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GOD Demands we Resist Evil
Jam4..7 ... submit to GOD. Resist
the devil and he will flee from you.

GOD clearly shows us that, even in modern times,
weak men fail to stand firm against evil doers;
whether the school bully, local gangs or global tyrants,
all are equal in the LORD's eye and must be stopped.
GOD clearly shows us that Chamberlain's failure to
rebuke and warn Hitler against aggression later
cost the world many millions of lives and recent UN
failures to rebuke and warn Hussein is costing lives.
GOD clearly shows us when He pushed men to
stand firm against evil aggressors then
His hard Freedom Principles deliver us
from evil and His justice liberates men.
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GOD delivered South Korea from communist aggression
in the 50s using freedom lovers' willing sacrifice, but
the evil appeasers undermined freedom fighters in Vietnam.
GOD pushed the USA to withstand communist expansion
in the 80s which resulted in the liberation of several
Eastern European countries despite the evil appeasers.
GOD's push to free Latin America of communism has been
hindered by many US gov't officials who learned and
joined with appeasers and communist friends till 2004.
GOD, in 2004, is showing us these evil appeasers, nations
and individuals, refusing to help-support the people
in emerging and current democracies around the world.
GOD, in 2004, is showing us the UN Security Council
is corrupted from Iraq's Oil-for-Food bribery and
how China, France, Russia worked against sanctions.
How the evil appeasers turned S.E. Asian victory into defeat
and how lies, subterfuge, even treason cost millions of lives in
forsaken lands (like Cambodia) left open to murderous regimes.
In part, see Investors Business Daily Aug 13 2004.
"UN, NATO Policies Fail" in Chicago Trib. July 11 2004
explaining the collective corruption + weakness in Kosovo
whereby the diplomats entrusted Al Qaeda-KLA to rule.
About current USA presidential endorsements by communist-
terrorist Latin Americans by Mary O'Grady in WSJ July 30 2004
and by George Melloan in WSJ Aug 3 2004.
Allied efforts from WWII to Iraq to bring freedom-democracy
by Donald Rumsfeld in Chicago Tribune Aug 6 2004.
About a current US gov't official's "unbroken string" of support to
freedom's enemies by Chas. Krauthhammer in the Chi. Trib. Aug 16 2004.
About a current US gov't official's appeasement-weakness towards
evil aggression by Michael Gonzalez in WSJ Aug 16 2004 and
courting "US rivals" by John O'Sullivan in Chi. Sun-Times Aug 7 '04.
About Charles Duelfer's weapons report which mentions:
the UN members bribery to help Saddam Hussein escape sanctions,
in WSJ OPINION Oct 8 2004, Iraq Amnesia;
the post-Hussein efforts to manufacture WMD in Iraq which
"could have been devastating to coalition forces,"
in Financial Times Oct 11 2004 by Thomas Catan.
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Christian Cultural Centers Inc.
GOD Demands we Resist Evil
GOD's qualified participants see and know His choice for
Bible believing leaders, in gov't and judiciary, who uphold
His truth-word, His hard kingdom principles, His ways.
GOD's qualified participants promote, share, teach all of
His freedom principles in conjunction with His new initiatives
that His positive power permeates thru united believers globally.
GOD's conjoined love and forgiveness power interrupts evil
designs and plans of His enemies, the enemies of His kingdom rule,
enemies of His freedom and democracy plans for the whole world.
GOD, from 2000, is effecting Rev4+5, whereby His full gospel
is being sent to the world, He is effecting Is32:1 Jer23:5b Mat2:6
Rev19:15; 20:6; essential to believe to participate into Mat24:13,22.
Note: Media Elite on religion writer, Cathleen Falsani.
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GOD Demands we Resist Evil
GOD's love gospel demands we love all, male or female,
yet throughout the world women suffer various inequalities;
 to deprive them of natural pleasure, 
rape by gangs
in Australia as a Muslim assertion of superiority against the West
and in Muslim countries as a recognised form of justice,
beatings - even death
 - in Muslim countries for cultural infractions,
all part of the terrorist mindset thru the descendants
of Ishmael.
GOD's qualified participants prove their love for all by
advancing His new initiatives in His conjoined power
to disrupt the Muslim unified evil and open doors for
His Mat24:14 work thru 1 billion in need of salvation.
GOD's enemies include the selfish women's groups that
passionately insist upon rights to kill unwanted babies,
but neglect the global right to life and liberty,
consequently proving their evil nature and agenda.
Mary Laney in Chicago Sun-Times Oct 4 2002
"Speak up NOW: War on women is underway"
Nicholas Kristof Muslim stories

GOD the Spirit pressed us to relay some
pertinent Spirit induced material for
your perusal-study thru prayer/fasting.
Robert Bristow
E-mail sent to:
Hank Kunneman
John Musser
Mary Laney
Ronald Nash
David Mundy
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