The Grahams, Billy and Franklin
GOD has had me peruse the writings by + about the Grahams;
Billy, an honoured preacher (whose wife lived in China, as did my father)
Franklin, a reformed believer who travels with an ankle holster + pistol
and displays military firearms on his office wall, contrary to Mat26:52.
GOD had me pray extensively for Billy after I first read
his teaching that the "soul is immortal" (Decision magazine)
which contradicts Ezek18:4,20 Mat10:28, yet years later he
was still rejecting truth and teaching the same lie Jn8:44.
GOD's judgement upon Billy began with losing the anointing
Nov '93, delivered to satan 1Cor3:15; 5:5 for a slow demise
into 1Cor15:22a Rev20:11-15; 21:8; 22:15, then to outer darkness for
failing to believe the true gospel 2Cor4:3,4 and to share 100% truth.
GOD had me read Franklin's denial of His gospel of hope and power and is
clearly blind to the Lord's ministry work today thru the Spirit and thru
the church whereby His love for all is shed abroad for care, healing and
salvation, and he totally rejects GOD's wrath upon sin
Rom1:18 Eph2:2,3; 5:6.
GOD's full salvation process is thru full belief or full faith as Abraham,
Job, Christ, Paul, yet most believers fail His grace, love, power Heb12.
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Sep '95
GOD clearly says belief grows from simple facts about Him, to believing into Him,
to qualified believing in Him only. (the Greek proves His truth)
GOD clearly says belief grows in Mk9:23,24 "I believe, help my unbelief"
when Jesus says "believe, all things...possible."
GOD clearly says belief grows in Lk8:10-15: v.12 initial or facts;
v.13 part or into Him; v.14 part; v.15 full or abide in Him.
GOD clearly says belief grows thru satan's attacks; obedience to His word;
as Job, proves few truly believe.
GOD clearly says belief grows thru trials, is proved, is qualified
but satan teaches a simple belief secures soul salvation.
GOD clearly says belief grows in Heb10:39 "believe to soul salvation"
confirmed in Heb11:6 Jm2:19 1Pet1:9 so 100% contrary to satan.
GOD clearly says belief grows in Rom10 "believe in your heart..into righteousness"
but satan teaches mere mouth righteousness.
GOD clearly says belief grows in Rom10 as man's wicked heart must be purified
Jer Acts to satisfy His conditions for righteousness.
GOD clearly says belief grows in Rom10 as our evil heart can never believe
His pure, holy word, it must be Rom2:29 Col2:11.
GOD clearly says belief grows in Jn3:16; 6:40; 20:31 "may have life"
yet to Eph4:15 1Jn2:28 for true life is only in Him.
GOD clearly says belief grows in Jn6:27-29 "work to believe.. into life"
proved in "eat, drink to live" 6:51-58, many refuse 6:66.
GOD clearly says belief grows in Acts2: v.37 "heart pricked;" v.38 must repent;
v.42-47 loving sacrifice rarely seen today.
 Robert Bristow
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Christian Community Churches Inc.
Sep '95
GOD clearly says faith grows from mouthing facts to anointed works
to overcoming work as Christ Jn19.
GOD clearly says initial faith grows to partial faith when Jn14:21 Acts1:8
1Cor12:7 Eph3:17a beginning to really hear Him Rom10:17.
GOD clearly says partial faith grows thru work to full faith
Acts6:5,8; 14:22; 15:9; 26:18 Rom3:25 1Jn1:7; 3:7 Col2:12 Jm2:17,22.
GOD clearly says full faith is overcoming faith Acts7:55-60 Rom1:17; 5:1
as 4:12-16 is His faith standard to qualify Rom9:26-10:13.
GOD's clear hard word proves "simple faith alone" is satan's teaching
as soul salvation is to proven, tested 1Pet1:7,9 ONLY.
GOD clearly says faith work in Phil2:12,17 proven in Heb6:1; 10:22-24,38; 11
