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Christian Community Companies Inc.
is a wholly owned subsidiary of Christian Community Churches Inc., to
operate solely for, and controlled by Christian Community Churches Inc. Delaware USA for Bible teaching, business training
and supplying products and services in accordance with Biblical precepts Is11; 12; 25-27; 40-45; 48-55; 60-66; Jer23:1-8; 30;
31; 33; Ezek34; 36; 37:15-28; Micah3:8-5:6 in love, 1Cor13, through Bible believing associate organizations with staff and
volunteers qualified through GOD's word, Acts24:14-16 James1:27; 1John2:22; 4:1-3, having completed personal Bible study
number two and tithing one tenth to Christian Community Churches Inc. in Chicago, Bombay, Capetown, Hong Kong,
London, Mexico City or Sydney Malachi3:6-12; Mat17:27.
The corporation By-laws are without amendment into perpetuity, forever, to be enforced by the Elders and Directors
forever, Rom8:1-23 2Cor4:11-8:9 1Thes1-2Thes3 Heb1-11 1John2:6; 3-5 Rev5:1-8:12; 11; 16:15-20; 17:14; 19; 20 with all
associate organizations' management, staff and volunteers subject to said Bible references and By-laws based upon official
Christian Community Churches Inc. translations and Bible tests. All future Elders and Directors or Trustees will be appointed
by existing Elders and Directors and only if qualified by Christian Community Churches Inc. official Bible tests at the
overcomer level. So all 7 CCCInc. companies and all associate organizations are strictly controlled by
qualified Christian Community Churches Inc. Elders and Directors.
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Christian Community Companies Inc.
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GOD's Seven Candlesticks
GOD's true businesses are directed by His beloved level
as Moses and Paul, 100% led by the Spirit, as Christ Rom8:29;
and Jn15 level, the minor prophets Eph3:17b-19a; 4:13c.
GOD's true businesses are managed by His Jn14 level,
obeying His given agenda thru the directors to grow;
into Christ Eph4:15 1Jn2, into overcomers 1Jn3:9; 5 Rev2; 3.
GOD's true businesses obey His voice Heb3:6-6:11 to ensure:
all products and services manifest His love gospel;
all mankind is affected thru Babylon, His golden cup Jer51:7.
GOD's true businesses fund all 7 CCCInc. companies work
in church, arts, medical, rehab, schools, etc., so
His promises
 to establish and grow His family.
GOD's true businesses produce pure ethics or godly virtues
or Holy Spirit enhanced free enterprises, as controlled by
GOD-given freedom to follow and obey GOD's truth;
never fully attained in authorities or capitalistic entities
which coerce or compel an outward virtue or illusion to
piety, so never free inwardly or outwardly to love all;
which are GOD's virtues thru His entities, "love for all mankind."
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GOD's Seven Candlesticks
GOD's true institutions are established by Him Ps127:1,
whether His church or arts, business, medical, rehab, schools, etc;
as He works around sinners, partly thru Jn14 level anointed-ungodly,
fully thru His Jn15 level servants and thru His beloved sons.
GOD's true institutions adhere to His agenda to qualify into
His CCCInc. global network annually, since all staff and
volunteers must individually complete His dictated Bible test
to retain their respective position (and income) Mat19:17 Heb5:9.
GOD's true institutions witness His moral love (Jn3:16) to all mankind;
ever sharing Mat5-7 Acts2-20 Rom1:16-18 enabling Spirit evangelism,
Spirit conviction into soul salvation Jn16:8-11 1Cor12:3,7,13 Col2,
Spirit manifesting into guarantee Jn14:15-26 2Cor1:20-22; 5 Gal5.
[GOD's true team, leaders]
GOD's true institutions: whether business,
church, hospital, school, etc.,:
(a)only employ Bible believers,
proven annually;
(b)teach Jesus 7 days a week
in mandatory Bible studies
Ps119 Acts5:42; 15:16;
(c)offer products, services to support life,
teach love and truth Gal5; 6.
CCCInc. Home Page
Christian Community Churches Inc.

Christian Community Churches Inc.
Elders, directors
1 of 4
Jan '97
Christian Community Churches Inc. and affiliates own and operate 7 CCCInc.
companies thru 7 global cities, promised by GOD: Is9:7; 32:1 Tobit14:5
Jer23; 33 Amos9:11 Hag2:20-23 Mic5:5 Zech3;4 Acts15:16
Eph1:1-14; 5:27 Rev1:20; 3:7-13; 17:9.
CCCInc. 7 companies will network qualified Bible believers offering
group and personal Bible studies to grow a few into GOD's true people:
3rd part Zech13:9, saved Mat1:21, separate 2Cor6, walk as Him 1Jn2:6,
sin not 1Jn3:6, born of Him 1Cor1:30 1Jn3:9.
CCCInc. 7 companies effect GOD's rule Jer23:5b Lk1:33 Dan2:40-45
Rev2:27; 11:3-13 thru daily Bible study Ps119 Acts5:42 and Bible tests
for all participants or Lk19:27... as obedience, love, faith are essential:
Ex20 Deut11:26-28 Mat19:17 Heb5:9 or 12:15.
CCCInc. 7 companies' management must be self-employed volunteers as Paul
Acts18:3; 20:18-35 giving, not stealing 2Thes3:6-12 that GOD's kingdom is
witnessed globally Is65; 66 Rev; all GOD's work Ps127:1 thru His true
servants Mk10:39 Lk12:50 Rom6 as Christ Phil2.
 Robert Bristow, Chicago
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Christian Community Companies Inc.
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Christian Community Companies Inc.
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Inspired Distributing
   •GOD Commands us to Save the Environment
   •Full Value Products, Corporate Leadership, and Responsible Manufacturing,
     note information to GE Transportation Systems, Caterpillar, Timken and others:
   •Maxilube Anti-Friction Metal Treatment Product Information Packet: HTML / PDF (3.8MB)
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GOD insists that we operate on the basis of Phil2:17, whereby we sacrifice and serve others, with the end result of 50% of all R.O.I. being returned to the church for schools, hospitals, rehab, etc. (see Church Funding)