incorporated in Delaware  

effective        into
perpetuity without amendment
for Christian Community Companies Inc.
to   operate   solely   for   and   in   connection   with
Christian Community Churches Inc. Delaware for Bible teaching,
business  training  and  supplying products and services  in  accordance  with
Biblical precepts in love  through Bible believing  associate  organisations with staff and
volunteers qualified through GOD's word, 1John2:22; 4:1-3 having completed personal Bible study
number two and tithing one tenth to Christian Community Churches Inc. Delaware, Malachi3:6-12; Matthew17:27.


Christian  Community Companies Inc.  and  associate  organisations  qualify   to   participate   through  having  elected  tithing  directors
having    completed   personal   Bible   study   number    seven, tithing  management    having    completed    personal    Bible    study   number    five,
through    all    completing    Christian    Corporate    Concepts   Inc.   course   annually,   through    Bible    study   daily,   through    giving   minimum   one   half
of     return    on     investment     to     Christian    Community     Churches     Inc.      Delaware      USA.,    1Cor5:7-6:20;     9:11-10:21;     11:23-32;     12:12-13:13     Phil1-3.


Christian  Community Companies Inc. Delaware USA   board    of    directors,    minimum    three,    elected    by     existing     board     of     directors,    to    elect    all    associate    organisations'
boards   of   directors,     Numbers11-14;    Acts3-15;    three   directors    for    quorum    to    elect    and    meet    all    associate    organisations'    managements    every    Friday   publishing   balance   sheets   by
last    Thursday    monthly    for    Christian    Community    Companies     Inc.    Delaware     USA      all     through     qualifying     without     ceasing    Rom8:24-12:3    Eph4-6    1Thes1-2Thes3    Heb12; 13    Rev3:14-22; 22.

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