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Mr. W. Webb
Olivet Nazarene University
Oct '00
Christian Schools
GOD, from '87, had me pray for specific schools; that they truly receive and teach
the full gospel of His love, that they prove their obedient faith at Jn14 level min.
GOD, from '87, tested their response to His dictated letters, sent for ten years, that schools
repent of their hatred towards His law of love Jn14:15, into 1Jn4, into Mat5:48, into Col1:28.
GOD insists we fulfill His law of love Rom2:13; 6:16; 8; 13:8; in order to abide in Him 1Jn2:6,
in order to abide in His love Jn15:10, into His liberty Gal5 (thru Gal3:24), if we obey 1Jn3:24.
GOD has shown us that Olivet is rejecting His love gospel, fencing themselves in against
the light, the truth, the Word, thru fear, hatred, hypocrisy, ignorance, lies, rebellion, strife.
GOD must purge false Christians into full repentance, as He did in Acts2-20 to build a
true church of GOD, that believers are taught the full gospel, to grow into 1Jn3:6,9.
GOD's work thru CHP, NTS, ONU and SA is part of His global agenda to save souls from sin,
since sinning souls die, a truth you neither believe nor teach, as Prof Tim Phillips.
GOD's example thru you will bring thousands to godly fear and partial repentance,
enabling Him to network ONU into His system of Christian schools for His glory.

Robert Bristow

Note: GOD's judgement will be clear after March 21st '01, (see GOD's New Thing part 3).


September 26, 2000

Dear Keith,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Woody Webb, I serve as the Vice President for Student
Development at Olivet Nazarene University.

Recently, I learned you were on campus and in one of our residence halls. I also learned that you
are a member of the group called the CCC Church. I am familiar with the group and disapprove
of the tactics and the teachings of the CCC.

I am writing to inform you that Olivet Nazarene University is private property and, the next time
you or any member of the CCC appear on campus, the police will be called. I regret that I must
take such a strong position, but you have left me no other choice.

Additionally, I have alerted Rev. Dan Boone of College Church regarding your attempts to
influence members of his congregation. Let me also inform you that the "Student Home Groups"
administered by College Church are open only to enrolled students at Olivet Nazarene


Walter "Woody" Webb
Vice President for Student Development


copy:    ONU Director of Security
Bourbonnais Police Department
College Church of the Nazarene

Olivet Nazarene University
Bourbonnais, Illinois 60914-0592
Telephone (815) 939-5011


Corresponding Email Message From Mr. Webb:

Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 16:59:39
From: "Walter Webb" []
To: Keith
Subject: Keith,


My name is Woody Webb. I serve as the Vice-President of Student Development at Olivet
Nazarene University.

It's been brought to my attention that you were on campus recently visiting with students.
Generally, this is not a problem, however I have learned that you a member of the group known
as CCC. I am familiar with the group and have known your brother Cory for several years.

I want you to know that the University disagrees with the teachings and tactics of the CCC.
I'm writing to inform you that you or any member of the CCC group are not permitted on Olivet
property at any time.

I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Walter "Woody" Webb
Olivet Nazarene University

  CCCInc. Ministry Report
V-Date: Sept '00   Type: Peer   Level Jn14    Disc. - Response: See Below   By: Keith Sellers   #10

The relationship between myself and Molly, an ONU student, quickly deteriorated after sharing CCC and basic truth with her. This series of e-mails summarizes her rejection and view of the witness, proving in her own words her misunderstanding/disbelief of GOD's grace and subsequent requirements for soul salvation to inherit eternal life.

Not having yet seen any CCC material, Sept 23 e-mail from Molly reads:

I have to say thank you, though. I've never encountered anyone willing to stretch me and challenge me like you have.

After viewing the CCCInc. site, Molly sent another Sept 23 e-mail:

The organization you are apart of is centered around the work of a man, and you spit in Christ's face when you claim him. For example, the thief on the cross next to him is a perfect example of how, what you call "spirit saved" Christians, CAN inherit the kingdom of GOD. His grace is a gift.

A final Sept 24 e-mail reads:

WE know that God desires holiness and righteousness. WE also know that good works will get you no where with him. Accepting Christ, at whatever mentality, whatever age, whatever lot in life, however simple the mind, the desire is the same. Your group desires to create a society separate from the very ones Christ came to save. You are a sinner, too, Keith. We are called to take his light to a lost world. You all are so concerned with making it into heaven, you manipulate and search for those who afraid they will not make it when the time comes. You chose the wrong God-fearing woman to pick on. I am not rejecting you. I am praying that you will understand that you do not know truth. I don't either, but I don't claim to... your group does. To do so is to say you can obtain Christ's position. He preached to sinners... he despised the Pharisees and Saducees because they thought they were good enough to establish themselves above all others. You are not greater than anyone else. The man who started CCC isn't either. Understand that the day of judgement will come. In Revelation CCC is the beast. I know about you and so does everyone else. You will not prosper here. Jeremiah 29:8-9. The theif on the cross is why God came to earth... to save the sinner. Not to exhalt any group, any man. You know this. I pray for you.

