cor4:15 Heb1:1 Lk8:10-15 1Cor2; 4:1,9,10; 12:28-13:2 Col2,
foreknown from Jn1:1 Rom8:29 2Thes2:13 1Jn2:13a,14a Titus1:1-3, as Elihu Job32-37,
also eagles, serving GOD's Is6:13 Lk17:15 Rev11:13, as before, now again, many so-called believers
are kept in sin that His grace/mercy extends Acts13:46-48 Rom9-11 2Thes2:10-12 to all
Mat24:14 2Cor4:1-6 Gal1 Heb3:7-4:13; 12:15-17 Rev21:8; 22:17, yet 50% only Zech14 Mat25,
as Mat24:9-24,40,41 1Cor9:27-10:22; 11:26-31, He was last sacrifice for sin Heb9:11-10:31 FOREVER!

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pure bride


GOD's parousia is manifesting or revealing or sharing His mysteries
to His 3part church Rev11:3,6 till the Spirit work is done Rev10:7.
GOD's parousia is clear to His true prophet level and a few anointed
living in obedient faith, so hear His truth 1Cor2 and share it all.
GOD's parousia works thru a few anointed partially, as only lukewarm,
but fully thru 1Jn3:6 prophets Ps25:14 Pr3:32 Amos3:7, free Rom6:22.
GOD's parousia rule is strictly thru the Moses level Acts20:24 1Cor9:27,
in mighty power
Rom8:36-39; 15:19 2Cor4:11-7:1 2Tim2:12 living in death.
GOD's parousia rule is mighty grace
Heb5:4 thru Rom4 (Jam2) into 5:2-5,
that a mere handful copy Rom8:29 1Jn2:13a,14a into Rev20:4,6 now.
GOD's parousia rule is the hope of glory for His major prophets Rev4:4,
Dan2:40; 12:3b 1Jn3:2 His true apostle level or His eagles or His image.
GOD's parousia rule continues as He separates
Amos9:8-15 Jn17:20-24,
then Rev13:7; 14:12,13; 11:7, literally leaving 2Thes2:7, then comes His wrath.
the testimony of Jesus
is the spirit of prophesying,
meaning prophesying is GOD's living testimony or word Heb4:12.
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Bible Prophesying

GOD's parousia in Is9-12 is clear to a few anointed-lukewarm, His clear-sighted Jn14,
yet to grow into His final remnant to be fully qualified for Jer23:4 Jn15 1Jn3:6,9.
GOD's parousia is repeating much of the "Moses story" Is10:5,24 Mic5:5, redeeming
His true people out of the world, since most believers love sin they perish Jam4:4.
GOD's parousia intensifies His judgement Is9:17,21; 11:15 Jer23:1,19, and allowing
harder persecution from "Assyria" - the world and most believers, as in Mat10.
GOD's parousia in Is11:15 qualifies His hard work Jn13:4 Col2:11,12 Heb2:11 1Jn1:7
upon very few entering in Acts14:22 Rom6, clearly seen in CCCInc. Bible Study #7.
GOD's parousia has the everlasting Father use His dictated Bible studies-tests
to grade, judge, qualify all believers in CCCInc. as babe or child or overcomer.
GOD's parousia clearly reveals His 3part church, separating true Christians from
false, or blessed from cursed Deut11:26-28 Jer7; 16 1Jn3 2Pet2:14 Rev16:19; 18:4; 19.
GOD's parousia separates true Jews from false, or true seed of Abraham-Jacob
from seed of Adam Rom2:29 Rev3:9 1Cor15:22 Rom9-11 Gal4 Rom4 Jam2.

Note:   Is9:6; 63:16; 64:8 clearly qualify
the Christ as the incarnate Father.
GOD often refers to Assyria as the anointed-lukewarm level
Is19:16-25; 27:13; 52:4  Jer2:18,36  Zech10:10,11  all Hosea
(Hosea 7:1,11; 8:8-13; 9:3; 11:5,11; 12:1; 14:3)

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[see Assyria]

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Bible Prophesying
Mrs. Cindy Jacobs,
Apr '99

2Pet1:20...Knowing this first, that no prophesying of Scripture is of any private interpretation,
21 For prophesying never came by the will of man, but holy men of GOD spoke (as) moved by the Holy Spirit.

