"Cory Sellers"
"Jorge Vargas", "Alex Poole", "Keith Sellers", "Tony George"
Wed, 8 Aug 2001 21:01:58 - 0600
Momence Revival

Please pass the following along to Robert; Jorge, please print as well.
GOD bless you all, and thanks for your prayers.
Monday, August 06, 2001
Dear Robert,
    The LORD is impressing upon me the need to detail a few things to you re: recent advances in prayer against satanic forces in Momence, Illinois, USA:
    Late August 1st into early morning August 2nd '01, on my evening prayer walk, the LORD had me praying over the city of Momence, circling a sizable area in the secluded island park which is located in the middle of the city. I had determined in my heart not to quit until, as you suggested, demonic oppression and influence had been lifted.
    I circled the track numerous times, fighting constant attacks from many different spirits. While repeatedly speaking the name of Jesus, I discerned in my path a wall of about twenty demons that had manifested to oppose me. I stayed focused, ignored their presence and kept on praying. However, it was evident I now had others to accompany me on my prayer walk. I set my mind steadfast to accomplish my purpose, continually speaking the name of Jesus, claiming His power and pleading for revival.
    Not much later, while heading towards the railroad overpass that divides the island park in half, I discerned an immense evil presence descend upon it, still some ways ahead of me. It was so clear I was tempted to fear, but with my gaze set on revival and the knowledge of the power of GOD available through faith, I spoke to the evil presence, whom I readily identified as the demon prince of Momence. I told him that I, in and of myself, was no match for such a power; but that my GOD is able to crush his head and bring revival to Momence, and to the rest of the world as well.
    The demon could do nothing. I continued around the track, still praying, but very encouraged that my prayers were beginning to make a difference.
    At one point during my repeated circling a train roared by. The sound of it was such that I was encouraged to speak the name of Jesus much louder than I had earlier that night. In direct response, the power and peace of GOD fell down upon the whole city, and a recognizable demonic oppression was lifted. I raised my hands the whole next lap in praise to the LORD GOD Almighty for His grace, then left for home in victory shortly thereafter.

    Much later the same day I came home from work to satanic attack in my home. My two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Ellie was being vexed by something, which in the physical manifested as clumsiness. Keith said he saw the demon causing the ruckus and rebuked him in Jesus' name and prayer. The demon was evicted, and Ellie immediately ran over to Keith with a renewed joy, jumped in his lap, and gave him a kiss--which is something that never happens.
    I was troubled by the intense attack that satan was using to try and separate my wife and I, and could hardly withstand... struggling with the fact that my own lack in obedient faith was the cause for the open door, allowing it in the first place. I went for a very short walk to clear my head, and when I came back, Jeanie began to share with me some things that opened my eyes to the spiritual state of things:
    The night before, the owners of the pizza place below our apartment had told her they were in need of prayer while they worked out some differences of understanding concerning their faith: how it relates to their marriage, responsibilities to one another, and their children. Jeanie then began to tell me that the wife, Jamie [names changed for privacy sake], who is an anointed Catholic, had just happened a few minutes earlier upon a marijuana pipe hidden in their pizza place. The pipe was apparently being used by the youth manager, Terrence (age 20). Jeanie then concluded, and said, "Oh, and Marsha (one of the four or five high school workers) called last night..." I interrupted her, and said, "And she's pregnant." Jeanie then affirmed: "And she's pregnant."
    It was at this point I began to be enlightened to what was really going on. The momentary but intense strife in my marriage was direct satanic attack; the differences in understanding between Jamie and her husband were also open doors for satanic attack. These things coupled with the exposure of the marijuana pipe and the news of Marsha's pregnancy helped me to see the bigger picture:
    The prayer victory early that same morning had significantly weakened the forces of evil so that they were unable to supply the power needed to hide the sin that was now being made apparent. Upon this realization, the LORD then gave me the words, "Sound the alarm," and impressed upon me to alert others who would hold up the situation to the LORD in prayer.
    Twenty minutes later, Jeanie and I went for a walk to talk and discuss whatever was going on. It was about 8:30pm when we got to the park. There was no one there but four high-school guys that had just arrived to meet. Contemplating their shady demeanors I thought to myself, "I bet they're doing a drug deal," at which point the car alarm on one of their vehicles went off. I knew this to be a confirmation from the LORD.
    We left the park, I not really knowing what to do in such a situation other than phone the police. I but did not, however, for lack of proof of their illegal activities and the city's less-than-concerned response to a similar phone call I had attempted in the past. In hindsight, I know I should have attempted the call anyway.
    When we arrived back home fifteen minutes later, I saw a man who had just left the bar attempting to walk to his car. He was so incapacitated he could hardly walk. I watched as He proceeded to get in his car and fumble with the controls.

