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I. Intro & Background
     I left the military because the Holy Spirit told me to separate from the military and follow Jesus Christ working in CCCInc. The following paragraphs summarize the events leading up to and through His orchestration of this situation. He is vorthy, He is sovereign, He is able to bring us through any difficulty, patiently forgiving and working with us, even though we often completely turn our backs to him. Through all the pain, GOD has proven His mercy is greater treasure than any riches, any pleasure, any comfort the world can afford.
     I had grown up in a Christian family and attended a "conservative" Christian church. Although I attended Sunday services regularly, I did not know Scripture very well. My beliefs were a subset of my parents' beliefs, the byproduct of my upbringing and environmental inputs, rather than the result of a personal relationship wiht the LORD or diligent searching.
     Back then, I was fully supportive of military service and war. What could be wrong with either? Both my father and grandfathers had military service time. Besides, my church condoned military service. What of bloody Old Testament battles and wars that were directed by GOD? In my view, every input seemed to affirm GOD's "OK" on war and military service until GOD overturned my understanding of everything when I received the anointing as a cadet at West Point.
     Though I grew up a Christian, during my first three years as a cadet at West Point, I had deserted GOD. I still enjoyed calling myself a Christian when it kept me from extra duties by going to church. I certainly knew how to act like a good Christian, and prided myself on knowing more than other people about the Bible. My most genuine attribute was my hypocrisy.
     My life at the time revolved around a young lady that I had been dating ever since graduating from high school. I was living for her mentally, emotionally, and physically. My desire for her enslaved me. By the third year of dating, the long distance and distrust had begun to wear at our mutual infatuation, but I continued to cling to her because I didn't know what I would do without her. I found ways to deal with my convictions about being severely immoral rather than giving up the carcass of a relationship. I would ignore the conviction and pretend that I could go on happily without trying to fill the aching void in my soul.


     Despite my hard heart, GOD lovingly worked on me unexpectedly during one of those rare weekend trips home to Michigan. Of course I had gone to visit my girlfriend, which normally meant I would be spending time with only her. However, my brother managed to squeeze some time with me and began talking about the gospel. But this time, it was completely different, downright captivating. From the start, my ears really perked up. He told me that soul salvation is secured only through the trials obedience to Jesus Christ, then bluntly told me that I was not "saved," even though I had prayer the "sinner's prayer." As he spoke, I had no power to respond, because I knew everything being said was coming from GOD. I had never known the assurance the Scripture talks about while living in sin. In fact, I'd find my conscience so beleaguered that I'd pray the "sinner's prayer" more than a couple times a week.  

     Something about the message annihilated me. The words stuck sharply inside me, and I couldn't ignore it. It wasn't long before I awoke to the realization that I had a decision to make: to live for GOD or my girlfriend. There were echoes in my ears of verses I had memorized as a youngster in Sunday school "You shall search for Me and find Me, when you search for Me with ALL your heart." The personal epiphany relieved some of my distress. But I still had a huge problem - I did not have the strength to end this relationship that was standing between me and the rest of forever. In fact, I had even purchased an engagement ring and was planning to propose. I broke down before the LORD one night and cried "LORD, I know this relationship does not please you, but I do not have the strength to end it. I need you to end the relationship because I can't."  

     GOD is so faithful, even when we've been totally sinful and unworthy. That's one of the reasons I love Him. He answered my prayer in two short months. In the mean time, I carried on with life as I knew it. After a month, I had settled on asking her to marry me instead of giving her up. When I asked her to marry me, she accepted, but her acceptance of my proposal vexed me with suspicion. In a bitter turn of events, I soon found out she was seeing another guy she had met at work. I was crushed. In the wake of the pain, the LORD reminded me, "You prayed for this." That word was enough to refresh me. That was one of the first times I remember hearing the LORD. Upon realizing GOD had answered, I began to let go. It wasn't easy. I often tried to go back, but all He had already blocked off all the ways back to her. It would be a grueling six months of recovering from a broken heart.
     After the break up, my energy left me. I was too lethargic to want to seek GOD. Amidst sobs and snot, I thanked Him for hearing my prayers and taking her away. By His mercy and grace, He helped me work through forgiving myself and her, and helped me to keep from blaming Him as well. By thanking Him instead of being sour, He quickly healed my heart.  

     By the end of December '98 I felt more confident than ever. I was making a little money, and keeping up in my studies. But confidence soon turned into sin with another young lady. I returned to West Point after Christmas leave on Jan 4, 1999 with a heavy, stained conscience. I determined that this had to stop. I couldn't go on hurting myself and other people in shallow relationships. The following day, I made a commitment before the LORD to end any impure relationships, and to seek Him. That precious day I received the blessed anointing of the Holy Spirit, and began to hunger to know GOD, and had so much more focus and power to seek Him than ever before.

