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Christian Corporate Concepts Inc. #5
Christian Corporate Concepts is the CCCInc. lay person testing arm,
qualifying all Bible believing lay thru FGBMFI to participate in
GOD's repeat of Acts2-7 in His true 3part church or repeating Rom9-11,
growing the (Acts15:16) new and cursing the old, as seen in Rom1:16-3:31,
till a few copy Rom4:12,16 into "this (soul saving) grace" Rom5:2 (Job33:24 1Pet2:3)
as only in Him do we know "full grace" Jn1:14 or "true grace" 1Pet5, by being
episterizo (re-established) Acts14:22 Rom1:11 2Cor1:21 Col2:7 1Thes3:13 2Thes 2Pet1:12.
Christian Corporate Concepts is GOD's qualifying or testing institution
to monitor His true lay believers per FGBMFI run CCCInc. Bible tests into
any CCCInc. owned or associate institution to purge satan's rule, from
May '88 Dan7 Rev13; 17 till Jer50; 51 Rev16; 18 all seen by His true team
obeying His agenda 100% as Christ 1Jn2:6,17 not as Jn12:43 Jam4:4 1Jn2:15,16
as GOD's holy work is manifested thru holy servants not satan's sinners
since few are subject to His rule Rom6:22 Gal2:20 Phil3 so Lk19:27 into Rev3:9.
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