Two days afterward, I received an email from Walter "Woody" Webb, ONU's VP of student development to explain my expulsion from any further involvement with students on campus due to my affiliation with Christian Community Churches Inc., revealing GOD's reasons for having us diligently pray the aforementioned 2Thes3:2. The VP also sent me a correspondence via certified mail (see letter above)... so alerting police, faculty and more students of GOD's truth; as in Phil1:18, though this evil was done in pretence, it will abound to GOD's glory and the furtherance of His gospel truth!

Type: sub, corp, cell gr, stu gr, pastor;   Level: Jn14   Disc: Brief details
of meeting; scriptures, if believed, Spirit cfm, proof of growth, recent victories, proof of Rom6.

  CCCInc. Ministry Report
V-Date: Sept '00   Type: Peer   Level Jn14    Disc. - Response: See Below   By: Keith Sellers   #9

     The first week of September, the LORD weighed upon me to visit ONU for the purpose of sharing truth. GOD then facilitated this through a younger cousin of mine, a student at the university. During my first visit, I spent time "catching up" with my cousin, and familiarizing myself with the campus and a couple dozen students. The Spirit had made clear from the first visit His desire for me to pray over future visitations diligently. Consequently, the next week, the Spirit directed another visit to ONU to seek a home group Bible study.
     Upon invitation from my cousin to attend the college's Wednesday night chapel service, I prayed and decided this was in fact the opportunity to link up with such a group. After further prayer, the numbers 11 and 12 kept coming to mind, so I asked the LORD that He use these numbers to help confirm which group to join. My brother and I brought the matter before GOD several times. The Spirit responded by giving Cory 2Thes3:1,2 to pray, and then prompting him to add that I would most likely meet one anointed person that would serve as the main source of contact.
     I arrived at the chapel service over an hour early by mistake. The LORD had me use this time for prayer and to further consecrate the purpose for which He had me there. After the service, I felt as if I should wait in the seating area. It was then that I noticed a young lady seated by herself, so I walked towards her. After a brief introduction, she asked me to have a seat next to her. She began to share 1Kings:19:11,12, pointing out the very last segment of verse 12, the "still small voice." I thanked her and shared with her Isaiah30:21, a similar reference to the voice of the Spirit.
     It was then that I began to share with her why I had felt compelled to attend the service, sharing my desire to join a home group, and more specifically, one with 11 or 12 people. She (Molly) told me that she was the student leader of a group that had 11 people, with a 12th person yet teetering on joining. At this point, I knew for certain that this was the LORD's provision. Molly asked that I take part in their group as a member. I told her I would pray over it.
     After further prayer, the Spirit confirmed Molly's anointing, and prompted me to return to ONU a third time, the third being for this group Bible study. After prayer, fasting, and consecrating the Bible study with my brother, the Spirit gave very clearly the numbers 6-7 for the number of participants that would be present at the study that night. I arrived early to pray. Six others showed up for the group, and I made seven. We took some time just getting to know one another briefly, and sharing our favorite verses. Upon completion of the Bible study, I was able to speak with Molly and her roommate for three more hours lightly exhorting and meeting other students.
     The following week, I exchanged e-mails with Molly, trading Scripture. About midweek, the Spirit impressed in prayer that I speak with her frankly about CCCInc., lest I be perceived in the future as manipulative. After some prayer, I responded with sharing my personal testimony about how GOD had brought me to CCCInc. Though I had shared the material, I also included an explanation of the two parts of GOD's 3part church, as well as some dates and times which in turn did not edify her, even though at the time I thought them to have been written in faith and love (but later revealed otherwise). She viewed the material, but concluded falsely that it was not from GOD. The Spirit confirmed quite clearly through Molly's response that she had completely rejected the witness (see MR #10).

