Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 16:53:49 -0500
Subject: Meeting with Robert 9-01-02
To: All
- GOD is, this morning, opening up His mind and speaking some clear words about Jer23:5b, wherein the Christ reigns and prospers.
- Christ prospering is showing the manifestation of His attributes to the world. Christ's attributes according to Scripture are love, peace, joy, righteousness [and you could probably name a few more].
- Where do you see these attributes in the current church?
- Christ's true church for the end times MUST copy Acts2-20 wherein spiritual prosperity is evident, manifested for many to see, Luke21:27
- GOD's hard work alone on you guys can bring forth the fullness of these attributes thru His work of judging and righteousness.
Remember.. the righteousness of revealed, being witnessed by the Law and the Prophets; demonstrate at the present time His righteousness.
So we MUST obey that Rom6:16 is evident thru us, His true church.