     At the time, I did not even know what the anointing was. But I was aware that I couldn't wait to read my Bible for hours every day. I was in love. The Scriptures were so alive and full of revelation I could not take it all in, and thought at times I would burst.
     These powerful seeds of personal revival had been sown through my brother's persistent witness of prayer and letter writing (letters which I had for years tossed in the trash without reading). Many of these were CCCInc letters, which contained too many Scripture references, which, at the time, didn't make for interesting reading. ( But as I grew under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I learned that these letters were forcing me to read my Bible, until I began enjoying it. This allowed GOD to be my teacher Himself, as He promises He will do Gal3:24 1Jn2:27. This help me take possession of my faith. It wasn't my faith because of what Mom, Dad, or anyone said. It was the personal relationship with GOD that I had always wanted. I was able to go to GOD for answers. The single most important key to my understanding the Scripture was taught no where except in CCCInc - the 3 part church - babes, children, and overcomers. Once I learned this, it was like I had unlocked a treasure trove of revelation. I finally began to see why I never "felt" assured or "saved" like every Christian says they are. How amazing that growing up in GOD's household is kind of like growing up in life.
     As I learned to submit to the Spirit's leading, He led me to greater and greater committment to GOD. After three months of diligent Bible study, I began to see the huge rift between what GOD was teaching me, and what I had learned in church all my life. My Christian relationships also accentuated these rifts. At times I became confused because my parents and friends were warning me about being deceived, but my heart had never been so filled with the hope of knowing the LORD. More importantly, my thoughts were more and more turning away from sin and toward GOD. Nobody believed I could be growing outside of a church body. But I was, and it was by treating GOD better than a Sunday ritual.


As I studied the Bible, GOD showed me see that all His saints are literally holy. They live, breath, and die for Jesus Christ every day. They are not satan's sinners, who say they are saved, but keep going back to the same old sins. His holy ones do the impossible - they stop sinning - because they live by faith in GOD's power and not their own. The biggest difference I learned was that living in holiness with Jesus is the only way to eternal life. Heb12:14 Rom6:22. Scripture finally settled the issue - no where does it say "ask Jesus into your heart." No where does the Bible indicated that we can cry out to GOD and grab salvation when we feel like it. In fact, the common thread between Old and New were the similarities of the difficulties of living pure before the Holy One. When I began to share with Christians the good news of salvation from sin, I began to understand why Jesus said "all men will hate you for My name's sake." Nobody believed me. Only my brother. My parents and my friends kept warning me about being deceived, but GOD was telling me that this was the narrow way to eternal life, the path that very few find. I decided to believe GOD.  

     Looking back, the hardest thing about growing into GOD's truth was giving up everything I had ever learned about the Bible. I began to realize just how spoonfed I had been all my life. But where were the Peters, the Pauls, the Davids? No one was living that victorious Christlike life of power in the Spirit. I constantly had to challenge my own beliefs about Christianity with Scripture. GOD made me aware of false beliefs that were based on tradition, and then led me to answers in the Scripture. In prayer one night, I gave up all my understanding of the Bible to GOD. Within three months, my understanding had been transformed 100%.  

     Another difficulty I faced was speaking GOD's truth while failing to be living free from sin. I would often get, "Tell me one person who doesn't sin." Anyone takes GOD at His word can live like that, but it takes commitment. 1Cor10:13 says so. Even if I was, I would not point to myself, but I believed with all my heart that Jesus would help me overcome every sin like it says in 2Tim4:18. Four years later, He has given me the power to overcome the devil daily!!! By the power in the name of Jesus Christ, when temptation comes, I can say NO every single time, because JESUS LIVES IN ME! Sure, I have few friends, no money, and no job, but I'm 100% in the middle of His will, and am at peace for the first time in my life! I decided to take GOD at His word and be dead to sin like Rom6:11 says. 1Jn3:6 says what it means to be truly "saved," as do hundreds of other Scriptures like Jn15, Rom6;8; but they are too tough to swallow if you want to keep living in comfort, pleasure and sin. Unfortunately, most Christians live and die in sin simply because they don't know they need to live holy. They die without salvation, because they refuse to suffer with Christ, so they will be rejected in the resurrection. Matt7:21-23. GOD will take us there if we believe He will do it Matt19:26 Phil4:13. Faith is refusing to doubt, refusing to say "He won't" or "I can't" and instead trusting His awesome love, and awesome power Prov3:5,6. Although my soul is not presently saved, I fully believe that as I obey the Spirit that GOD will bring me through the refining fire necessary to live in His holy body Zech13:8,9; Luke12:50. The only way to live with Christ is to live (and die) for Christ Jesus as He did for us. My price to pay is small - early morning prayer, diligent Bible study, exercise, fasting, giving up jobs, friends and family. The devil is always crouched, waiting for the opportunity to pounce and destroy my life, but GOD protects me as I set my heart to only obeying Him Ps34:7.  
     I had a hard time naming someone living who doesn't sin, because I didn't know of any at the time. On April 17, 1999, I met one of GOD's saints when the LORD directed me to Chicago for CCCInc's first corporate meeting. My brother had told me the organization's president, Robert, was an overcomer. I was excited to meet him. I figured he was going to be some kind of superman, but he instead was simply a very neat and tidy homeless man. Robert was little more than skin on bones, and a very young looking for 56 years old. He was impeccably neat and clean. I, much like the Jews of old, had expecting power, but he was just a "bum" (as others refer to him). Now, four years later, I know he is the only apostle-level Christian on earth, a Moses-type living in total sacrifice to the LORD daily, GOD's chosen instrument to glorify His awesome name by praying CCCInc into existence.  