Type: sub, corp, cell gr, stu gr, pastor;   Level: confess, Jn14   Disc: Brief details
of meeting; scriptures, if believed, Spirit cfm, proof of growth, recent victories, proof of Rom6.
Feb 2001
Nov 2001
ONU grad
Disc. - Response
See Below

    In March and June of 2001 I was arrested twice and taken into custody by local police. Each time I was very surprised, and wondered at the possible cause for arrest. The first time I was arrested, I realized it was probably due to what I had spoken to Herb about Woody Webb. I could come up with no other possible reason for my being arrested.
    Through the course of the first arrest's interrogation, my suspicions were confirmed. I came to learn that Woody Webb had felt threatened by my Feb. 20 comments to Herb. I, of course, had not considered nor intended these remarks to be threatening--as if I personally desired harm against anyone. (In hindsight, I do not doubt that my self-righteousness caused Woody Webb a great deal more uneasiness than had I shared with Herb the same details in love.)
    During this first arrest I cooperated with the police as much as possible, who, in time, became persuaded that I had intended no harm by any comments I had made to Herb. I stated the matter as plainly as I could to them. Even many months after the arrest I learned that the Bourbonnais police department had conducted a thorough investigation with many of my acquaintances as to the nature of my character and the possibility of the likelihood that I would intentionally harm someone.
    In May, I nervously attended my 9am trial to enter my plea with the court. Having never been summoned to court, I knew very little about legal proceedings, and arrived at the courthouse early to ensure that everything would go as smoothly as possible. At five minutes to nine, the appointed courtroom in which I would enter my plea remained empty, except for the presence of the clerk. I entered the courtroom, explained to her my situation and asked what I should do. (I wanted to know whether to wait outside the room, inside the room, whether I had not somehow arrived at the wrong time... etc.) She told me that since I was charged with a misdemeanor it wasn't even necessary for me to be present. I questioned her about this, feeling quite uncertain, but she assured me it was not a big deal, and that everything would proceed the same with or without my presence.
    A month later, while driving, I was pulled over by local police and served with a warrant. Once again I was very surprised. I found out that the warrant had been issued because I had not appeared in court the few months before, and that the information I had received from the clerk was completely untrue. A warrant had therefore been issued for my second arrest, and I was again being taken into custody, fingerprinted, etc., wasting a lot of time, money, and effort on something that could have otherwise been avoided. My brother Keith posted bond for me, and after a few hours I was given my freedom, again. A new court date was set for July.
    In July, I showed up at the courthouse. This time I found that the court had made a mistake and had assigned me a trial date during which the presiding judge was on vacation. I was given a third court date of October 18th.

    Before the date arrived, on September 21st Keith and I visited the local Barnes & Noble, as was our daily custom for the sake of studying books about various computer technologies. While walking through the bookstore, Keith and I both, separately, saw Woody Webb. (Keith saw him a second time that evening.) When I saw Woody, we made eye contact--this was the first time I had seen him in roughly two years--but I purposefully passed by in him in silence for fear of conveying arrogance should I greet him spuriously. About two days later I too saw him a second time! I began to understand that the Lord was using these "chance" meetings to convey a message, and wondered what it may be. I soon came to realize that it was twofold in scope:
    First, I believe the Lord used these encounters to begin to convict me of my self-righteous words to Herb about Woody. Second, I realized that our first "chance" meeting had taken place on September 21st--exactly six months after Mar 21st. I knew this was the Lord's confirmation of the truth in Robert's letter to Woody on the CCCInc. web-site.
    When October 18th finally arrived, Keith and I went to the county courthouse for my trial. As we sat and waited, we also saw Woody Webb enter, accompanied by a police officer (whom, I assume, was present for Woody's protection.) We all waited for the case to come before the judge. The courtroom was full and busy, and there were many cases before ours.
    When the judge called my name, I proceeded to the front of the courtroom where the state's attorney asked me what I would plead. I told her I wasn't certain, since 1) I didn't believe that my conduct had been disorderly, but also that 2) I did indeed commit the offense for which I had been charged. She informed me that the judge only wanted to know if I had actually committed the offense with which I had been charged. I told her I would enter a plea of guilty.
    After entering my plea with the judge, I was given a ninety-dollar fine, and sentenced to twenty hours of community service. My brother and I then left the courthouse where outside we saw Woody and Herb talking, and walked by them in close proximity. I waved to them (not out of spite, but in love and sincerity), but they either didn't see me or chose to ignore me--I'm not certain which.
    Shortly after these events took place, I was convicted that the reason for all of these proceedings was my own self-righteousness, and sent an e-mail of apology to Woody Webb, stating so (which I copied also to Herb). I received no response, though admittedly I wasn't sure whether or not to expect one.