Jm1:3,4,12 not dead work but obedient faith work.
GOD clearly says "works do not save" Eph2 Tit3, refers to His grace
not our merit, but faith is our only access Rom5:2.
GOD clearly says faith work in Jn8:39 when rebuking faithless Jn8:44; 20:27,29
for rejecting His truth and work, so lost!
GOD clearly says faith work in Jn14:10-13; 15:7-16 truly His work in
and thru believing, obedient to glorify Him so Rev2:27.
GOD clearly says "faith working by love" Gal5:6 to qualify justification,
righteousness 5:4,5(Rom3:30) in Christ(Rom3:26).
GOD clearly says faith work in " faith" Rom2:13 Gal3 Jm1:22; 2
but satan teaches dead, empty, lost faith.
 Robert Bristow
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5:11 So great fear came upon all the church
and upon all who heard these things.
         26:20 should repent, turn to GOD,
and do works befitting repentance.
GOD has specifically judged and tested many from May '88 to May '98, as to
their obedient faith, in response to His dictated letters thru CCCInc. from '87.
GOD's initial 5 year grace ('88 - '93) was utterly rejected, so His terror for 3mths
resulted in many cast to satan Nov '93, to join Esau and Judas forever.
from our Feb '97 letter to MBI
GOD's terror from Elul 6 for 3 months in '93, casting many 1Cor3:15; 5:5,
is clear to His servants 2Cor3:18; 5:5-11, as Bernardin and Graham
refusing His drawing/calling, now Jer23:1,39,40 Mat12:31; 23 into 10:28 100% lost.
GOD's terror is our example Lk13:3,5 2Pet2:6 that His love and mercy bring
others to godly fear Heb5:7, 100% essential
full earthly, soul salvation Phil2:12 hoping for Rom8:23-25 1Thes5:23 Eph5:27 or 5:6.
GOD's terror continues as He purges the old and builds the new Acts15:16,
repeating Rom11:16-26 (Ps14:7; 22:23-26) globally
true separation from sin Rom6 1Jn3:6 to partake 2Pet1:4,11 to be His Zech13:9 Mat1:21
GOD's 2nd 5 year grace ('93 - '98) has effected no change in the likes of Hybels + Schuller,
so His terror from Elul 6 for 7 months will purge more false shepherds Jer23:1,40.
GOD's full grace is rarely given as most believers fail His initial + partial grace.
[Rev Hybels validating pagan religions: 1] [ 2 ]
[Rev Schuller declares the gospel "utterly ridiculous"]
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Mr. Kenneth Woodward
Apr '99
Church History - Newsweek Mar 29 '99.
GOD in flesh, we Christians call Jesus, lived (and taught) a hard, holy,
perfect example of GOD's principles, fully expecting others copy Him.
GOD the Spirit empowered early believers to grow into the Christ model,
essential for full salvation, attained by very few living free of sin 1Jn3:6.
GOD allowed 1900 years of limited Spirit power, hence the poor, even
evil witness in the church ruled by man as they rejected His principles.
GOD is now repeating the 1st century church example for the final church
period as His witness to the lost, unsaved believers and the world at large.
GOD is not witnessed by the likes of Graham, Hybels, Schuller, merely
mickey mouth Christians, having no anointing or Spirit power, signs, etc.
GOD's power in our lives produces Christ-like qualities, never sickness
to death, family dysfunction etc. (or a son wearing + displaying guns at work).
GOD is not witnessed in our sin, rather He is glorified by Spirit led
overcomers, having obedient faith into death daily, copying Christ Jesus.
Robert Bristow
GOD is not glorified in "sickness to death," as Branham + Wimber
are clear examples of 2Pet2:14, tho GOD may expire His own
[overcomers] thru a final testing 2King13:14 Jn15:2; 19.
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[Rev Hybels validating pagan religions: 1] [ 2 ]

