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Mr Bill Bright,
Apr '98 Part 4
the solid foundation of God stands...
the Lord knows those who are His,...
let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from sin.
GOD established and built CC for Christ from the outside, as His Spirit is not obeyed
by you, an essential condition for Jn3:3, again in Jn14, again in Acts5:32 1Jn2:3.
GOD in Jn10 clearly says "My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me,"
but you neither hear nor follow, in fact, reject and teach against much of His truth.
GOD repeatedly says "sin no more...cease...stop...sin not," an essential condition
to enter into, to abide in Him or His kingdom, His heaven, His life, His salvation, union.
GOD alone delivers or frees us from sin thru our obedient faith, His purifying or purging
work very few believers complete, endure into soul salvation Job33 Acts14:22 Rom6.
GOD's true institutions never compromise His holy mandates, as you currently do,
directly and financially supporting, a gross crime against Is9:6.
GOD's true institutions strive to reflect His godliness, 100% contrary to CC for Christ,
ignoring, rejecting, unbelieving, even teaching against, the consequences of sin.
GOD's true institutions adhere to His agenda, Spirit led, Spirit ruled, as Paul,
Rom6:22; 8 1Cor4; 9:16,27, 100% in His will, a worthy goal for you, if you obey.
 Robert Bristow
P.S. Obedience is greater than sacrifice, even the sacrifice of fasting, which the pagans do.
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