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Rev Bill Hybels,
Apr '97
GOD's last invite to Bill
GOD, from '87, had me write and share His revealed plans for Acts15:16.
GOD, from '87, called Jn14 level minimum to work to support their ministries.
GOD, from '87, tested their hearts for obedience, but most like Fred Price.
GOD must effect chastising to repentance or purging to damnation.
GOD must effect His promised rule, judgement Jer23:5b,20,39,40 Mat3:10-12.
GOD must effect His holy, perfect kingdom or temple, all others Jn8:44 Rev3:9.
GOD's pure, holy, perfect nature is seen, witnessed globally Acts2:42-47.
 Robert Bristow
You failed your first 10yr test in '89, can you afford to fail again?!
Dec '97
GOD, in '83, had me subject myself to Willow Creek counseling
before and after one of your elders married me into adultery.
GOD delivered me from adultery after just 30 days in filthy sin,
but Willow Creek sought to insist their will be done.
GOD later taught me truth from His word but WCCC continues
to allow, encourage, teach adultery is O.K., so a Judas church.
GOD promised to purge satan from Willow Creek Jer23.
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