GOD is showing us Graham's true heart thru his TV Special:
preaching as truth;
a) mere mouth salvation  (but ignoring Mat19:17  Heb5:9),
b) confess for forgiveness  (but ignoring Mat6  Mk11  Lk6),
c) confess for cleansing  (but ignoring 1Jn1:7 and "may cleanse" in 1:9),
d) confess to be His  (but ignoring 2Chron7:14  Zech13:9  Mat1:21  1Jn3:9,10).
GOD is showing us Graham's blasphemy against His Spirit and
explicit lies against the Holy Spirit message Mat12:31-37,
giving Him complete justification in copying Acts5:1-11, since
He promised to dispose of false teachers Jer23:1,39,40  Gal1  2Pet2.
GOD is showing us Graham's inept Bible response:
"I have been asked hundreds of times why GOD allows tragedy + suffering. I have to confess that I really do not know the answer totally, even to my own satisfaction," when speaking at the National Day of Prayer + Remembrance Sep14th, 2001; so obviously refusing to believe/share GOD's wrath upon sin, for individuals and nations. Ez18:4,20 Rom1:18; 6:23a.

Mat12:34..Brood of vipers! How can you, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."
35 "A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things."
36 "But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment."
37 "For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned."

The New York Times
Sunday, March 17, 2002

    It seemed impossible, when H. R. Haldeman's White House diaries came out in 1994, that the Rev. Billy Graham could once have joined with President Richard M. Nixon in discussing the "total Jewish domination of the media." Could Mr. Graham, the great American evangelist, really have said the nation's problem lies with "satanic Jews," as Mr. Nixon's aide recorded?
    Mr. Graham's sterling reputation as a healer and bridge-builder was so at odds with Mr. Haldeman's account that Jewish groups paid little attention, especially because he denied the remarks so strongly.
    "Those are not my words," Mr. Graham said in a public statement in May 1994. "I have never talked publicly or privately about the Jewish people, including conversations with President Nixon, except in the most positive terms."
    That was the end of the story, it seemed, until two weeks ago, when the tape of that 1972 conversation in the Oval Office was made public by the National Archives. Three decades after it was recorded, the North Carolina preacher's famous drawl is tinny but unmistakable on the tape, denigrating Jews in terms far stronger than the diary accounts.
    "They're the ones putting out the pornographic stuff," Mr. Graham said on the tape, after agreeing with Mr. Nixon that left-wing Jews dominate the news media. The Jewish "stranglehold has got to be broken or the country's going down the drain," he continued, suggesting that if Mr. Nixon were re-elected, "then we might be able to do something."
    Finally, Mr. Graham said that Jews did not know his true feelings about them.
    "I go and I keep friends with Mr. Rosenthal at The New York Times and people of that sort, you know," he told Mr. Nixon, referring to A. M. Rosenthal, then the newspaper's executive editor. "And all I mean, not all the Jews, but a lot of the Jews are great friends of mine, they swarm around me and are friendly to me because they know that I'm friendly with Israel. But they don't know how I really feel about what they are doing to this country. And I have no power, no way to handle them, but I would stand up if under proper circumstances."
    Mr. Graham, who is now 83 and in poor health, quickly issued a four- sentence apology, but he did not acknowledge making the statements and said he had no memory of the conversation, which took place after a prayer breakfast on Feb. 1, 1972.

    The brevity of the apology and Mr. Graham's refusal to discuss the matter further have angered many of the same Jewish organizations that for so long counted Mr. Graham as their best friend among evangelical Christians. The taped remarks have become the subject of synagogue sermons and columns in Jewish newspapers, with some Jewish leaders suggesting that Mr. Graham had hidden anti-Semitic views for decades.
    "Here we have an American icon, the closest we have to a spiritual leader of America, who has been playing a charade for all these years," Abraham H. Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said in an interview last week. "What's frightening is that he has been so close to so many presidents, and who knows what else he has been saying privately."
    Mr. Foxman urged Mr. Graham to return the award he won in 1971 from the National Conference of Christians and Jews one of many such awards presented to him.
    Yesterday, Mr. Graham's organization issued a longer apology, in which Mr. Graham acknowledged making the statements, but repudiated them.
    "I don't ever recall having those feelings about any group, especially the Jews, and I certainly do not have them now," he said. "My remarks did not reflect my love for the Jewish people. I humbly ask the Jewish community to reflect on my actions on behalf of Jews over the years that contradict my words in the Oval Office that day."
    Mr. Foxman subsequently issued a statement accepting the new apology, but for many Jews the damage had already been done. In a recent column in several Jewish newspapers, the Washington journalist James D. Besser said the remarks should awaken Jews to the intense dislike for them among many evangelical Christians, except insofar as Jews are useful to the fulfillment of Christian apocalyptic prophecies.
    The tapes have been particularly disturbing to people and groups who have worked to find common ground between Jews and evangelical Christians, many of whom say that their progress has now been significantly set back. For years, Mr. Graham stood apart from other evangelicals in his refusal to proselytize Jews directly, sharply disagreeing on the issue with his own denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention. Because of that stance, the American Jewish Committee presented Mr. Graham with its National Interreligious Award in 1977, calling him one of the century's greatest Christian friends of Jews.
    The taped remarks, however, will only help perpetuate the stereotypes that Jews and evangelicals hold about each other, said Rabbi Yechiel Z. Eckstein, president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, based in Chicago.
    "Jewish friends are coming up to me now and saying, 'See, we told you so they're all frauds,' " said Rabbi Eckstein, an Orthodox Jew who has become a liaison between Israel and evangelical Christians.
    Mr. Graham's statement yesterday expressed hope that he had grown past his words that day in the Oval Office. Describing himself as "an old man of 83 suffering from several ailments," he said his life had been a pilgrimage of growth and change.
    "Every year during their High Holy Days, the Jewish community reminds us all of our need for repentance and forgiveness," he wrote. "God's mercy and grace give me hope for myself, and for our world."

