GOD, Is9:6, NOW
GOD the WORD spoke of His flesh coming, constantly in/thru the
prophets, the Branch, the King, the Son, even the Child Is7:14,
then later Peter speaks of the Christ, then coming in 2Pet1:16-18,
as does John, speaking of the flesh coming (past) in 2Jn7, yet,
evil, false teachers, totally confuse
the Holy Bible truth, concerning Christ Jesus parousia-return.
GOD the Word in Zech3:8,9 speaks of the Messiah and His 7,
Prov9:1 Is4:1; 11:15 Mic5:5 Rev1:4,20; 3:1; 4:5; 5:6; 13:1 spirit
heavenly and earthly entities, for His end times work, thru
His Spirit Zech4:6,10,
GOD’s spirit work, thru the Holy Spirit, parousia.
GOD the Christ, the Son, confirmed in Mat16:27 His parousia,
then in Mat24:30 He said, with clouds 1Thes3:13 Heb12:1 Rev17:14,
with power and great glory, His spirit parousia-return, already,
began in 1948, the Messiah’s work in Is11:11,
“the Lord shall set His hand again the second time,” to copy
Moses 3x40yrs and 3 kings, 3x40yrs, Acts13:21 1Kings2:11 and 11:42,
already seen by a few Jn14:15-23(19 see Me) as Lk21:27 is in spirit NOW.
GOD’s true Jn14 and 15 levels see GOD at work, sorting-separating,
marking continuously Rev13:16, using Acts5:11-Mat24:7 works,
either moral or Cain types, to fill His house Lk14:23 with workers,
GOD’s spirit work in progress,
His parousia-return, til
GOD’s Acts15:16 Rev3:7; 16:19; 18:4(1Thes4:16,17) into Rev19 into 20:6,
leaving the immoral Cain types and Zech13:8 1Jn3:8 for Rev19:11-21.
GOD’s final judgement is Rev1:7; 20:7-15, either to light or dark.
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GOD's spirit work from Is11, then 36yrs later, began Is1:18; 4:1; 11:15,
with His 1984 dictated prayer, akin to Dan9, to set up the earthly
parts of GOD's Is9:6,7, for His spirit work from 1988 to 2068,
while most were blind, to GOD's grace in 1989, over the world, by
totally failing to thank GOD, Jer9:23,24,
hence, 5 is grace,
GOD's grace was lifted from the world in 1994, as His sign,
as evil spread,
GOD's true believers, see the micro of the coming macro, globally.
GOD's work in spirit and flesh, is joining Dan7:24 and Zech11:8 to
be 3,000yrs or 60 jubilees, from David 970BC + 2028, when Christ
Jesus has Is 22:20-22 Amos9:11 Acts15:16 Rev3:7 Lk14:23 done,
is sitting in full power on His throne, 2x17yrs from 1994, also 30 yrs
after incorporating His 7 entities,
also being 2x11yrs, from 1998 to May2020,
when GOD began copying Acts2, AD36,
to officially begin
Acts15:16 Rev3:7.
GOD's spirit work of April17-1Pet4:17, from 2018, has already
vanquished 2 billion souls, to spirit chains 2Pet2:4,9,
as useless, false believers,
as part of satan's global assemblies, totally failing GOD's grace,
leaving +5billion on earth, for GOD to draw moral ones,
into believing the Holy Bible,
and join His final assemblies on earth,
and join His moral workforce, for His 7 entities, globally.
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Christian Community Churches Inc.
GOD is showing me how Ps83 fits with Is10, in that GOD's enemies
are the global evil doers, Assyrians are the immoral majority,
billions of Cain types, against GOD and His laws and His people,
tho GOD allows-uses them
GOD, in Is10:27, shows us this is the time, Is10:20-23, which
fits with Is23:15-17, 70yrs after Is11:11, being May2018,
also it fits with Mic5:5, Is9:6,7 with His 7 entities, now,
so Is9:6 is effecting
the return of Jacob's seed Is65:9.
GOD, the same GOD as yesterday, is the Almighty Christ Jesus Ps83:18,
shaking the earth Is2:19,21, to sort and separate moral types,
drawing them to join His true flock of Bible believers, the
last, great gathering,
1st Moses, 2nd Acts3:1-4:12, 3rd now.
GOD, many years ago, said the last gathering will be a remnant,
of 10% of around 8 billion, globally, who believe His Holy Bible,
the final book of 70, Gen-Rev, believe and obey His basic 10,
with some striving harder - higher,
into GOD's new choice.
GOD's outer, inner, holy, Ps1:5 1Pet4:18 Rev16:19 assemblies,
will witness spirit worship, with dedicated quiet prayer times,
to seek GOD's voice Ps95, that we may truly enter His rest,
even into Ps91:1,
to become His new, spirit Zion,
now, today.
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