    This being very near the busiest intersection in Momence, I became alarmed, and shouted into the pizza place asking Jamie to call the police. She picked up the phone but hadn't yet dialed when I saw two cop cars turn the corner, head in my direction and stop right in front of me for no apparent reason! The drunk man had put his car in gear and turned on his lights by this time, and was poised to head out into traffic. I quickly briefed the officer about the situation, and he hastily turned around and apprehended the driver.
    The picture of what was taking place beneath the physical veneer was becoming very clear to me. I became assured that whatever had been done in prayer the night before was very much hindering satan's ability to keep his destructive plans hidden from plain view. When I shared all of this with Alex, he further confirmed what was happening by saying that he had heard nearby gunshots while on his morning prayer walk.
    After the drunk driver incident, I called Tony George and asked him to "sound the alarm," as the LORD had impressed upon me to do. I also asked him to call others to prayer and fasting for the city of Momence. As I spoke, he said the LORD was reminding him of Num10:9, as well as some other correlating Scripture references. Tony also called me the next night and said the LORD wanted me to pray against the spirit of backlash, and to pray against him after every victory. Because this instruction answered my questions as to the recent pattern I had been seeing of victory, attack, victory, attack, I knew it was from the LORD. The LORD also had Tony instruct me to "sound the alarm" through numerous Christian web-sites' prayer-request links.]
Aug 07
    Prayer for revival continues and increases. Ever since submitting the prayer requests to,,, and at Tony's suggestion, there has been an increase in faith and grace, and a noticeable weakening in satan's evil in the city of Momence. There has also been an increase of grace in our own individual lives as well, as the LORD strengthens us to fight for revival.
Appreciate your prayers and letters.
GOD bless.

Wednesday, August 08, 2001
Dear Benny Hinn,
    While reading the note you posted to your web-site re: GOD's speaking to you about twenty-four-hour prayer globally, a friend of mine received two things from the LORD that he asked me to pass on:
    The first was the LORD elaborating what He had spoken to you about the twenty-four-hours of prayer, in that true twenty-four-hour intercessory prayer around the world is accomplished in the following manner: if every person around the globe spends their first hour or two in the morning in prayer to the LORD, to truly honor Him as the firstfruits of that day (also Mat6:33!), then this would accomplish His desired twenty-four-hours of prayer, as the world is broken into different time zones. The U.S. alone is broken into four! If some are willing to go for more than one hour, this adds even more power to prayers!
    The second is that the most powerful day to fast is on the true Sabbath, which is Saturday. More specifically, the LORD mentions in Scripture that the Sabbath is to be celebrated from sunset to sunset; noting also, remember, that HE is LORD of the Sabbath!! See an excellent note on this at...
Thank you for your prayers. Please consider the above prayerfully, as from the LORD.
GOD bless you.
Cory Sellers

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"Cory Sellers"
"Alex Poole", "Dick Gowell", "Jorge Vargas", "Keith Sellers", "Rich Smith"
Thu, 22 Feb 2002 08:13:20 -0600
Notes from the summary

Friday, February 22, 2002
    I wanted to note something that took place on my prayer walk today:
    A minute or two after walking past a particularly eerie house, that I daily get a general "occultish" feel from, I sensed the very clear presence of an evil spirit tagging along behind me, doing all he could to barrage my mind with a sudden onslaught of fear and stupidity, to distract me from praying for revival in Momence. Instead of being annoyed this time though, I just said, "Jesus, in your name, I ask that you would take any demon that has interacted with me in the last 24 hours, chop 'em up into a million pieces, make them an example to others, then stick them in a bag and cast them into the pit." The evil presence then slowly left me, and I saw something rather strange, but true in my spirit. I discerned two angels that had been walking beside me basically just grab hold of this demon, and hold him while I continued on my walk. He started yelling out all kinds of hate towards me for praying such a prayer, but I heard no more from him. I know that he is in the pit now. This type of thing only happened once later on the same walk, with the same results. The demons in Momence are going to learn not to try to mess with the prayers for revival of GOD's disciples!