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Rev Terry Bruce Talso
Minneapolis, Mn
Mar'98 Part 2
GOD the Spirit works thru obedient faith; a process of refining, teaching, washing
as we willingly choose to obey His voice, even thru blood, disgrace, pain till dead
to all.
GOD the Spirit empowers our evil will to obey, as our carnal will cannot (of itself)
do good, Mat12:34 "how can you (do or) say good things when you are evil?," so all
begin in Rom3:10-18,23.
GOD the Spirit alone changes, kills, renews our evil will into His holy, pure will,
if we copy Lk12:50; 22:42, till 100% in His will or 100% Spirit led in every aspect
of our lives.
GOD the Spirit alone delivers or frees or saves us from evil deeds (sin), if we
repent, Jn3:19-21; 8:39-44 Rom8:13, or from dead works Heb9:14, lest Jude15
Rev2:6,22; 16:11 into 3:9.
GOD the Spirit alone effects true repentance from the heart, not mere mouth as the
Judas church teaches, Lk3:8; 13:3,5; 24:47 Acts26:20 Rom2:4 2Cor7:10 till
cease all sin Acts2:38 Rom6:23.
GOD the Spirit alone effects true baptism thru His fire, not H2O as the
Judas church teaches, Gen3:24 Ps66:8-12 Lk3:16; 12:49 Mk10:39 till
Zech13:9 1Pet1:7,9, the truth in Acts2:38 and Rom6.
GOD the Spirit alone effects the two stages of spiritual rebirth; Jn3:3 and 3:5
or to see and to enter, Jn14 and Jn15, Acts5:32 and 14:22, 1Cor12:7 and 13,
Col1:27 and 28, 1Jn2:27 and 3:6, and many more.
 Robert Bristow
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