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Sep '95
His work
GOD had me raised a Bible believer, like all mouth Christians in filthy sin
fully expecting heaven.
GOD had me experience His initial chastising to awaken my spirit and soul
to His wrath upon sin Rom1:18.
GOD had me begin true repentance after Acts1:8; 5:32 dimly seeing,
knowing Him, learning to obey the Spirit 1Pet1.
GOD had me fire purged to "destroy the body of sin" Rom6 allowing
or qualifying me to enter His holy kingdom.
GOD had me experience satan's evil ways to teach me He alone delivers,
frees thru faith in His grace, love, power.
GOD had me cleaned, renewed, sanctified, unified for dictation thru the Spirit
that CCCInc. teach His pure word.
GOD had me learn, practise, work His gifts of discernment, knowledge, wisdom
ever comparing, testing with the Bible only.
GOD had me adhere 100% to the law of text, comparing critical Greek words,
to see and write revealed truth only.
GOD has me see satan in the church Mat16:23; 23 Jn8:44 1Jn3:8,10 to pray, speak,
write against Judas churches.
GOD has me meet His Jn14 level being prepared, trained into CCCInc. work
as they obey, repent, copy Him Phil2.
GOD has me prepare Bible study tests for all participating in CCCInc.
that He alone qualifies all into and remain in CCCInc.
GOD has me work my faith by love to abide, lest I disqualify 1Cor9:27
as 50% of Jn15 level return to sin and death Heb6.
 Robert Bristow
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