Following is a statement by evangelist Billy Graham on intolerance and prejudice
following release of the Nixon White House tapes.

    The National Archives recently released several hundred hours of tapes from Oval Office conversations during the Nixon Administration. One of those recordings included a conversation that I had with President Nixon and his Chief of Staff, H. R. Haldeman, more than 30 years ago.

(CCCInc. note: GOD brought the truth to light 30 years and 30 days
after the event.)

    I had scores of conversations with Mr. Nixon in which we discussed every conceivable subject. However, I cannot imagine what caused me to make those comments, which I totally repudiate. Whatever the reason, I was wrong for not disagreeing with the President, and I sincerely apologize to anyone I have offended.
    I don't ever recall having those feelings about any group, especially the Jews, and I certainly do not have them now. My remarks did not reflect my love for the Jewish people. I humbly ask the Jewish community to reflect on my actions on behalf of Jews over the years that contradict my words in the Oval Office that day.
    In the Bible we read, "Above all else, guard your heart; for it is the wellspring of life. Put away perversity from your mouth; keep corrupt talk from your lips" (Proverbs 4:22, 23). That is true for me as much as anyone else. Every day I have to renew my heart before God, and ask for His grace and strength.
    I am now an old man of eighty-three suffering from several ailments. As I reflect back, I realize that much of my life has been a pilgrimage - constantly learning, changing, growing and maturing. I have come to see in deeper ways some of the implications of my faith and message, not the least of which is in the area of human rights and racial and ethnic understanding.
    Racial prejudice, anti-Semitism, or hatred of anyone with different beliefs has no place in the human mind or heart. I urge everyone to examine themselves and renew their own hearts before God. Only the supernatural love of God through changed lives can solve the problems that we face in our world.
    Of greater import or concern than any tapes made in the White House, each of us must face the fact that God has "tapes" that record not only our actions but also our thoughts and our intent. Every moral choice we have ever made is on His "computer." On the appointed day of God's judgment there will be nothing in any of our hearts that will not be disclosed. That is why we all need God's forgiveness.
    I take daily comfort in the Psalmist's words in the Old Testament: "The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy" (Psalm 103:8). Every year during their High Holy Days, the Jewish community reminds us all of our need for repentance and forgiveness. God's mercy and grace give me hope - for myself, and for our world.

GOD's word fully qualifies Rev Graham

Jn12..43 they loved the praise of men more than the praise of GOD.
Jam4..4 Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with GOD? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of GOD.

    Our virtues are our vices. I firmly believe that. The same qualities that elevate us often also pull us down. No clearer illustration of this is at hand than the life of the Rev. Billy Graham, pastor to the presidents, who recently found himself, at age 83 and in ill health, repeatedly apologizing for anti-Semitic slurs he made with Richard Nixon in 1972. It's a sad capstone to a career notably free of scandal, particularly when compared to the Rev. Jerry Falwell and the Rev. Jimmy Swaggart and all the others who at one time or another aspired to a spot in the nation's pulpit.
    The focus has been on the anti-Semitic aspect of the remarks, about Jews having a "stranglehold'' on the media and such. But that isn't really what fascinates me. Lots of people will say all sorts of negative things they only half mean, and who would want their casual comments recorded on secret taping systems and handed down to history?
    No, what interests me is that Graham, in his second apology, said he is mystified at why he said what he did.
    "I cannot imagine what caused me to make those comments,'' he said.
    I sure can. Anyone even passingly familiar with Graham's career should know exactly why Graham said what he did. The reason is apparent, and it has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. Billy Graham became the unofficial pastor to the president over the past half century by ducking the great ethical crises of his day, and his echoing Nixon's anti-Semitic rantings is only a minor example.
    But first, for those just joining us, a quick history. Graham first tasted fame right here in Chicago, speaking to a youth rally at the Auditorium Theatre. Soon, he was captivating hundreds of thousands at tent crusades that lasted for weeks. It was only a matter of time before he found himself in Washington, praying with Harry Truman in the White House in 1950.
    The minister had discovered his flock: presidents. No national figure--no politician, no journalist, nobody--has had the continual access to the White House that Billy Graham enjoyed. He baptized Dwight D. Eisenhower. John F. Kennedy's Catholicism was no bar to Graham (who, though few know it, was a registered Democrat). Graham spoke at Lyndon Johnson's inauguration in 1965.
    He was especially close to Nixon. Each had been converted by the same Chicago evangelist, Dr. Paul Rader, and perhaps that created a special bond. Nixon and Graham prayed together, they golfed together, Graham spoke at Nixon's mother's funeral and was part of the all-night session that picked Spiro T. Agnew as a running mate. When Nixon needed a sympathetic audience, he turned to Graham--after sending troops into Cambodia, he tested the waters by speaking to a Graham crusade.


