GOD's free market commerce is pure merit, rewarding
honest effort-endeavour-work thru most vocations,
ridding itself of indolence, inefficiencies, immorality, to
produce greater resources for superior goods-services,
as it applies GOD's laws and principles.
GOD will draw, qualify, employ, His work force of moral,
true Bible believers,
for His 7 entities and subsidiaries, fully applying Ps127:1,
as GOD's radical commerce system is His Mind in motion,
for His rule, for His flock, for His witness, for His glory, as
effects His immense mountian of grace.
GOD qualifies each CCCInc. participant thru His dictated
Bible tests, to enter, then annually to remain, receiving an
ID code Rev13:17,
enabling $ income, soon thru His digital $ system
for utmost security, as CCCInc never holds personal
information, each one is an independent contractor,
responsible for their own gov't liabilities Mat22:21.
GOD continues His pattern 2x11 grace-judgement,
3x7 completely, funding His qualified participants,
worthy workers, not immoral beggars, 2Thes3, as
in Exodus Mat14 Mat15 Acts18:3, etc, obeying
Exod20:9 Deut5:13
Mat19:17 Heb5:9.
[Ps127:1 - Printable version]
GOD's new thing Is42:9 Is43:19 Jer31:22 Jer33:14 is replacing the
immoral with moral, true Bible believers, qualified by GOD,
as man merely perpetuates evil, as in 2 billion Zech11:1-11 sent
to 2Pet2:4,9 in April2020, to clear the house of all false
confessors retaining a remnant.
GOD promised to rebuild the house Amos9:11 Acts15:16, with
the key Is22:20-22 Rev3:7 taken back from satan, seen
in Zech3; 4; 6 the Branch Jer23; 33, Christ the Vine Jn15 with
holy branches 1Jn2:6; 3:6 to be His 7 entities directors, with
the 3rd level at Rev2:26,27.
GOD promised awesome works Mic7:15, the Red Sea x 1 million,
as GOD builds thousands of entities into His commerce system,
to rule the world in peace, His global kingdom Rom14:17,
His final 3 part church, seen thru Is Jer Rev, etc, then the end,
12 x 17,000 yrs Gen1:26,27-Rev19:21.
GOD promised a few in Gen1:2 Tit1:2 will join His Is9:7,
Prov8:22-31 Rom8:29 Eph1:3-5,11 1Jn2 His Godhead Rom1:20
witness to the world Col2:9, part of His cloud Lk21:27 Heb12:1,22,23,
while 70%-90% of humanity copy Gen4, fugitives, vagabonds,
of their own free choice, failing Gen4:7.
GOD, in '83, called me to follow, not knowing His intent for me,
just "trust Him," to slowly (36yrs) 1Cor4, learn His will for me,
learning His word, will for the last days, seeing constant
filth, the impolite truth of sinful man and his end,
Ps73:12-17 Rom6:23 truth.
7 years to 2028, then 9 years to 2037
GOD's cloud on earth, especially His top level, become His Obad17,18, akin
to John Mat3:3, sharing GOD's word thru hate and threats, yet
refusing to be offended, loving and forgiving all things,
to copy Christ Jesus, hence blood and pain to retain
GOD's love, grace, power to continue.
GOD's cloud on earth is being trained to become His Rev11,
GOD-Father and Son, Law and Prophet(s),
joining Christ now as He conquers for 7yrs, Rev6:1,2, into
the fulness of His rule,
equally, the fulness of their work.
GOD's cloud explains GOD's agenda, as His elements shake the earth,
as in Is2:19 then Is2:21, effecting chaos and turmoil for immoral
and healthy challenges for the moral Bible believers, all part
of GOD's separating process to build His new church Acts15:16,
with His 7 entities, globally.
GOD's cloud loves GOD Deut6:5, loving all things of GOD, seen
and unseen Is45:7 Rom8:28, so His elements are our friends
for His purposes, bringing justice against evil and growth
for His moral Bible believers 2Pet1, that a few also enter
into GOD's holy, earthly cloud.
GOD's cloud believes and shares Deut28, obey for blessings,
disobey for curses, GOD's loving truth, rarely, if ever, taught in
satan's church over 2000yrs, yet clearly qualified in-thru
Rom1:16-2:16 1Tim1:5-11 Rev21:7,8 Rev22:14,15 for all to see,
yet most choose to be ignorant.
