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Dear Mum and Dad,
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Mar '95
GOD, in Mar '84, took me into His divine nature thru Job33 Zech13:9 Acts14:22
1Pe1:7,9; 5:10 Rev3:18 fulfilling Mat6:33; 19:17,21...He alone keeping me
in perfect health, joy, peace by faith Rom14:17 2Pet1:4,11...if 1Jn2:5,6.
GOD, in '84, had me write then recite 3 times a detailed, Dan9 type prayer,
clearly seen from May '88 if 1Cor2:6 Jer23 Acts15:16 Dan2:40-45 Mic4; 5 Rev1:20
that Eph5:27 2Pet3:14 having had 1900yrs Acts20:29,30 2Thes2:11,12 1Jn2:18,19.
GOD, in Feb '95, completed 10yrs 2x7days testing, living homeless, penniless, praying,
speaking, writing against Jn8:44 1Jn3:8 church and sharing 100% truth as He reveals
His inerrant word 1Cor1:30; 2; 4 Eph1:4,9; 3 from '85 at Willow Creek to 1000s more.
GOD, in '84, insisted I adhere to His voice Deut29:29 Ps25:14 Pr3:32 to see Bible
truth e.g. GOD is holy, none in sin abide... yet the church teaches all sinners 1Jn3:6,9
so declaring a sinner is as GOD 1Jn2:6, the ultimate blasphemy 2Thes2:4 Mat12:31,32.
GOD, in '85, revealed Rom6 is spiritual, 10 verses qualifying a few as Him...ceased
sin, delivered, saved, sin taken away...yet the church teaches Rom6 is as John in Lk3,
ignoring Mat3:11 Lk3:16 even 12:50 Jesus future baptism of GOD so Mk10:39 is fire.
GOD, in '86, revealed initial details of CCCInc. 7 companies in 7 cities Mic5:5
Amos3:7 1Cor2:16; 4:15 Heb1:1,2 1Jn2:14a that His Bible studies teach all truth daily,
copying Acts5:42, growing babes to children to young men to father Eph3:16-19b; 4:13.
GOD, today assures my spirit and soul of His grace, love, power as I obey in love,
faith to overcome all sin Rom7; 8 1Jn5:4 so retaining His abiding, holiness, justification,
righteousness, sanctification, union, yet hoping for body salvation Rom8:23,24.
Dear Mum and Dad,
Mar '96
GOD, in '84, completed Rom6 in me (Job33 Acts14:22) to enter His presence
Ps91 Heb10:14,19-22; 12:6,22,23; 1Jn1:7; 2:6; 3:6,9.
GOD demands I obey Deut5 to copy Christ Mat19:17-26 to keep my dwelling place
19:27-30; 22:14 Eph1:3-14.
GOD's grace, love, power kept me 12yrs thru blood, disgrace, pain,
refusing satan, self, sin lest Heb6:4-6; 10:26...
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