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Feb '97
GOD, in Mar '83, called me to grow into full or true fellowship with Him,
a process into total sacrifice, His meaning in 2Ch7:14 Jn6:27-35,63
Acts10:35,43 2Cor6 1Jn1:6,7 as He cannot fellowship with sin 1Cor10; 11...
yet the Judas church teaches a sinners' fellowship or communion,
100% against 1Cor10:21; 11:27-30; 12:12-28a Heb7:26; 12:14.
GOD, in Mar '97, completes 14yrs of true fellowship with Him, in blind
obedience to His voice, believing His promise despite all against me from
the church, family, world, so He separated me and keeps me from satan,
self, sin...
yet the Judas church teaches a sinner is separated(and joined) to Him,
100% against Rom6; 7:1-6; 8 Gal3:24-29; 4; 5.
GOD, in Mar '97, completes 14yrs of sacrifice as He led me into death,
then daily dying to remain separated Jn15:2 thru praying 5-12hrs daily,
listening then testing, writing then sharing, all by faith Ez33:6-8
1Tim5:20 2Tim2:1-4:5...
yet the Judas church teaches a no-death sacrifice or a no-pain suffering,
100% against Job33 Acts14:22 2Cor4:10 into 11.
GOD, in Mar '97, completes 14yrs of proving my faith in His '83 promise
and His grace, love, power 1Pet1:7,9; 4:12,13 copying Gen16:3,16 till 17;
21:5 Gal2:1 to qualify me into CCCInc. true elder Heb5:4(1:1 1Cor4:15
1Jn2:14a; 3:2)...
yet the Judas church teaches a mere mouth faith or a head faith,
100% against Rom4:12-16; 5:1 James2 and 100's of others.
 Robert Bristow
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