GOD's new choice
GOD had me read Gen4, about Cain and Abel, several times,
trying to understand why Cain’s offering was not respected,
after much prayer GOD showed me “do well” is work, then
later GOD said “firstfruits,” Abel offered the firstfruits
of his labour, where as Cain offered any old fruit, no labour,
GOD respected Abel’s offering, but did not respect Cain’s offering,
Abel showed diligence and respect to GOD, Cain showed none,
Cain received in return, what he gave, no respect,
which then led to anger, hate, killing – as we see today.

GOD kept saying, the USA culture is immoral, the strife is
the moral ones respect-love, which draws the same back,
the GOD haters do not respect-love, then complain about
other’s response, which leads to anger, bias, hate, etc.,
we see, demonstrations of evil, not peace, then greater evil
the Cain culture, destroying, looting, killing, society.

GOD is allowing satan to stir up trouble, to give moral ones
a clear choice, step away, join GOD’s way, join His flock,
GOD is sorting-separating,
a remnant of moral ones into believing His Holy Bible,
to join Acts15:16 Rev3:7, His final church, globally.

GOD is also giving all a mark, a moral mark, others, the mark of Cain,
Rev13:16, thought and deed, Is59:18.
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GOD is showing His moral Bible believers, the clear separation,
whether Covid19 or society’s reaction to overt abuse,
the moral and immoral is in Rom2:7 or Rom2:8 into 2:9,
with moral minds at ease, an inner comfort, clear conscience,
knowing GOD is their help, Rom2:10.
GOD sees all and judges by our lifestyle, not by our assembly, as
too many in church, gov’t, society, live contrary to His basic 10,
too many hate GOD Deut5, hate His people, hate His ways of life,
so the vast majority carry the moral mark of Cain, by their choice,
anger, bias, hate, laziness, all of which,
slowly destroys-kills,
the spirit and soul.
GOD shows us the inner anguish, of prominent people on TV,
in turmoil, cannot function, irrational, mentally unstable,
at wit’s end, the USA Cain culture, in plain sight to moral
people, the minority, who carry the unfair burden of evil laws,
abominable conduct, social-economic destruction,
all due to
the immoral majority accepting crime as normal-preferred.
GOD, in Gen4:7, plainly tells Cain, “sin lies at the door, but
you should rule over it,” giving us a clear choice,
then Jesus plainly said, “sin no more,” Jn5:14; 8:11, twice,
then Jam4:7” submit to GOD. Resist the devil and he will flee,”
all telling us, we have power, will power, to cease sin and
Do Good, if we choose, Rom2:7-10, most,
“cannot cease from sin...cursed...forsaken the right way,”
GOD’s outreach to the Gentiles, by Christ Jesus, began in AD17, for
4 x 500yr periods, to Dec2017, to complete the Reformation,
with them breaking His covenant, rejecting His teaching,
remaining useless, false believers, fit for slaughter, to die,
2 billion, Zech11:1-11, apart from a remnant of Jn14-15,
which GOD reserved for His new Acts15:16 Rev3:7; 16:19,
being 8mths to Aug2018, then 3x7 mths to May2020, to copy Acts2.
GOD has +5 billion souls, from which, to choose a moral
remnant, for His final church, His global assembly,
for His Bible believing work force, for His 7 entities, globally,
Prov9:1 Is4:1; 11:15 Zech3:9; 4:10 Mic5:5 Rev1:4,20; 3:1; 4:5; 5:6; 13:1,
to fulfill His spirit and flesh agenda of His parousia, 3x40yrs,
by His immense mountain of grace,
that a few Heb7:3 see His face.
GOD had me praying over Ps17:15 and Ps27:8, to confirm,
also, the beloved-sons level, when GOD said, “1Jn3:2 is
not self-sacrifice, but obedient sacrifice, His choosing,”
how and when, as Christ Jesus, who, when living Ps22,
suddenly heard, “You have ascended on high" Ps68:18,
Jesus then said, “You have answered Me“ Ps22:21,
in response to GOD the Word, in heaven, to the Son, Is9:6.
GOD then explained this, further, to say many choose to be
poor, thinking they are serving GOD, no, they are lazy fools,
pretending to serve, rather than diligent workers,
these are the lazy Cain types, having no true respect for GOD,