GOD's anointing has been upon you for many years, but it is time to grow Eph4:15
from lukewarm or ungodly to His 3rd part thru obedient faith, the overcomer level.
GOD's new global operation is being manifested by Him, fulfilling Gen-Rev prophesying
or His living promises for the final church period, but few truly believe His word.
GOD's big plan is difficult for the likes of Strang + Wagner to see, but He is using you
to work with CCCInc. for His 3part church, that a few secure soul salvation.
GOD, from '48, established some global ministries (FG, WV, etc.) to be purged and
refined into Christ-centred tools for His big plan thru Spirit led networked teams.
GOD, from '88, is changing the world
 as the Spirit draws, then calls, then seals a few
into His team of true Christ-like servants, overcoming satan daily thru faith.
GOD, from '88, is growing His true love church Rev3:7-13 as His final global witness,
and drawing pagans into His 3part church, before Laodicea or people of judgement.
GOD, from '88, is separating His true 3rd part to Himself Zech13:9 Ps1:5 1Pet4:17,18
(till Rev16:19; 18:4), more clearly seen as He calls Jn14 level into Jn15 1Jn3:6 level.
 Robert Bristow
P.S.   Note Strang in Charisma Jan '99 agreeing to another level, but ignorant as to the
full Bible message of the 3rd level, so staying in his comfort zone Mat7:21-23.
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unicorn and
He goat
GOD's parousia is copying His work in the 1st church Acts2-20, whereby
He draws, then calls, then seals, as very few grow up into Him Eph4:15.
GOD's parousia is copying Ex19; 20:20 Acts5; 14:22 2Cor5:11a 2Pet2:6, that
a few truly fear, repent, obey into sanctification for soul saving 2Thes2:13.
GOD's parousia is effecting true obedient faith as He baptizes a few into
His true holy body Mk10:39 Lk12:50 Rom6 (Job33 Ps66:8-12), all His work.
GOD's parousia continues Zech13:9 Mat1:21 Col2:11-14 (2Chr7:14), His own,
special people 1Pet1:7,9; 2:3,5,9 2Pet1:4,11, during this final building period.
GOD's parousia allows His chosen/elect face severe persecution Mat24 Dan11,
but His few abide/endure Mal3 Mk13:13 Heb3:6,14 Rev6:9-11 Mk13:14-20,25.
GOD's parousia effects the 1st resurrection for those truly in Christ 1Cor15:22,23,
then literally changes from Shepherd to Warrior to complete 1Cor15:24 Rev17:14.
GOD's parousia then copies Joshua, effecting His judgement + wrath upon all
enemies, first
Zech13:8 Ps1:5 1Pet4:17,18, then the world, as in Rwanda + Yugoslavia.
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GOD's hard work
GOD's parousia is copying 2Chr34; purging idolatry from His 3part church,
that true worship of Him be our priority, rather than the likes of Willow Creek,
humanistic-world friendly-despisers of the true Almighty GOD, our Saviour.
GOD's parousia is copying Ezra + Neh; currently the 52yr (from '48) of wall work,
and from Sep '99 (7th month) He is laying down the law or laying the true foundation,
which is rarely believed + obeyed, even by most anointed-lukewarm-ungodly.
GOD's parousia is copying Neh5:14; His true servants reject satan and rely on
His provisions thru CCCInc. businesses per His dictated Articles and By-laws,
that He alone controls His temple works Ezra3:6-8 Amos9:11 Zech4:9,10 Heb8:2.
GOD's parousia is copying Christ's ministry; Lk2:42-51 prompting or subtle rebuke
of church leaders to repent, as in Acts2; but from His Mat3:16,17 Is9:7 rule/reign,
thru Mk5:25,42, and now, today, His rigid soul saving work Jer23 of His temple.
Note: GOD is copying 2Chron24:4-14 Ezra9+10 Neh13:23-27
GOD's sword work from Oct '99 (8th month), copying Acts5:11, is essential to turn
"believers" back to Him and His full gospel of obedience + believing, as Abraham.
GOD's sword work is Christ purging those false teachers for the sake of His total flock,
that all believers be taught to fight sin, walk as Him, work their love + faith as Christ.
GOD's sword work is Christ in love turning the Judas church into His 3part CCCInc.,
growing mouth to anointed to overcomers thru obedient faith or Acts5:32 into 14:22; 15:11.
Acts10:35..whoever fears Him
and works righteousness
is accepted by Him, so 1Jn3:7 into 3:6,9.