Type: sub, corp, cell gr, stu gr, pastor; Level: confess, Jn14 Disc: Brief details of meeting; scriptures, if believed, Spirit cfm, proof of growth, recent victories, proof of Rom6.
ONU grad
Disc. - Response
See Below

    While studying at Barnes & Noble, having overcome numerous attacks of boredom and sleepiness, I was approached by an old acquaintance from Olivet named Herb. We greeted then shared some memories for about ten minutes. Herb told me he was there to meet with someone. I inquired as to whether or not he still worked in the admissions department of ONU, and he affirmed.
    On the day previous GOD had me wondering in prayer how and who He would have be His ONU contact to witness about the Woody Webb example coming up after March 21st, as stated on the CCCInc. web-site. I was not aware just how much the LORD intended to bring out of this conversation with Herb, or how skillfully He would craft it to include so much information as He did, but I suspected that maybe this was the end of my prayers and wondering the day before.
    GOD began a witness to Herb by having him tell me I would have to visit him at work some time. I told him I was not allowed on ONU's campus, and he of course was inquisitive as to why. I began to share about the LORD's leading Keith to Olivet, and the story that is presently posted on the www re: ONU--how he would be interested in reading it and that he should look it up.
    As I continued, Herb said he thought he was acquainted with the girl named Molly, whom the Lord had led Keith to on his excursion to ONU. Again in reference to this same excursion, I shared with Herb about how Woody Webb had been contrary to CCCInc. even when Casey and I lived in married housing near campus in 1998 when we were just becoming involved with it.
    GOD continued to draw out more, as He pointed Herb's attention to my notebook of logs. Herb was interested to review my day's activities--the how, why and when of my day, and was impressed by GOD at what He wants for His disciples and followers.
    I shared with Herb how the material he reads on the CCCInc. site will definitely be different than anything else he has ever read. I also explained, in reference to Woody Webb, that GOD doesn't go making examples of people for no reason, but first tries to work with them extensively. On the contrary however, I also explained, He has an agenda to save as many souls as possible, and if someone tries to stand in the way of that, He must in mercy remove them and use them as an example to cause others to fear (see Acts5:11). I also shared with Herb that he was the first person I had witnessed these sensitive things to.
    Although I knew that Herb would find the writings of such events on the CCCInc. site interesting, I stressed to him that what was most important was the site's Bible teaching--and for him to be prayerful when he reviews it. I also shared the basic setup of CCCInc., and very briefly the functions of the six support companies.
    Finally, the LORD brought out stock trading as His present source of business revenue, and I showed Herb the proof of GOD's inspiration in trading--Keith's trading increase of $15,000.
    The conversation began to close, and Herb stated that his contact never made it to meet him! I reminded him to view the site, and we shook hands in parting. While shaking hands, my cell phone rang. It was Keith.

  CCCInc. Ministry Report

V-Date:late '97 - early '99   Type: School   Level n/a   Disc. - Response: See Below   By: Cory Sellers

     GOD anointed me (1Jn2:27) in early 1993, and directed me to Olivet Nazarene University, where I pursued a Biblical Literature B.A. for 4 years. I graduated with honors in 1997, having learned the Nazarene theology very thoroughly, including 2½yrs of Greek, 1yr of basic Hebrew, numerous theology courses, etc.

     While at ONU, I was grateful to the LORD for having brought me there. I became very involved in spiritually centered activities - activities such as campus revivals (which are still held twice annually), prayer groups, Bible studies, travelling ministry teams, and so on.

     During my freshman year, I was very zealous for GOD. I struggled very much not being able to understand why every Christian on campus did not seem to have the same zeal. I was not able to come to a conclusion on this matter while at Olivet, despite all my theological training. Gradually, my once spiritual fervor began to lose its flame, and blend in with the otherwise drab Christian surroundings at ONU.

     Early in my sophomore year, however, GOD led me to Casey Lahr and Kyle Zimmerman - freshmen roommates, both recently anointed. I began to take part in their weekly Bible study group, and was glad to have found two friends, especially Casey, with whom I sensed a kindrid zeal.

     Also during my sophomore year, GOD seperated me to Himself, in a sense, for over a week straight, in which I experienced an unusual closeness to Him. During this time, He had me, and often classmate Tom Eldridge, pray fervently for the soon upcoming revival. On February 25th, 1995, during an Olivet morning chapel service, the Spirit came over me mightily. For two minutes straight I was convicted that GOD wanted me to rise and share something on the platform with the 2,000+ students and faculty. I resisted, unable to truly believe this was GOD's intention. After shaking visibly for some time, I finally submitted. I walked to the platform, climbed the stairs, and asked permission to speak, (still uncertain of exactly what I was doing up there), then found myself briefly, but passionately exhorting the whole student body. I then sat down. GOD next prompted other students and an anointed faculty member in series to begin many hours of genuine repentance and worship that day - before the administration (uncomfortable with such an unplanned event,) could successfully squelch the fire. Right before I began to speak, the speaker had just finished saying, "it's all about candid obedience to GOD;" and truly, obedience is essential for soul salvation into eternal life (as in Mat19:17, Heb5:9, etc.)