GOD sees the heart, so they receive the mark of Cain Rev13:16.
GOD makes this clear in Phil2:12 work, in 2Pet1:10 diligent.
GOD’s outreach today, from May2020, is Christ Jesus drawing
from +5 billion,  Jews or Gentiles,  anyone, willing to work,
work the mind, work the body, 2Thes3,
study the Holy Bible, to learn the truth, reject the lies of 2,000 yrs,
work to live a moral lifestyle, a GOD-given right, from the heart,
GOD’s way is simple, work to respect-love Him and others,
work to be healthy, fit in mind and body, eat and sleep right,
work or volunteer in moral activities that support humanity,
that uphold, teach, witness, GOD’s basic 10, or $ or keep 1Cor9,
that we love and support family, friends and society, that thru
GOD’s 7 entities we copy His ways, Mat14; 15 Acts2-20.
GOD’s simple test qualifies moral Bible believers, to join-work in,
GOD’s 7 entities, church, business, services,
to offer 24/7 counseling, superior product and services, health, schools,
even paleo farms to reverse DNA and strengthen immune systems,
to eliminate much of modern man’s ills.
GOD has millions who are appalled at today’s evil, eager
for another choice, another way, a better way, a good way,
a respectful-loving way,
that GOD’s immense mountain of grace offers,
thru GOD’s 7 entities globally.
GOD made Adam 204,000yrs ago, began their journeys
68,000yrs ago, altered each as He chose, just yesterday,
gave Moses some rules to live by, but man rejected GOD
and now faces the consequences of his evil behaviour, so
rather than closing down man’s history, GOD is offering the
moral ones a new choice,
live His way and enjoy a better life.
GOD's new ways are based on His laws of yesterday, thru Moses,
having earlier, 68,000yrs ago, given man Spirit induced law,
now, today, Lev19:17,18 and 2Chron7:14 are His based higher,
Ex20 Deut5 as foundation, into fuller, law,
love their fellow, be humble, seek His face, turn from evil,
then He will hear,
and forgive sin.
GOD, as the Creator-Owner of everything, is setting higher ways to
meet direct rule, over global commerce, by His own Spirit in
and thru His 7 entities in heaven and on earth, in spirit-flesh,
establishing a moral workforce, to honour His name, Jesus,
the Christ-Messiah, our Holy GOD, King, Redeemer, Saviour,
to all in heaven or on earth,
but too few seek His face, strive to obey Him, turn from sin,
GOD's immense mountain of grace to forgive.
GOD's fuller law, His higher ways, also His original calling, are
altogether, in His new covenant Is59 Jer31 Dan9, also thru Moses,
Deut10:12-18; 30:1-6(Jer4), now, today, in Rom2:29 Col2:9-14,
to truly Jn4:21-24, as true "salvation is of (belongs to) the Jews,"
the true Jews, in the heart, all others,
the true meaning of Rev2:9 Rev3:9 Ezek9 Rev7:3.
GOD, in Gen4:7, says, rule over sin, later, Jesus said in Jn5:14
and Jn8:11 sin no more, but few try, later, 1Jn2:1 says
sin not, a clear command, a fuller-higher way, a few
attain 1Jn3:6,9; 5:18-20, by GOD's love, grace, mercy.
GOD created mankind holy Gen1:26,27, in His image, male and female,
but man chose to counter GOD's way of life, so thereafter the sin seed,
corrupted every human, all are conceived in sin Ps51:5, except Is7:14,
Mat1:20-23 Lk1:26-35 Is9:6,
Jesus the Messiah Jn1,
with a basic mission,
to save us from sin.
GOD shows us that sin multiplied in Gen 4, in Cain, from no respect
for GOD the Creator, to anger, to hate, to killing, a huge increase,
that still permeates the world today, the base-core of strife,
man's refusal to respect his fellow, eventually leads to war,
all starting with man rejecting GOD's basic 10,
all a choice, every moment of the day.
GOD is showing us all, that most cultures are violent from conception,
millions copy Abel Gen4:10, too many are raised in violence, taking
on the sin-mark of Cain, from childhood, failures to society,
but GOD's new choice is giving,
His immense mountain of grace to all, to begin,
to change their lives,
to start respecting everyone, to step away, from Cain.
GOD's new choice is simple, change or not, our choice, as
we choose His blessing or His curse.
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