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[see works righteousness]
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GOD's hard work
GOD's unicorn/He goat
GOD's work of drawing initial and confessing believers into His CCCInc. church
is seen in Num23 (7 altars) as He graces many to depart the Judas organisations.
GOD allowed the Judas organisations and even used them for His purposes, tho
very few truly committed to His true, holy word; so truly destroying souls.
GOD thru Num24 and Deut33 clearly blesses His true family (CCCInc), never
truly seen in man's history till His new work began in '88, His clear parousia.
GOD allowed believers to be duped, sold into slavery, led into captivity for
1900yrs Joel3:6, but Christ the Prince over His 3part church is redeeming a few.
GOD's holy host is repeating the 1st century work, but from '88 across the globe, as
His angels and holy saints obey His voice, drawing many into the 4th kingdom.
GOD's holy host effects His government rule upon earth, over all believers,
co-workers with Him Deut33:17 2Cor4:11-7:1 to grow sinners into saints.
GOD's holy host has great power for a time Rev11, but is allowed to be trampled,
then join Him after Rev20:4,6 to judge + eat Num Mat16:27 1Thes3:13 Rev17:14.
Note: GOD's holy peg Ezra9:8 Is22:20-25 Amos7:7a 2Thes2:7b Heb12:1 Rev11:7.

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GOD's parousia is His living promise or prophesying revealed to His true prophets,
from OT to Christ to NT to now, His truth is being given to His Amos3:7 1Cor2:6-16.
GOD's parousia is fully known by the Father Is9:6, and revealed by Him (Mat16:17),
yet many sinners + mere anointed purport to speak for Him, in absolute ignorance.
GOD's parousia is partially revealed to a few (faithful) anointed growing into prophets,
as spiritual gifts come at 1Cor12:7-11 (Jn14:21), but must be learned, refined into 12:13.
GOD's parousia is partially revealed to a few lukewarm growing thru obedient faith
into hearing/seeing more clearly His Spirit voice/ways, never contrary to His word.
GOD's parousia is partially revealed to b.a. believers 1Jn2:20-27, who are expected
to share His truth to prove they actually believe, so using the Spirit blessings.
GOD's parousia is fully revealed to His overcoming prophet level 1Jn3:9; 5:4,7,8,
expected to believe all and share all, unlike Buckingham + McDowell, who didn't.
GOD's parousia is fully revealed to His own, special people Zech13:9 2Cor6 Eph2 1Pet2,
His true children, living as Christ, subjects of the King, refusing satan, self, sin.

Voice of

U.S. Catholic
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Christian Corporate Concepts Inc.
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Christian Corporate Concepts Inc.
Jun '97
GOD's true team
GOD, in '86, completed His 7yrs preparation and 4yrs training to hear, see,
write His plan for CCCInc. satellite networked, business funded, Act15:16
Spirit ruled global operation to truly witness His love, 100% contrary to now,
so letters to Bill Bright, Gary Ginter, etc, in '87, regarding satellite & arbitrage
were sent in faith, while praying that He manifest His parousia to reign/judge,
fulfilling 100s of scriptures believed by His true called/chosen, to be a holy,
pure team, living as Him 1Jn2:6; 3:6 in perfect love 1Jn4...if we obey Him.
 Robert Bristow
GOD in Jn3:16 offers life to "whosoever believing" but very few have full,
active belief in His word, so most deny Him.
GOD in Gen to Rev says obey for blessing, life, love as Jn15:10 sets conditions
for His love, even as Christ obeyed to abide in the Father's love.
GOD clearly sets conditions to abide in Him, be "as Him" 1Jn2:6,
all others face His wrath Jn15:6 1Cor3:12-15(5:5) Mat10:28.

