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GOD's healthy, moral workers
GOD's continuous Acts5:11 works will supply a moral work force,
for GOD's free|market 7 entities,
that head His complex corporate structure around the world,
producing superior goods and services, to benefit all humanity,
using GOD's free|market principles, in free|market zones, globally,
sharing GOD's Bible truth to enhance efficiency and productivity.
GOD alone qualifies His moral workers thru His dictated Bible test,
then requalify annually,
to retain their CCInc ID code, to maintain their job-benefits,
thus ensuring the highest quality work force,
with Bible based virtues
optimum corporate profitability.
GOD's new ways are His promises thru Isaiah and Jeremiah,
Is42:9 Is43:19 Jer31:22 Jer33:14
along with
GOD's new covenants in Is59 Jer 31 Dan9, from Dec2017,
to empower His 7 entities, spirt and flesh works,
all part of GOD's agenda from Gen1:2 Prov8:22-31 Prov9:1
into Is4:1; 11:15 Zech3 and 4 1Jn2 from the beginning,
Rom8:29 Eph1:3-5,11 into Rev1:4,20 Rev3:1 Rev4:5 Rev5:6.
GOD's marketplace principles
Bible 101
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CCCInc. Home Page
GOD's healthy, moral workers
GOD, from May2020, began gathering His outer, inner, holy, to form
His initial workforce, in spirit, yet to qualify in flesh, Ps127:1,
thru His dictated Bible tests on Christian Corporate Concepts Inc.
web site,
as GOD sees the intent-motive in the heart, to work or not, as
most of humanity carry the mark of Cain, lazy drifters Gen4,
while Abel worked to do well, offering firstfruits in respect, to GOD,
2 billion Cain types have been vanquished to spirit chains 2Pet2.
GOD's remaining +5billion, gives Him ample to choose from, for
His multi-vocational workforce of healthy minds and bodies, who
live moral lifestyles, willing to work a solid week, per His basic 10,
to attain and retain His spirit blessings,
by His immense mountain of grace and mercy, during Is65:1-16.
GOD is showing His true flock, the increasing Cain type rebellion,
that is sweeping the globe, all an outflow of rejecting GOD's law,
no respect-love for fellow humans, into like response, into strife,
which is destroying society, so GOD's new choice.
GOD's healthy, moral workforce, thru GOD's commerce, will
strive to live and work, to respect-love all humans, in
every attempt, one on one, to break the Cain cycle-nature,
in too many, globally,
in simple words, sharing-living-working,
the Christ Jesus message,
love your neighbour.
GOD's few will live and work, to fulfil GOD's call, to fuller, higher,
ways of Christ Jesus.
CCCInc. Home Page
GOD's healthy, moral workers
GOD, thru history, has judged all of society, based on collective
sin or the immoral majority lawlessness, even so, today, we
collectively "kill babies" and stand in equal offence against GOD,
the only way out, is total sanctification, personally, Rom 6 free,
but few indeed attain 1Jn3:6,9.
GOD, in His word, qualifies this, Numb33:51-56 Jer9:25,26,
clearly calling us to fuller, higher law,
to be set free of sin.
GOD is calling His true flock, to live and work Lev19:17,18 Eph4:15,
whereby we lovingly rebuke lawlessness, of our fellow, in every
attempt to turn them from sin, that we do not bear that sin,
having faith, before GOD, that we are absolved of other's sin,
a love and faith walk Gal5:6.
GOD's harder-higher call may turn some Cain types to peace,
away from anger, bias, hate, laziness, they may even seek
more productive work for self and family, all is possible, thru
GOD's immense mountain of grace,
as He works thru His flock.
GOD's hardest-highest call is to His saints, to continue in love-faith,
to grow into His 3rd level saints, to become true world changers,
producing superior goods and services to benefit all mankind,
as we tap into GOD's mind for higher tech,
in many fields of endeavour,
that GOD witnesses,
His Almighty power, thru His love and grace,
fulfilling Ps83:18,
Christ Jesus name as the Most High GOD.
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