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Crenshaw Christian Center
Los Angeles, Ca.
Apr '98 Part 1
Rev Fred Price,
GOD, many years ago, had me write + convey His message concerning the need to work,
but you flatly refused, rejecting Him + His message and even rebuked the concept on live TV.
GOD, from that day, ceased His open-handed blessing, you began begging for $ on TV,
whereas you previously never mentioned $.
GOD has also shown me your latest racial attitude is damaging His family, His love
message, and others' opinions of you as a teacher.
GOD's grace expects you to change or you will be lost forever.

Rom6...16 Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey, you are that one's slaves whom you obey, whether of sin into death, or of obedience into righteousness?

Jn3...36 He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of GOD abides on him.

Crenshaw Christian Center
Los Angeles, Ca.
Apr '98 Part 2
Rev Fred Price,
GOD, many years ago, anointed you into born again level: Jn14:21,23 1Pet1:22,23 1Jn2:3
all qualifying Acts5:32, given and retained thru obedient faith to His message/voice.
GOD's partial power at Acts1:8; 5:32; 9:17 level is qualifying Rom1:16; 10:10 "into (soul) salvation,"
which you are risking due to your disobedience to Him Jn3:36; 15:6 2Thes1:8,9 Eph2:2; 5:6 Col3:6,25.
GOD's grace, love, power works in + thru obedient faith, growing a few into His nature, to abide Jn15,
as GOD is holy, His body is holy, so His word is clear Eph4:15 1Jn2:24,27 yet to abide in Him.
GOD is yet to declare you righteous (i.e. having His righteousness), as you are in gross sin,
creating division, strife, rather than praying for another who offended you, in love!
Robert Bristow
John Wimber failed His test in '93, given to satan Nov '93, and at only 63 he passed in shame Nov '97.
GOD is not glorified in "sickness to death," as Branham + Wimber are clear examples of 2Pet2:14,
tho GOD may expire His own [overcomers] thru a final testing 2King13:14 Jn15:2; 19
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Moody Bible Institute
Rev Stowell,
1 of 3
Feb '97
GOD, in '83, delayed Dudley Foord's plane to Ams, enabling him to visit MBI
and extend our initial meeting.
GOD, in '86, began my regular visits to MBI to compare His whole truth/word
with satan's word/work there.
GOD, thru '95, had me experience assault, hate, threats from MBI faculty,
staff, students, proving MBI of satan.
GOD, thru '95, had me discern many teachers to ascertain veracity,
including your gross pride in your book.
GOD, thru '95, had me share His love and truth but most rejected,
so choosing sin and death 2Cor4:3,4 2Thes2:10-12.
GOD, for 10yrs, tested MBI response to His letters/material,...100% failed,
now faces His purging till repent.
GOD, for 10yrs, graced MBI despite willful sin,...but no-faith grace
brings death Rom6, so MBI now cursed Gal1 2Pet2:14.
 Robert Bristow
GOD's terror from Elul 6 for 3 months in '93, casting many 1Cor3:15; 5:5,
is clear to His servants 2Cor3:18; 5:5-11, as Bernardin and Graham
refusing His drawing/calling, now Jer23:1,39,40 Mat12:31; 23 into 10:28 100% lost.
GOD's terror is our example Lk13:3,5 2Pet2:6 that His love and mercy bring
others to godly fear Heb5:7, 100% essential
full earthly, soul salvation Phil2:12 hoping for Rom8:23-25 1Thes5:23 Eph5:27 or 5:6.
GOD's terror continues as He purges the old and builds the new Acts15:16,
repeating Rom11:16-26 (Ps14:7; 22:23-26) globally
true separation from sin Rom6 1Jn3:6 to partake 2Pet1:4,11 to be His 
Zech13:9 Mat1:21
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