"If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as
I have kept the Father's commandments and abide in His love."
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[see business funded]
[see GOD's initial work in Touch 1]
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Christian Community Churches Inc.

Christian Community Churches Inc./ Salem Baptist Church of Chicago
Salem Baptist Church of Chicago
Mar '97
Christian Community Centers Inc.
GOD's dictated By-laws insist He rules His true institutions thru Jn15(1Jn3:6) level,
as others Jn8:44 1Jn3:8a.
GOD insists all CCCInc. affiliates' management be self-employed NFP's,
others support evil.
GOD insists we copy Acts2; 5:42(Mt6:33; Rom14:17) so His power/work is seen,
others rely on fallen man.
GOD insists we house, educate, serve any abused, addicted, old, poor, sick,
if qualifying Bible believer.
 Robert Bristow
GOD's agenda is for true believers, true lovers, true servants,
100% contrary to fallen man's agenda as currently seen at Salem,
lukewarm leaders risking Mt7:23; 12:31; 10:28 2Thes1:8,9.
GOD's agenda, method, way is foolish to sinners and most anointed
1Cor2 Jn8:44 1Jn2:18,19; 3:6b,8a; 4:6.
GOD's agenda is clear to His pure Mat5:8 Rom2:29; 11:16-26 Col2:9-14; 3:12-17,
true servants of GOD, no longer satan's sinners.
GOD's agenda is effected by His Spirit...drawing into calling then
into fire purging... His grace, love, power thru faith Jn1:13.
GOD's agenda grows a few into Acts14:22 into 2Pet1:10 into 11, even fewer
into Rom8:29 Eph3:19b; 4:13d 1Jn2:14a Rev4:4,10 His true intimate friends.
GOD's agenda is changing the world from May '88,
 respecting no man,
ruling as King over subjects, Judah now, soon Israel.
GOD's agenda is Acts15:16, ruling as Moses and David, 100% contrary
to current Judas church run by man ignoring Him and His law, word.
GOD's agenda requires one corporate complex for global Bible teaching daily;
own/operate business, health care, rehab, schools.
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GOD's Hand
on the USA
[Salvation Army: 1 of 5]
[Rev Dudley Foord: 1 of 2]
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Christian Community Churches Inc./ Gospel Revivals Inc.
Gospel Revivals Inc.
Herald of His coming
Mr. Elmer Klassen,
Mar '97
GOD, for some years, had me receive, study, compare, the Herald with Bible truth.
GOD had me pray, test, write, His message often, but you rejected His parousia.
GOD's parousia is changing the world from '88
 effecting Acts15:16 Mt2:6 Lk1:33.
GOD's grace, love, power will purge you into His true body, kingdom, temple.
 Robert Bristow
GOD's true people Zech13:9 Rom2:29; 4:12-16 Gal3:24-5:18 Col2:11 2Tim2:19 NOW.
Mr. Elmer Klassen,
Apr '97
GOD the Father and GOD the Son are manifested in Jn14 level but work in
full or mighty power thru Jn15 level, so Zech3:9; 4:10-14 Rev11; 17:9.
GOD's witness thru Mic5:5 Rev1:20; 17:10(sixth or 3:7-13) will Acts15:16
that all CCCInc. participants "know" His Spirit parousia Lk21:27.
GOD's cloud of witnesses in spirit and flesh(His body) show Mat16:27;
24:27; 25:31 Rom14:17 Mal4:5 till 1Thes3:13 Rev17:4 into 1:7; 20:11-15.
GOD warns that most disbelieve 2Cor4:3,4 2Thes1:8,9 mere mouth/anointed.
 Robert Bristow
GOD has more information on the WWW addressed to Jews for Jesus.
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Christian Community Churches Inc.

