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Rev Bill Hybels,
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Feb '97
Willow Creek fails to believe and love
GOD, in '80, had me return to church after 20yrs. of ignoring Him, visiting
only WCCC, then joining in '82, but also meeting various Spirit-filled or
Jn14 level or born again believers who greatly challenged/taught me.
GOD, in Dec '82, had me experience Him Acts1:8; 5:32 Col1:27 into child or
lukewarm level, demanding obedience, faith to grow Mat5:44 1Pet1:22,23
1Jn2:3,27 later following His voice into a blind faith walk Heb11:1,6(8)
GOD, thru '97, has me in perfect health, joy, peace, yet income under $400pa
from Mar '83 giving 100% back to His service of sharing Bible truth,
praying 5-12hrs 7 days a week, trusting Him for all needs, lest I be cast out.
GOD, from '83-'97, had me share my faith with you thru countless letters/
material, but no love/response.
 Robert Bristow
GOD is expanding CCCInc., His material is available on the WWW,
1Cor2:6 Rev11:3,6.
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