    Nixon went down in disgrace, but Graham endured. He was a frequent guest at the Reagan White House, but Bill Clinton was also under the Graham influence--Clinton, who met Graham while still a teen, used to tithe part of his salary to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
    How does a minister keep on such good terms with such a divergent cast of powerful presidents? I'll give you a hint. It isn't by challenging their biases. It isn't by getting in their face. Graham would no sooner have called Nixon on his anti-Semitic spoutings than he would have called Johnson on the Vietnam War. In fact, he did the opposite.
    "It seems the only way to gain attention today is to organize a march and protest something,'' he said, shrugging off the Peace March on Washington at a 1965 rally, his friend LBJ nodding in the audience.
    Ten years earlier, it was civil rights being given the backhand by Graham--who, to his credit, wouldn't speak to segregated audiences, but who wasn't exactly pushing Ike into uncomfortable positions either, dismissing lunch-counter sitters and freedom marchers as those who "become addicted to sitting, squatting, demonstrating and striking for what they want.''
    This is Graham's tragedy, and it gave him a superficiality that was even noted at the time. In 1965, theologian Martin Marty wrote of Graham in the Sun-Times: "A man in transit between epochs and value systems, he has chosen to disengage himself and distract us by shouting about the end of history.''
    Time on this earth is running out for Graham, and I feel sincerely sorry that his twilight is marred by this ugly incident. I truly believe he is a good man who tries his best. He didn't see the attention of the president as a lure, perhaps even the devil's trap.
    Maybe that was his role, his destiny. There were other ministers, remember, who walked with King at Selma, who joined the protesters forming a ring around the Pentagon. Somebody had to pray with Nixon.
    Still, I don't want to let Graham off too easily. You have to wonder: What was the point of gaining the trust of those in power, if your every comment was designed to flatter? If you never challenge them on their assumptions, no matter how mistaken? Think how comforting it would have been to hear Graham on those old tapes: "Now, wait a second, Mr. President, that's one of the stupidest things anyone's . . .''
    But man is a flawed vessel, and perhaps that is asking too much.

The above is excerpted from an article by Neil Steinberg
Chicago Sun-Times - Friday, March 22, 2002
see complete file: Amsterdam 2000 Supp A

    In Febuary Franklin Graham held an international conference in Washington, D.C., to focus attention on the AIDS crisis in Africa and to raise support for the AIDS outreach of his organization, Samaritan's Purse.
    "If Jesus Christ were here today, we would find him showing love, compassion and his healing power to those infected by this horrible disease, "Franklin Graham told the opening session of the Prescription for Hope conference.
    "We are here because millions are at risk with absolutely no hope," he said. "Regardless of how it is contracted, we should demonstrate the same love, compassion, and care that Jesus would if he were physically walking among us today."

The above is excerpted from an article by Cathleen Falsani
Chicago Sun-Times - Friday, May 31, 2002

From: Robert
To: All
Re: GOD enriched hope
Date: Sat, Jun 1st, 02
GOD initially buoyed you with a message of hope,
which you have rightly used to start again on
the path to fully realize the goal of the hope.
GOD had me pray over hope all day long + later on
compile a list of "hope" scriptures, all requiring
an action on our part, so hope is tied to Jam2.
GOD had me think of you on that buoy - sooner
or later needing to swim to His ordained shore,
for His food, drink + strength, before the journey continues.
GOD had me jot a few:
Rom4:18; 5:2,4,5; 8:24; 12:12; 15:13
Col1:5,23,27 Phil1:20
Heb6:11 1Jn3:3
To edify your swim.

