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Bible Prophesying
Dear Casey,
Oct 28th '99
His yoke
GOD promised to build His true church Amos9 Acts15:16 Heb8:2, and
calls His flock to new shepherds Jer23 who offer His dictated Bible studies Ez34.
GOD showed you His new church and initially you ate Mat13:5,20,21, but you
lacked true belief + obedience, so were easily led astray despite His teaching.
GOD repeatedly called you to "Come, take My yoke" Mat11:28-30, but you
rejected His holy word, so His sword work cut you from CCCInc., as Larry.
GOD's Acts15:16 was founded by Him to rescue true seekers by offering
His teaching daily or His yoke, Mat11:29 "learn from Me," but you refused.
GOD has 1000s studying His dictated letters, globally learning the full gospel,
coming to the true "unity of faith" Eph4:13a,15 till 4:24, then in His pure will.
GOD in flesh, Christ, tho having no sin, learned obedience Heb5 till coming
into the Father's full will Mk14:34,36, the true yoke which you still reject.
GOD's holy will is the yoke of overcomers that frees us from sin, but you
claim to do His will, yet still in gross sin, so putting yourself above Christ.
PS  GOD cut you from CCCInc. to learn:  unity of faith; how to obey; basic
living norms; Christian stewardship + witness; then learn to "take My yoke,"
as His holy yoke is the basis of His righteousness Rom2:13; 3; 6 to enter Him.
Note: without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil.

His yoke   Gal3:24


GOD's righteousness shows forth through a man submitting to what appear to be human ordinances (CCCInc.). GOD has made them applicable and relevant to this time period of earth. So when a man, by the Spirit, fulfills all these laws and rules, and does it joyfully, it appears he is some kind of superhuman. Well, more accurately, he's just dead. GOD is the one making the spirit alive to fulfill His laws, as the man submits to the power of GOD. And some glory comes from GOD bearing witness to many that a man can live holy and joyfully at the same time. For how can a man show forth his faith without works Rom4 Jam2? And what works are more glorifying than the ones that seem to be the most burdensome Rom12:1,2? Because of this, we delight in fulfilling the law of GOD by the Spirit, and see that the law is holy and good Rom2:13; 3:31; 7:12,22; 8.


How can a man say he is following the Spirit, if he is not fulfilling GOD's law? And if GOD reveals the highest and purest, most culturally-relevant-glorifying-to-Him law that can be revealed, and the man chooses a lesser form of law to follow, can the man say he still follows the Spirit? Nay, he is backsliding Mat7:21-23 Jn6:45,60-70, unwilling to exercise faith in pain through submitting to restricting ordinances placed on him for his own soul's sake (to kill him), and for other souls' sakes (for love), 2Cor12:15 Col1:28,29.


The law is our cross or yoke to bear, because the law is the knowledge of sin Rom3:20. Once we die on our own cross, we get to carry others' crosses Gal6:2; so in essence, we are never truly free from the law! But this is not a terror to them who know the Spirit, because He frees us from our own bondage to the law. But once our own bondage is done away, and the law of love comes, we are more bound than ever 1Cor9:16 Eph4:1a. And the foolishness of it all is that the more we are bound to the law of love, the freer we are! So Jn8:31-51 Rom6 1Jn2:4-6; 3:24.


A "dead" man in Christ is alive because his following the Spirit brings his spirit to life daily, and the law keeps his flesh in check, and the two are in harmony. The only struggle is and continues to be which one to let dominate Rom7 Gal5? Satan will always tell us there is more rest when we let our flesh dominate and feed its evil desires with sin; and GOD the Spirit and the law will always tell us the opposite. So adhering to the law and following the Spirit are both complimentary, not contradictory; one enhancing the other... because you will be dead to the one, and be able to serve both as one in newness of life. So in Christ, the two (law and Spirit, or flesh man and spirit man) are made one. It's just that the latter is the fulfillment of the former, the better way... not the abolishment of it, Gal2:19.

[see a case of Do or Die]

Be not mistaken. The newness of life does not come in its fullness by the anointing that we have received. When we serve GOD through the law, we increasingly are freed from it because it causes us to increasingly groan to be freed from it, killing us. Because we are still under the law, we groan and yearn for freedom. But the newness of life will come when we are literally and truly dead to it - so dead that we can serve in it and not feel restricted by it! A man who feels restricted by the law is one who is following the letter instead of the Spirit. Both are fulfilling the same law, but one is dry and dead and the other is joyful and alive. So they who follow the Spirit delight in the law, because they are able to fulfill it so freely Ps119 1Jn3:24!