GOD's true cloud submits, knowing deep down in our soul, we must
copy Christ Mk14:34 Lk22:42 into-thru Jn19 hourly, daily,
to finish the course, all the way, no matter the blood and pain,
to be worthy to sit on His knee Is66:12 into Rev5:9,10 forever,
all thru Christ Jesus love, grace, power,
also into
extreme forgiveness as Jesus and Stephen.
GOD's cloud of past saints, like 1Sam28:15, were released when
Jesus conquered death Col2:15, then fulfilled Eph4:8, after
His resurrection, their spirits entered GOD's holy city, while
other past saints were raised from the dead, to visit
Jerusalem Mat27:52,53.
GOD's cloud today emulates His cloud thru Exodus, His Spirit
then, today His Spirit and saints, to comfort, guide, teach
His flock of true Bible believers, on our journey thru life,
fully living Rom12:1,2, to prove worthy, while praying for
millions upon millions in CCCInc.
GOD's cloud of heavenly and earthly warriors ride with Christ Rev6,
into and thru His rule, til Rev18:4, the end of Rev20:6, then all
are heavenly warriors, with Dan12:1 Rev18:1 Rev20:1-3 in 2037,
the close of GOD's commerce system, CCCInc, lights out by
the final departing elders.
GOD's cloud diligently shares-teaches GOD's law-truth,
per Ex20 Lev23 concerning GOD's sanctified 7th day Gen2:2,3,
also GOD's true passover Lev23:4-7, Jn19 was Wednesday Abil14,
with Mat12:40, Wed to Sat, dusk to dusk.
GOD is expanding His separating process, moral from immoral,
using the new Covid, Is2:21 Feb'21 COVID21, that moral ones
will seek jobs in CCCInc, while the immoral face justice
into expanding poverty, perpetuated by gov't evil laws
and easy welfare $,
all part of
Deut28 obey for blessing, disobey for curses, Rom1:16-2:16,
in particular
Deut11:26-28 Deut28:47,48.
GOD, 3500yrs ago, set these simple rules in place, for
us to live a respectable lifestyle, but few obeyed,
with 70-90% choosing to live satan's way into
poor food, poor health, indolent lifestyles into more
disease and avoidable deaths.
GOD continually shows this to me, Franciscans wasting
good, healthy food, thrown into the bin, feeding us
junk, but GOD has me glean outside for my food,
while, no doctors since 1983.
GOD is showing, again how Christ is pushing the likes
of Amway into new healthy foods, while CCCInc will
advance nutrition information/education, for more
healthy eating, to rid us of many modern diseases,
as GOD establishes
His food based health care system, addressing bio
deficiencies, person to person, akin to earlier Wellness
groups the gov't closed down to placate evil companies
all as Christ and His cloud ride Lk21:27 Rev6 to fulfill Acts15:16.
GOD, today, had me explain His covid plans to Joe of Metra, of which,
he knows a person fighting to live, seemingly moral, so I said
she may have a generational curse Deut5:9, something few
believe and consider in GOD's law, truth, justice system,
all proving the ignorance in satan's church.
GOD's patterns are lit up for moral Bible believers in the
Chi Tribune Jan20, 22 disasters thru 2020, one $11 billion alone
travelling 770 miles, all in His 5+6 grace+judgement patterns,
with 7 as complete and all Acts5:11 works using His creation
elements, seen and unseen, as COVID21.
GOD, many times, said the silly mask does not stop Him, such
foolishness adds to the immorality, who, when, where and why
are all His choosing, as with the vaccine, stupid, GOD can
and will double the side effects, if and as He decides, all
part of justice, that no one can avoid-escape.
GOD's full participants will obey His call, many into
"tentmaking," a term for supporting self and others, as
Paul in Acts18:3, for business-ministry, as in Amway's
new food distribution, Africa, etc, to the world, to counter
lust and greed by junk food marketers.
GOD's healthy food process, thru His commerce system, will
strengthen immune systems naturally and reverse DNA, to
eliminate many modern diseases, that His flock prosper, in
spirit and flesh, an aspect of Mat6:33, to advance-fund
all of CCCInc 7 entities.
GOD's full participants in CCCInc will believe and obey Gen4:7
and Lev19:17,18 to help self and others quit sin, into free from
Rom6:18,22 or overcome 1Jn3:6; 5:4,18,20 or saved from Mat1:21,
never fully taught in satan's church,
yet essential to confirm-save the soul Acts14:22 2Thes2:13 1Pet1:9,
ongoing sin is death
Ezek18:4,20 Mat10:28.