Christian Community Churches Inc.
Sep '95
GOD demands we obey
GOD, in Gen-Rev, demands we obey His voice; most believers ignore, happy in sin,
forever lost, bound.
GOD, in N.T., clearly says obey just to be born again, Jn14 1Pet1:22,23 1Jn2:3,27,
yet still bound, apart from Christ, dead.
GOD, in Gen-Rev, clearly says obey as Abraham, Christ, to qualify to be
His children Jn15 1Jn2:6; 3-5, Spirit led to live in Him.
GOD commanded Paul to Jerusalem Acts18:21; again 20:16,22,23, despite suffering
Paul insists 20:24, to obey His voice.
GOD tested Paul Acts21:4,11,12 but Paul obeyed 21:13,14 by working faith
Phil2:12; 3, so justified Gal3; 5:6,18.
GOD, in '83, commanded(3 times) I trust Him; knowing in my spirit I had to obey
to see eternal life Mat19:17 Heb5:9.
GOD, in '83-'85 tested my faith thru church and family rejection, abuse,
beatings, frostbite, prisons, knowing His grace, love, power sustains me.
GOD, from '88, is changing the world,
 enabling Acts15:16 thru true repentance
or ceasing all sin.
GOD allowed Yugoslavia and Rwanda as microcosms of current church failure
to obey and teach all His word.
GOD in flesh, Christ, "learned obedience, became perfect" Heb2:10; 5:8,9
to be the perfect Lamb of GOD.
GOD demands we copy Christ Mat5:48 Jn17 Col1:28; 4:12 Jm1:4 1Pet5:10
into His death Rom6 to abide.
GOD afflicts His anointed to correct, prove, purge, try, unite, thru Job Acts14:22
but most fail His grace, love, power.
GOD afflicts, chastens, refines, renews, transforms us into
1Cor1:30; 2; 6:11,19,20; 12:13-27 into 2Cor3:18.
GOD afflicts to qualify, teach us overcoming, partaking, patience,
rejoicing for Him and His glory only.
 Robert Bristow
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[see Elders: Sep '95 4 of 4]
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Christian Corporate Concepts Inc.
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Christian Corporate Concepts Inc.
July '95
GOD's parousia
GOD's parousia is clear to Jn15 1Cor2:6 1Jn2:6 1Jn3:6 since May '48
Is9:6,7; 11:11,12 establishing many global ministries, 100% non-sectarian
Jn14:6 1Cor1; 3 Eph4:5 yet not 100% in His agenda...lukewarm at
GOD must effect an iron rule over His house 2Tim2:20 as before, Moses and Paul
Ex32 1Cor5 (late '93 Bernardin) as only true obedience and fear bring repentance
till/for full forgiveness and remission or ceasing of sins Heb5:7-9 1Jn1:5-7; 3:9.
GOD clearly says He will judge and purge evil from His house 2Tim2:21 that
His agenda is obeyed 100% since satan, self, sin rule the current church
Jn8:44 1Jn3:8,10 from Acts20:29,30 1Jn2:18,19 so Jer7; 23; 44 is NOW.
GOD is ordaining Jn15 level as His elders, bishops, deacons to pray, discern,
confirm, publish His agenda so Jn14 level pastors, teachers, workers serve Him
and His family Tit1 1Tim3 1Cor12:28 Eph4:11 as 5:1,2,27 or 5:3-6.
GOD is establishing safe, simple self-employment for Jn14 level minimum enabling
lay and clergy to volunteer in any CCCInc. church, hospital, rehab, school worldwide,
so giving, not stealing, 2Thes3 as CCCInc. employs no one, ever.
GOD is purging and refining: World Vision for global evangelism; ACSI for
school reform; Willow Creek into a true Christ-like, loving, family life ministry
FGBMFI to qualify all lay believers using CCCInc. Bible studies globally.
GOD insists CCCInc. supply free housing to all qualified "overcomers"
1Jn3:9; 5:4 and free education to all at Jn14 level, so repeating Acts2:42-47; 5:42;
Jesus witnessing His love and power to all nations Is65 and 66(9:7).
 Robert Bristow
[see Campus Crusade for Christ Int.]
[see Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship Int.]
[see Prison Fellowship Int.]
[see World Vision]
[late '93 Bernardin]
[Corporate Concepts #5 information links]
[self-employment] [family life ministry]
[Bible studies] [MBI false teaching]
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Christian Community Companies Inc.