..the truth shall make you free
GOD's  truth  is  essential for
us  to  choose  to  be  free  of
sin and its consequences Rom1:18
GOD the Son is truth Jn14:6,
so He alone can free us from
sin, disease and eternal death.
GOD the Son saves from sin as
sin is death Mat1:21 Rom6:23,
but very few seek true salvation.
GOD the Son fully saves 1Thes5:23,
as He purges into perfect health
so we live in His likeness Rom6.
[see World Vision Jer23 plan]
In America

To Save


    Giving the back of his hand to the suffering of millions, a key Bush administration official is opposing any extensive use of the life-extending anti-AIDS drugs in Africa, insisting that the health care infrastructure is too primitive and that Africans, in most cases, are incapable of following the regimen.
    As head of the U.S. Agency for International Development, Andrew Natsios is the administration's point man on foreign aid. In an interview with The Boston Globe, he said the money raised by a new global fund to fight AIDS should be used almost entirely for prevention services, not for the antiretroviral drugs that have been so successful in extending the lives of people infected with H.I.V.
    Painting with a very broad brush, Mr. Natsios said attempting to get the drugs to Africans any time soon would not be worth the effort because of the difficulties posed by a lack of roads, shortages of doctors and hospitals, wars and other problems.
    According to Mr. Natsios, the problems extend to the Africans themselves. Many Africans, he told The Globe, "don't know what Western time is. You have to take these (AIDS) drugs a certain number of hours each day, or they don't work. Many people in Africa have never seen a clock or a watch their entire lives. And if you say, one o'clock in the afternoon, they do not know what you are talking about. They know morning, they know noon, they know evening, they know the darkness at night."
    This view of Africans as so ignorant they can't master the concept of taking their medicine on time has become a touchstone of the Bush administration. Back in April, The Times' Joseph Kahn reported on concerns voiced by an unnamed senior Treasury Department official: "He said Africans lacked a requisite `concept of time,' implying that they would not benefit from drugs that must be administered on tight time schedules."
    Africans may be dying by the millions from AIDS, but the brutal stereotyping of the Dark Continent lives on, encouraged by U.S. government officials who should know better.

    Mr. Natsios's primary response to the epidemic that is roaring like a fireball across southern Africa is to just say no. "Just keep talking about prevention," he told The Globe. "That is the strategy we're using even though I'll be beaten up and get bruises all over me from the fights on the subject."
    Mr. Natsios may not realize it, but just talking about prevention has failed. In sub-Saharan Africa, more than 25 million people are infected with H.I.V., and more than 17 million have already died. In South Africa, which is being brought to its knees by this epidemic, the rate of infection for all people 15 to 45 years old has nearly reached 20 percent.
    The United States, a rich and healthy nation, cannot close its eyes to suffering on such a colossal scale. There is medication available to ease the suffering and its cost is coming down. Now the steps must be taken to get the medicine to the people in need.
    I spoke with Mr. Natsios last Thursday. He conceded that in South Africa and the country with the worst outbreak of AIDS in the world, Botswana, the health care infrastructure is, in fact, pretty good.
    As for the difficulty Africans or anyone else might have following the daily antiretroviral regimen, now might be a good time to burst a widely held misconception. Antiretroviral therapy does not always require patients to take dozens of pills a day.
    "Our patients take two pills in the morning and two pills in the evening. That's it," said Toby Kasper, an official with Doctors Without Borders, which recently established an antiretroviral therapy program for patients in a village in South Africa.
    The trend in drug therapies in the U.S. and elsewhere is toward newer, more consolidated regimens that are easier to follow.
    Mr. Natsios reluctantly acknowledged that some limited use of antiretroviral treatment in Africa may be O.K., and he said he didn't mean to offend anyone with his comments about African concepts of time.
    The truth is that both prevention and drug therapy are desperately needed in Africa.
    No one believes antiretrovirals can be effectively administered in countries that are at war, or in areas devoid of doctors and hospitals or clinics. But there is a role for antiretroviral therapy to play in the catastrophe in sub-Saharan Africa. And it would be to the everlasting shame of the United States if its officials proved to be a barrier to that kind of life-saving treatment.

New York Times - June 11, '01