Right now, for you, the case is that the law is binding. Some have not yet found the joy in this bindingness - that the purpose of this binding is to kill them! Lacking obedience into understanding, they seek to be free from the law by not adhering to it in faith; instead of submitting to its rigid, painful, restricting discipline, in faith that one day they will be free from it; ever more dying, so ever increasing in freedom, and ever increasing in love for others. This is how a man learns to love, my friend, by first dying to himself. But how can a man love unless he submits to the law that kills him and frees him to love? Some are unable to rejoice in this "bindingness" of the law (CCCInc.) and fail to see the good that it will bring, and so are unable to fully submit themselves to it for the sake of the love and faith it will bring 1Tim1:5, so Gal3:24 is "our tutor into Christ," then Gal5:6.


It doesn't even matter whether words sound harsh and cold in the flesh, or loving and soft. Rather, it is the s/Spirit they are spoken from that matters: the Holy Spirit will speak words of love to many that sound like hellfire and brimstone (See Jeremiah), but it is done in a s/Spirit of love, and many are offended by these words. But some - the true seekers - are broken and crushed (as we ourselves). So as long as the words are truth, and are spoken in love (CCCInc.), it doesn't matter how they sound to the carnal man - harsh or cold - but how the Spirit uses them. He will use harsh, cold words to justify and to condemn; to break, and challenge - and soft, loving words to comfort and console. And to be certain, the using of harsh words in love is something learned (not as though we desire such a thing - but of necessity). Of necessity, for restraining the flesh of others for their own sake we must learn to speak cold, harsh words in love Mat23. The way we do this is by coming under GOD's Heb12 discipline. Then, once we ourselves have seen the breaking and changing GOD does in us, we are able to apply the rod to others in true love, even though at the time it seems to be painful Heb12:11.


Acts13:9-12 "..the teaching of the LORD."
Acts13:47 "..For so the LORD commanded us: 'I have set you as a light

to the Gentiles, that you should be for salvation to the ends of the earth!'"
Acts26:18  Eph4:15; 5:8 Col1:12,13 thru 1Jn1 into 1Jn2:6; 3:6.


GOD is not going to change His covenant. The entry into Christ will still be through the law Gal3:24; and when His law of CCCInc. becomes global, this will be the law He uses to bring many into Himself. Yes, others can come into Him apart from CCCInc., but CCCInc. will be the main law by which He brings most into Himself. Others He will have to take by the pre-CCCInc. route, but it is not as cut and dry, and as relevant to our world and culture (I speak in human terms), and so satan is able to more easily deceive and puff up with the man's own mind - as to what is GOD's will and what isn't.


But, He will use CCCInc. so effectively and efficiently because it's so relevant a structure! Satan's deceptions will have to be much more custom-tailored to the individual and craftier than ever (such as we have seen this past month), much more so than they are now. Right now, he just slaps a blanket deception on a group of people (like confess and you're saved), and since each has the liberty to believe his own opinion about GOD's law, and they have all agreed to disagree and still "serve" GOD in their babehood, the blanket deception works, and no one matures or grows into Christ. Not so with those who study and submit to GOD through CCCInc. The law through CCCInc. is still the same law, but it is laid out, clear cut, relevant to culture, with fewer places where satan can use his old blanket deceptions and say, "well, this really means this..." from Acts20:29,30 2Cor4:3,4; 11:14 2Thess2:9-11.

(the above three pages were taken from an e-mail from Cory to Casey, Oct 21st, 1999).  

  8 And if they be bound in fetters, and be holden in cords of affliction; 9 Then He sheweth them their work, and their transgressions that they have exceeded. 10 He openeth also their ear to discipline, and commandeth that they return from iniquity. 11 If they obey and serve, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures. 12 But if they obey not, they shall perish by the sword, and they shall die without knowledge. 13 But the hypocrites in heart heap up wrath: they cry not when He bindeth them. 14 They die in youth, and their life among the unclean. 15 He delivereth the poor in his affliction, and openeth their ears in oppression.
  16 Even so would He have removed thee out of the strait into a broad place, where no straitness; and that which should be set on thy table should be full of fatness.
24 Remember that thou magnify His work, which men behold.