GOD's full forgiveness is in Christ Jesus Col2:11-14 1Cor1:30,
as satan's church teaches,
1Jn1:7 says walk, 1Jn1:9 says may,
as only saints receive all GOD's gifts, which are in Him,
Jesus Christ-GOD.
GOD's dictated truth began in 1984, to counter satan's lies
and myths, thru 2000yrs, from Acts20:29,30 1Jn2:18,19,
sharing and writing til 2021, yet few believe GOD's word,
GOD's new covenant Is59 Jer31 from Dec2017 and GOD's new thing,
is drawing true Bible believers
into His Ps12:6 Is28:9-13 pure teaching church,
the final assembly of
Jesus Christ-GOD.
GOD will, more and more, show His true moral flock of Bible
believers, how to love His creation, truly Himself in
action, in motion 24/7, the birds, the wind, everything
is GOD Almighty,
Jesus Christ.
GOD showed me His joy, when I saw Paris burning,
His joy overwhelmed me, to the tune of "the last time
I saw Paris, it was brightly burning," in Apr'19,
in that GOD's outcome, He saw, to much joy, as His
Acts5:11 worked Is45:7 for good.
GOD, today, reminded me and took me to Jer32, to
see His joy in action, effecting His gathering of
true Bible believers, thru His Acts5:11 works of love
and grace, Jer32:41, rain now-sun soon, for His
true flock of Bible believers.
GOD's heart and soul work is effecting "Babylon, a golden
cup in His hand" Jer51:7, from May2020 in spirit,
soon the sunny flesh will be seen, as His true flock moves
into His 7 entities CCCInc, as our friends, His elements
expand-extend, globally, His Acts5:11 works.
GOD's cloud will join His joy as He Ps127:1 His 7 entities, globally,
as He is now explaining, a form of joint worship, deep in
our hearts, a joint love of His divine creation at work,
of which Paul alluded 2Cor12:4, which join Rev10:7 today,
for His tiny few.
GOD had me carefully note the typical meals at 2715, on Jan 21,
morning. a Starbucks b'fast sandwich with egg white, some nutrition.
noon. one sandwich with a piece of fruit, min. nutrition.
supper. skimpy portion of chicken and rice, some nutrition.
Starbucks donated, fresh, healthy items, 90%, thrown away.
By 7pm many still hungry, yet several donations, in bin,
the cook is too lazy to open and serve fresh donations,
while people in Chicago and elsewhere are looking for food.
GOD, in Deut28:47,48, clearly condemns-qualifies the above
as evil doings, by the Franciscans, given ample to feed
the lockdown community, but wasting GOD's supply,
GOD's justice in His time and way, to witness to others,
GOD's Acts5:11 works are justice and to jolt some to respect, that
may save a few and lesson the coming terror of Rom1:18,
Zech13:8 become joined to Zech11:1-11,
GOD's new FOA will be led by Zech13:9 Mal3:2,3 into
1Pet2:5,9 2Pet1:4,12 1Jn3:6-10,24; 5:18,20 to be
true saints of Christ,
Jesus the Branch Jer23; 33 Zech3; 4; 6, Jesus the Vine
with true holy branches Jn15.
GOD's Inspired Companies will be overseen by Alexander Poole,
with GOD appointing a CEO for each one, thru His Is9:7 or cloud,
with each CEO-director qualified at Jn15 level, with CCCInc ID code,
with each IC having Jn14 level management teams, with ID codes,
all thru GOD's dictated tests.
GOD's superior MMP is His dictated Bible testing process, annually,
to qualify every CCCInc. participant, into any of His 7 entities,
that all learn Bible 101 truth, Gen-Rev, all 70 books, Eph4:13a
the unity of faith, the true way, 1Cor12:3 level or Eph3:16, that
CCCInc fully counters satan's lies and myths,
as in satan's ruse,
having people pray to him for the dead,
NOT of GOD Almighty Mat8:22 Heb9:27.
GOD will lead CCCInc participants into new endeavours, ideas,
methods, trading partners, etc, as He alone Ps127:1 His commerce
system into a complex network to help mankind, while
supporting His true flock of workers 2Thes3, NOT the
world of beggars.
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