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Inspired Distributing
   •GOD Commands us to Save the Environment
   •Full Value Products, Corporate Leadership, and Responsible Manufacturing,
     note information to GE Transportation Systems, Caterpillar, Timken and others:
   •Maxilube Anti-Friction Metal Treatment Product Information Packet: HTML / PDF (3.4MB)
Inspired IT Services
- Promotes Bodacion Technologies'
    Hydra Internet Security System
   •Full Value I.T. Products, Corporate Leadership, and Responsible Producers
   •Full Security for Web Users
   •Portraits of Evil IT,  IT Plagues,  Microsoft Philosophy and Theft
   •Flawless IT code/ Never requiring patches
Inspired Network Marketing

GOD insists that we operate on the basis of Phil2:17, whereby we sacrifice and serve others, with the end result of 50% of all R.O.I. being returned to the church for schools, hospitals, rehab, etc. (see Church Funding)