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Rev Bill Hybels,
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Aug '95
Willow Creek devoid of Spirit
GOD graced you in '79, despite your sin, to continue at WCCC as part of
His global plan.
GOD later warned you ('89) thru briefly losing His grace, love, power to
return to Jn14 level and His calling.
GOD's grace, love, power is His abiding 1Jn2:27 to grow into Him, to
overcome satan, self, sin now.
GOD's abiding Eph3:17a Col1:27 1Pet1:22,23 enables, precedes our fire
purging into His life, body, union.
GOD never allows sin in His presence Heb7:26 so Rom6:3-8,18,22 1Jn1:7
into 1:5; 2:5,6; 3:6,9,14; 5.
GOD declares Paul was free of willful sin Rom7:17,20 "no more I" if...
Rom7:25-8:8,13 till 14 lest 2Pet2:14.
GOD promises wrath upon sin Ezek18:4,20 Rom6:23a so 2Tim2:12-21, as only
overcomers Rev2:7,11,17,26.
 Robert Bristow
cc Elders
Your latest book shows GOD at work but is totally devoid of Spirit
power, miracles, signs, wonders.
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