Christian Community Companies Inc.

Dear Larry,
Dec '98 Part 2a
CCCInc. Ministry Reports

GOD's parousia is a constant OT theme, wherein He promised to build, judge, rule;
all in order to grow His 3part church, to purge a few into His holy, remnant forever.
GOD's parousia is clear in Jer23 and Ez34, which qualify Is10; 11; 12, all part of a
repeat of Rom9-11, the Spirit and His servants Obad17,18 Heb1:7 2Cor5:18-7:1 Mat16:19; 18:18.
GOD's parousia began with Is11:11,12, followed by 40yrs Acts13:21 Rev3:1-6 in church disunity,
but from May '88 His true servants live Rom14:17 1Jn3-5 Rev3:7-13; 17:9,10; 18:4; 20:4,6.
GOD's parousia is peace + unity in true Israel, the King ruling His true subjects in power
and glory, in spirit and truth, true Jews, as satan rules all sinners and most anointed.
GOD's parousia in today's church/forest saves very few Is10:19, most as Esau Rom9:13
and Judas Acts1:17 are merely spirit saved Is10:18 Mat10:28 1Cor3:15; 5:5 to outer dark.
GOD's parousia enables man to grow, but most believers are happy in sin and death,
copying the likes of Graham, teaching "the soul is immortal," against Ez18:4,20.
GOD's parousia is expanding man's opportunity to respond to Jn3:16, but most
believers merely copy demons, confess Christ Mat8:29, but live in disobedience
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Christian Community Companies Inc.

Christian Community Companies Inc.

Dear Larry,
Jan '99 Part 2b
CCCInc. Ministry Reports

GOD's parousia requires us to believe clear, precise promises are actually taking
place in our time, in our experience, for us to believe the full gospel of truth.
GOD's parousia brings a plumb line or testing instrument to judge His 3part church,
as He builds anew His true tabernacle Heb8:2; 9:3; 10:19-22; 12:22,23 Rev3:7.
GOD's parousia established His dictated Bible tests as His plumb line for anyone
hoping to participate in His new CCCInc. institutions, thru qualifying annually.
GOD's parousia established 7 CCCInc. companies as legal entities for His plumb line, making
straight or set right or justify His true temple Eph2 Rev21:22 or His body or His bride.
GOD's parousia established true spiritual
ZION, teaching His full gospel of love thru
7 candlesticks, His 7 eyes, His 7 women, His 7 shepherds in 7 cities, to copy Acts2-7.
GOD's parousia established an iron rule Dan2:40-45 Rev2:27(Is32:1 Mat2:6 Lk1:33)
over His 3part church for His remnant's sake Rom11:26,27 Heb3:6-4:11, others Lk19:27.
GOD's parousia established Mal4 Rev11 for His final church building period, before
His seventh seal is opened; yet Acts14:22 continues for Dan11:33-35 Rev8:3-12; 11:7; 12:11.
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Christian Community Companies Inc.

Christian Community Companies Inc.

