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Sep '95
GOD clearly proves entering into Him, His kingdom, His promises is thru
faith in His work of grace, love, power.
GOD clearly proves the standard of obedience, love, faith, we attain and
must retain to qualify into and continue abiding.
GOD clearly proves His 3 part church: most blind, mere mouth; some lukewarm,
mere anointed, ungodly; few 1Cor1:30...very few Rom8:29.
GOD clearly proves salvation of spirit to all believers: most die in sin...
to outer darkness; few attain soul salvation, endure to glory, life, light.
GOD revealed truth from '84 has been passed to 1000's but none believe
basic Bible teaching to speak, write all His inerrant word.
GOD alone grows our faith thru believing and obeying, sin opposes faith
as sin opposes GOD.
GOD alone tests, proves our faith thru demon attacks (Job), evil of men Jn16:2,
His unusual demands Jam2:19-24.
GOD alone qualifies us to enter Jn3:5; 10:9 Acts14:22 to soul salvation
1Pet1:9 to abide 1Jn3:6 to receive life 1Jn5:4,18-20 Heb5:9.
GOD began testing my faith in '83: sell my home, quit my job, work Falcon,
70 days of demon attack, but no loss of faith.
GOD continued testing in '84: intense physical pain from satan endured
and deep depression with demon suicide attacks, all overcome.
GOD continued testing in '85: street thugs, prisons, church abuse,
summer clothes in Nov, Dec thru 30-40 degrees minus, all overcome.
GOD alone sustains me, by faith, in perfect health from '83, joy and peace
from '84, as His beloved from '85, ordained from '86.
 Robert Bristow
cc Campus Crusade for Christ
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