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Rev Thomas Trask
Dec '97 Part 4
GOD had me stay with my father's elder sister to learn some family truth because
my father was shielded from my grandfather's true life and death, even to this day.
GOD had me genuinely interested in China, so a true bond was established with my aunt,
opening the door to facts not then known to others, since no kin had shown interest.
GOD later revealed truth (1Jn2:27) about my grandparents when reading published letters
in AG press, his were dismal, unspiritual, but hers were anointed, glorifying His work.
GOD showed me His judgement: my grandfather lost overboard and goods destroyed by war,
my grandmother aware of the disgrace and shame, passed early in sadness and ill-health.
GOD's curse continued on all offspring (except me Rom9), my father a mason by heart,
others passed on, nominal believers to non-believers, but from early '97 GOD is working in all.
GOD's incredible grace upon Rom8:29, as Moses and Paul, set me free from His curse in '84,
then proved my faith 14 years, to fulfill His desires, promises, will, for His glory, if I obey.
GOD's curse upon sin was legally broken by Christ, but must be individually
broken thru our experiential walk and work as we obey His voice into His union.
 Robert Bristow
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