Note:  GOD here is speaking thru Elihu, the elder/apostle.
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Bible Prophesying
Dear Casey,
Oct 29th '99
His yoke
GOD in love, in grace, using His sword work, cut you from His core group
of CCCInc. unity believers, as you are the rebel, rejecting Him.
GOD in love set you apart from the true seekers-believers, fulfilling
His word and avoiding much conflict on our part 2Cor6:14 Gal1:8.
GOD in love demanded we cut ties with liars + robbers in CS in order to
maintain CCCInc. integrity, to ensure His Acts15:16 is honest in all ways.
GOD in love proved our right action thru several infallible messages,
even declaring Cory's ongoing 1Cor11:24, thru his looking solely to Christ.
GOD in love rejected your return to CCCInc. as He alone builds Ps127:1;
He alone draws, calls, seals; He alone will bring you to repent, lest you Mat7:21.
GOD in love is rigidly controlling CCCInc. thru His dictated Bible studies,
that His choosing-networking process or yoke work qualifies believers.
GOD in love controls CCCInc. thru His 1Jn3:6,9 overcomers, a level
of maturity very few attain, tho you claim to be in Him, yet in sin.
PS  GOD's 1Jn3:6,9 level love His yoke to keep them in Him,
then a handful grow further into Rom8:29,37 as Paul, but
you deny GOD's work in + thru Paul, saying he was carnal.
Note:  2Jn9-11 justifies His cutting away, see GOD's truth frees.
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Bible Prophesying
Dear Casey,
Nov 1st '99
His yoke   Dan9:27
GOD's promise is His yoke and will be performed to fulfill His law and
His parousia, but in your rebellion you think GOD's promise will
be annulled or done away with or changed to suit your will.
GOD's promise from Gen to Rev is His holy inerrant word and cannot
be changed, as He cannot change His nature, so His parousia is
exactly as He promised:  a new rule over His 3part church, CCCInc.
GOD's promise to benefit His flock thru CCCInc. is clearly explained thru
the CCCInc. web-site, but you refused to believe His call, His purpose, His word,
so He cut you away from His benefits till you repent and submit.
GOD's promise must be believed (whether in CCCInc. or outside) for His benefits
to flow, since His parousia is an integral part of His full gospel and applies
to all as He judges their obedient faith to babe or child or overcomer level.
GOD's call on your life can only be fulfilled in CCCInc., as He has
no organisation outside CCCInc. thru which you can attain life.
GOD's mount Zion and His golden cup (Jer51:7) are synonymous with CCCInc.,
but currently rejected by you, due to disbelief and disobedience.
GOD's final covenant (Dan9:27) is with + thru CCCInc. as He co-ordinates a
new global network to teach + serve in unity, 100% contrary to now.
Note:  Mic4:10   2Cor5:20; 11; 12
            "in Mt Zion there shall be deliverance" Joel2:32 Ob17 (Mat16:19; 18:18 Is59:20)
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GOD's hard work
Dear Casey, Dale, Josh, Kyle,
July '99
spiritual gifts, satan's voice
GOD has brought me through a specific teaching: not so much by the letter of the word, not
through the black and white text, but by His voice, His leading - His experiential, living Word.
GOD allowed me to hear and believe lies of satan: specifically, believing there was a clear
Scriptural difference between "little children" (teknon) and "children" (paidion), 1Jn2.
GOD, thru Robert, encouraged me to continue to walk in faith, literally believing everything that
comes from the voice within, trusting that it is Him and not satan, even if it may be satan
GOD showed me that He alone can keep me from falling prey to deception 2Thes2:11 and keep
all of my words from falling to the ground 1Sam3:19, for His glory, by honing spiritual gifts thru
GOD showed me the beauty of humility that the knowledge of this reality will bring, since we, in
and of ourselves, have no power to avoid being deceived of satan, so must always trust in GOD's
GOD also showed me that He will allow me to make mistakes, errors, even believe lies at times,
teaching me to test everything with His written word, whether it be from Him or from satan... into His
In this way I will learn to discern the difference between His voice and satan's, exercising and
sharpening spiritual gifts 1Jn4:1, 1Cor12:8; 12:9a & 13:2 until in Him, wherein is
GOD's gifts to Jn14:21 1Cor12:7 level are initially rudimentary, shallow, weak,
but thru many years of obedient faith they are honed, refined, reliable, till
fully developed in Christ Jn15 1Cor12:12-28a Eph4:15 into 13c,d 1Jn3-5 1Thess5:23.
GOD's gifts must be learned, perfected, tested, continually thru obedient faith,
even by hagios, to keep us humble, ever relying on His Spirit only,
as satan ever seeks to deceive and destroy Mat3:1-11; 24:24 Jn8:44 1Pet5.
GOD's gifts of discerning and 1Cor12:8 are essential for true prophesying 12:10; 14,
after thorough teaching Jn14:26 1Jn2:27 into full truth 1Cor2 which is only found
in Christ Jn16:12-15 1Jn5:4-8,18-20, wherein are true prophets, minor + major Eph2.
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Jam1:4 (5:11; 2Pet1:6)