From: S.
To: Alex Poole
Date: Sun, July 7, 2002 22:54:44 +0200

Peace of Jesus Christ be with you all!
Dear Brother Alex,
It has been a while after I established the contact with CCC and was able to communicate with Robert thanking to your kind help. Hope that the grace of the LORD is upon all of you and the whole CCC ministry. Please, on your convenience, pass this letter to Robert and, if possible, drop me a word.
This time here in Germany has been very valuable for me. Firstly, GOD has shown me the piece of dirt which I have to clean. Secondly, HE crossed me with numerous people from India to whom I tried to present the Gospel. This, however, was not an easy task and I have learnt much from this experience. Thirdly, there is an English-speaking evangelical gathering to which the LORD appointed me to preach several times already and at least one more time is ahead, LORD's willing. I would need your prayer support for all these struggles of my life here and have to tell you, that I do consult the CCC pages ones in a while and will do more before my next preaching.
I also need your prayers for the problems with adoption of a little girl from the orphanage into the Christian family in the city of Lviv, Ukraine.
Lastly, I have to ask you in the name of Jesus to be very careful with placing the secular newspaper articles which sound like political propaganda on the web-pages of CCC unless the biblical comment is given. For instance on the page...'s_Way.html#US placed an article "A man on a mission" BY MORTIMER B. ZUCKERMAN, U.S. News & World Report, March 18, 2002. Looking from purely humane perspective, the article gives the glory to the sinful man, not to GOD, it speaks the fleshly language like "America alone has the power" (not GOD), "we must get them before they get us" ("them" - seems to be any number of human lives - language of a killer, not a Christ's follower), "Bush and his team are determined to rid the world of Saddam Hussein" (not Ef 6:12). The article ends up with "Amen" and stands in complete dissonance to the biblical teaching of CCC.
In the beginning of the web-page, however, there is a statement...
GOD in love always warns us prior to His terrible acts 2Pet2, whether thru the forces of nature (fire, quake, storm), thru disease, thru evil man (9-11), then comes His sword work Ps45 Rev18.
The title of the page "Freedom's Way" if referred to the political system is also non-biblical. If we were able to ask those 40,000,000 INNOCENT countrymen murdered in the US about "Freedom" we'd probably hear something different.


Also, 2Pet2:9-11 and Rom13:1-7 speaks not about democratic governments, but about all governments, including S. Hussein.
9-11 ...and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished: but chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities, whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, bring not railing accusation against them before the Lord.
Now, another web-page... also almost 100% political and thus unbiblical. It's called "Democratic Culture" - both words never used by Jesus, though He spoke of "tradition of men" Mt15:3 which is exactly what this "democratic culture" is. Actually the mentioning of democracy is done in Daniel where it is compared to clay which has to be destroyed by the rock (GOD). This clay isn't any better than the iron, silver or gold (i.e. other forms of government). So GOD will judge the clay governments (clay being a symbol of man).
Ps33:12 (mentioned on this page) speaks of the nation  WHOSE GOD is THE LORD. US is not that nation and it does not stand under GOD, but under Bush and under its own military and financial power which is its security and salvation.
Also, the web page states that...
GOD's freedom principles "naturally" flow into democratically elected governments,
Where in the Bible is this statement? You know the answer.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ speaks much about freedom in Jn 8. Democracy does not give this freedom which Jesus is speaking about and we are to spread the teaching of Jesus, not of some political party. The language "rebel-war against elected governments" contradicts the "support global terror" which speaks of the UN, also government. So, please do not go into political analysis because you do not have all the facts and you are not suppose to judge the governments, for Jesus did not do that.
Hope these remarks are communicated in love and in truth and done for the sole purpose - to glorify the LORD in the search for His truth.
Blessings of GOD be upon all of you.
Yours truly in Christ Jesus,

To: Slav Hirnyj
From: Robert Bristow
Date: Sunday, July 21, 02
Re: Your July 7th, 2002 e-mail

Dear Slav,
Your July 7th, 02 e-mail

Praise GOD for His ongoing work in you. GOD has me constantly pray for your work-soul. Thank you for your comments concerning sections of the CCCInc web-site.
Part A
a) Rest assured, the USA is being dealt with by the LORD, His sword work was mentioned in our letter to Jerry Weaver dated Mar 11th, '01 see files:
Harold Eatmon
GOD's message to Lisa
b) Spiritual Freedom is GOD's way to soul salvation and eternal union with Him thru 1Jn1:7 into 3:6,9, see Man's will and other files, GOD's truth sets us free:
CCCIncpage4SuppB.html 5 references in the Business section.
c) GOD established, in His agenda, only recently, a form of world govn't to help eliminate abuse, tyranny, war. GOD used the Christians to carry His freedom or love gospel around the globe, as love offers democracy or freedom, not war.
GOD keeps the collective conscience in His control, so He is in absolute Sovereign Command over all powers.
GOD still allows free will, so all nations are evil in His sight, and suffer the consequences of sin in due time, Rom1:18.
GOD, for years, has kept me focused on Him, an Australian (non-political) in the world, striving to free people and nations of all evil; spiritually 1st, global liberty 2nd.
d) GOD insists we pray for the nations, and share the love gospel to all, that thru this sharing GOD may convict (against) many individual rulers, nations and war-like people.
GOD wants an active (not passive) faith work.
e) GOD's examples of this are Jesus, Stephen, Paul, Peter, who shared, witnessed His love gospel to the point of death. Today, the LORD is clearly saying preach-teach against killing + slavery, yet both continue globally, see GOD is perfect love

GOD's love gospel essentially demands we do all never to harm another, even dying (in the flesh) before raising our hand. With this in mind, GOD taught me His love gospel applies to the world government systems and to share absolute truth about His preferred way, the outreach "Freedom's Way" to free the world.
GOD well knows most countries are tyrannies and the push from others; gov't, commerce, church can change opinions and facilitate freedom, tho GOD alone really does the work of changing governments into democracies as He did in England, USA, later the Continent, then others.
Note: Yugoslavia + Rwanda both failed in '94 to love - see latter day covenant-SuppD
f) GOD's love gospel also should be witnessed thru Christian businesses, so He is establishing Christian commercial ventures, see Companies
g) GOD in flesh, Jesus, was not recorded to speak on many sins from abortion to war, but His love gospel speaks loudly on these.
GOD has never restricted His Spirit work from enhancing, expanding all possible applications of His love gospel, so truly all encompassing; never unbiblical, as it applies to everything.
h) We respect you may differ on some points, but please keep in mind, the LORD's terror started upon me in 1975, then He anointed me in '82, then planted-sealed me in '84, to do a hard job of 100% sacrifice of all things. He is GOD and will effect His will thru CCCInc.
GOD called me in '83 to follow. I am essentially unschooled; commenced work at 17, lived in 4 countries, working in transportation for 22 years. Then in '83 quit to follow + obey.
GOD, from '84, has dictated His ideas + proved everything with His holy word, His love gospel, the Spirit ever bearing witness.
GOD has proved that CCCInc. is His will and I have tested every word, sentence, letter, file before publishing, to ensure all of Christ Jesus + not a satanic hoax.
GOD has proved my faith thru the years in His work to complete each + every task to retain His presence, His Spirit guarantee 1Cor9:27 2Cor1:20-22; 5:5 Heb3:6-4:11 1Jn3:9,24 etc.
GOD will show you thru prayer + fasting that our web-site is totally of His agenda, bearing in mind His parousia is His literal power + glory work of Christ Jesus.
Yours thru Christ Jesus
love, Robert