     My senior year, I served as a Resident Assistant in the freshman guys' dormitory, and became somewhat better acquainted with VP of Student Development, W. "Woody" Webb.

     After graduation in May '97, I married, and lived and worked on campus for 6 months. At the end of 6 months, on Yom Kippur, GOD the Spirit told me over a period of 5 weeks, 3 times, to quit my job, church, and weekly Bible study group. I finally obeyed on Nov 14th, '97. Only two weeks earlier, GOD had moved upon my neighbor, Casey Lahr, who at that time felt convicted to quit his religion schooling at ONU in his senior year to follow GOD. GOD the Spirit then began to teach us the truth of His word, pointing out such verses as 1Pet4:1 and 1Jn3:9 very plainly. The Spirit connected us to Dave Johnson, who also sought to live and teach the truth of such verses. Dave was the first person I had ever heard teach such things; things I was just beginning to learn myself.


Little did I know he had learned them indirectly from Robert Bristow (through Larry Florek), whom Casey and I later met on March 15, 1998 with Dale Heavner.
     Dave was the first person who correctly answered the question that GOD literally plagued me with almost daily for my four years at Olivet. I had diligently sought a satisfying answer to the correct meaning of Heb6:4-6, but was unable to find one until I heard from Dave that "it means what it says." The subsequent long awaited peace in my heart was witness that this also was GOD's answer to my question. While seeking the answer at Olivet, however, I was given such unlearned answers as "I don't know - that's why Martin Luther thought Hebrews and James should be put in the back of the Bible." (Dr. Craig Keen), and various twisted explanations, one having to do with Greek participles (visiting NTS professor to our Greek class).
     During the time of meeting with Dave, GOD truly blessed our worship, and increased our knowledge of His word and truth. On the outside however, at ONU, we were referred to frequently as CCC, or the "Cory and Casey Cult." After meeting Robert, and learning about GOD's plan and work using CCCInc., we began to witness to many more people basic scriptural truths.
     Also during our 18 weeks with Dave, we had many visitors and phone calls, mostly challenging our new found obedience to GOD and His truth. On one occasion, I met with a former religion professor of mine, Dr. Thompson, at his invitation. I was not able to share a whole lot, but instead exercised much patience in listening at this meeting, internally repelling such lies as "truth is found at the place where denominational doctrines overlap."* I also had meetings with Olivetians and grads such as Bill Bahr, who once made the statement that he didn't think Paul was sanctified when He wrote the book of Romans. Casey had meetings with people like Dr. Bill Bray, the University Chaplain, and had similar experiences as I; he all the while working at College Church of the Nazarene as a job, and witnessing to many (especially Olivet grad Dan Wolfe) about GOD's 1Jn3:6,9 truth. We also met with a select number of students over the course of those weeks, and witnessed the truth to many - not one of whom believed a bit of what we shared.
     While still at Olivet, GOD directed me to attend weekly services at Manteno church of the Nazarene, pastored by John (Jack) McCormick and youth pastor Todd Craig. We attended for approximately a year and a half or more; this being the church I ceased to attend in November '97 when GOD had me quit my job, church, and Bible study group. Some time thereafter, in late '98, GOD had us begin to attend Bradley church of the Nazarene, pastored by Dirk Ellis, whom the LORD had me witness to extensively about much of His gospel truth. Pastor Ellis was too full of man's worldly wisdom, however, to be able receive any of GOD's simple truth, and in fact, verbally stated his theological problems with it numerous times during our discussions. (Jack McCormick and Dirk Ellis are currently (Oct '00) adjunct professors at ONU.)
     After many months of continued resistance to satan's lies, persecutions, and attacks, things finally began to settle down. In May '99 GOD moved us to Momence - 18 months after quitting my job on Nov. 14th '97.

Type: sub, corp, cell gr, stu gr, pastor; Level: confess, Jn14 Disc: Brief details of meeting; scriptures, if believed, Spirit cfm, proof of growth, recent victories, proof of Rom6.
*CCCInc. Note: 
Thompson took umbrage at our quote (see March '03 e-mails),
and is completely ignorant of all CCCInc. teaching,
he would do well to study Moral Instruction, minimum.
[See GOD's Divine Plan]