Dear Larry,
Jan '99 Part 2c
CCCInc. Ministry Reports

GOD's parousia promised a literal rule by Him, the way He ruled thru Moses,
hence His word continually refers to a "rod of iron" Dan2:40 Ps2:9 Rev19:15.
GOD's parousia promised judgement and wrath Jer23 Ez34 Ps7; 45; 110 Rev19,
yet the Judas church teaches grace, grace or peace, peace, totally ignoring His word.
GOD's parousia described in His full gospel qualifies the great Shepherd, and
the Warrior King, who hates sin Heb1:9, and casts all evil into hell then outer dark.
GOD's parousia is repeating Rom9-11, drawing then calling then sealing His chosen, elect,
"sons of Jacob," separating them to Himself 2Cor6; but casting out all disobedience.
GOD's parousia work is clear in Zephaniah; the Shepherd gathering His true flock,
and the Warrior King disposing of all disobedience Eph2:2,3; 5:6 Col3:6 2Thes1.
GOD's parousia is His final church building period Acts15:16, desiring or wishing
that all believers be gathered to Him or come to true repentance Eph1:10 2Pet3:9.
GOD's parousia brings to fruition His full love gospel; His moral love of all,
and His personal, individual love to His true children, His true flock, His bride.
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Christian Community Companies Inc.
Dear Larry,
Oct '98 Part 3
CCCInc. Ministry Reports
GOD fully expects most believers fail or lack His grace, rejecting His truth, ever
remaining "children of disobedience" Eph2:3; 5:6 Col3:6 1Jn3:8,10 Rev21:8; 22:15; 2:9.
GOD's incredible grace from '48, and His 2nd 40yr parousia, are integral parts of the
complete gospel of personal salvation during His final church building period.
GOD desires all believers participate in His kingdom rule in + thru CCCInc., but
He knows very few truly believe, then submit to His complete gospel of love.
GOD must qualify those participating and separate or purge out those unqualified,
using His dictated Bible tests, initially available on Concepts #2, for His agenda.
GOD's agenda, His plan, His will is 100% contrary to man's way, since His is pure, holy,
and very few attain or receive His virtues or nature 2Pet1:4, totally living as Christ.
GOD the Christ is in Spirit effecting His agenda in power, and works in + thru those
very few living as Him, for His glory, as no sinner or mere anointed truly glorifies Him.
GOD centred reports should: identify those growing in obedient faith; identify new
Bible study cell groups; identify new ministry or business teams at Jn14 level.
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Christian Community Companies Inc.

Christian Community Companies Inc.

Dear Larry,
Jan '99 Part 3a
CCCInc. Ministry Reports

GOD's parousia promised to gather His true flock Jer23 Ez34 (Eph1:10 2Pet3:9),
with new shepherds Jer23:4, disposing of evil shepherds Jer23:1,39,40 forever.
GOD's parousia will establish a handful of shepherds at the level of Moses + Paul,
who were true carers and volunteers over their flocks, not hirelings.
GOD's parousia will test and prove them worthy of His beloved, apostle
level, going thru blood, disgrace, pain for Him only, never seeking their own.
GOD's parousia will ensure His true apostles copy Heb11:24-26 Acts20:18-35,
100% Spirit led Rom8 Gal5, so like-minded with Christ 1Cor2:16, if 9:27.
GOD has me continually groaning, praying, seeking His true shepherds,
who will be attentive to Him, care for His flock, be self-employed volunteers.
GOD has shown me the great gulf between the current evil church, and
the likes of Paul, Peter, John who sacrificed all in total obedience to Him.
GOD has shown me the incredible lack in the current evil church to truly:
believe His full word, teach His conditions, care as Christ, suffer as Christ.
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Christian Community Companies Inc.

Christian Community Companies Inc.

Dear Larry,
Jan '99 Part 3b
CCCInc. Ministry Reports

GOD's parousia is demanding we prove ourselves and fulfill Mat16:24-26; 19:16-26,
enabling His "agape love" level (Jn15) and full power (1Jn5:4) complete Rom1:16; 10:10.
GOD's parousia is using true soul saved (Acts14:22 1Pet1:9) as His new shepherds, if
qualified by CCCInc. Bible tests, to care for others' souls 2Cor12:15 Eph4:15 Col1:28,29.
GOD's parousia expects His new shepherds be self-employed volunteers, Ps110:3,
as Paul, Peter, John, working to support their ministries, not as current evil hirelings.
GOD's parousia is concentrating on teaching families Bible based kingdom principles
thru CCCInc. qualified ministries, 100% contrary to current humanistic based churches.
GOD's parousia is purging the likes of Willow Creek into a true Bible based family life
ministry, away from a sinner based, soul destroying, world friendly, hater of GOD.
GOD's parousia is networking true lovers of GOD Deut5:10 Jn14:15-23, enabling
His Spirit power works thru His new shepherds during Mat16:27; 24:30 Rev3:7-13.
GOD's parousia is separating true lovers of GOD 2Cor6 from the likes of Stowell,
*who falsely teach a love of GOD, without reference to His true holy gospel.
* evidence Stowell's message at St Luke's COGIC   N. Orleans, Chicago IL.