     II. Prophetic Dreams at West Point
     In the early days of my anointing, I maintained a clean conscience towards serving in the military. Presently, I understand such service is honorable, but know that there is a more honorable work in separating from worldly employment to serve Jesus. The change in understand began when I got back to West Point from the CCCInc meeting in Chicago. I distinctly remember the date, April 18th, 1999, as the first time I ever asked the LORD to give me significant dreams. Having prayed "LORD, please give me a dream," before going to bed, at 0200 I awoke at the end of a very vivid dream:
     In the dream, I was high above a city that had a grid of streets and many buildings, which all looked to be several thousand feet below me. I had an omniscient view of this colossal structure set high above the earth on 4 towering white columns. The structure was a quarter-mile Olympic track, and it had a couple of unusual characteristics about it. First, the track was unusually narrow, probably about 5 feet wide. Secondly, it was paved with concrete. Third, it's center was cut out, revealing the steep drop to the ground. Neither were there any rails, seats, or support structres besides the four pillars upon which the track rested.  
     As the dream continued, I found myself standing on structure I had just been omnisciently viewing. I was in my cadet uniform - spit shined black leather shoes, gray trousers, navy class shirt with gray jacket, and a garrison cap with senior-year cadet insignia. Almost immediately my knees began to wobble from fear of heights, so laid down upon my stomach. I remember looking over the side down to the city, breathless from the awesome view of the city. Then I woke up.


     I jumped out of bed astonished, and began recounting the dream. I was extrememly excited realizing that GOD had answered my prayer. After contemplating the dream for a few minutes, I began to grow sleepy and dozed off. The dream replayed; however, this time was slightly different. I remember kneeling down, but not being terrified. The major difference: as I was looking over the edge of the track, my cap fell off, and I watched as it gently sailed down towards the city below. I woke up before it made it to the ground.
     The next day I asked the LORD about the dream. I already knew the dream had definite significance. I brought it to the attention of my brother, and together we sought GOD for an interpretation. After a couple days the message came clearly: I would be removed from the military for reasons of faith. The interpretation fit with my spirit, but it shocked me nonetheless. Why would GOD bring me to West Point if this were the end of it all? I remember trying to understand how this might come to pass. I envisioned myself preaching in offices and auditoriums, at services and ceremonies, until the whole post was stirred in revival or fury. Hind sight proved that things turned out a bit differently. While this revelation consumed my thoughts initially, it wasn't long before the competing demands of cadet life recovered my attention. The dream practically disappeared from memory until resurrecting over a year later.
     I want to explain some of the details of the interpretation that GOD gave us through prayer. The track high in the sky symbolizes the race of faith 2Tim4:7, Heb12:1. The concrete, which is harder to run on than asphalt or grass, points to a racer's need to have strong knees and a strong spine Heb12:12 Josh1:5-9. The cadet uniform indicates that I am an officer in training. Four white pillars symbolizes "foundation", and white represents "purity." Both are symbols of Jesus Christ 1Cor3:11, Ezek1. Losing my cap and rank symbolizes losing my military position. Having the dream twice echoes Joseph's explanation to Pharaoh in Gen41:32, namely, "the dreams will soon come to pass."
     III. Service to the US Army and GOD's Army
     Upon graduation, I intended to fulfill my service obligations in the Army for five years. At Transportation Officer Basic (TOBC) in Fort Eustis, Virginia, the Spirit continued teaching drawing me deeper into the truth. He helped increase my focus on Jesus throughout the whole course. I was able to consistently sneak in 1-3 hours of extra Bible study in while our class lectures trudged along. The Scriptures were my haven. I made a couple of friends who were committed to studying the Bible, but stayed away from the daily customer of merrymaking.


     I had been drawn together with one of my friends, Ted, because the Holy Spirit kept poking at him. I had never seen the Spirit so clearly unsettle a person before. He literally had no choice but to begin asking "Why do I have these convictions and questions about GOD?!!" GOD had obviously orchestrated our paths to intersect, and Ted and I became good friends. GOD used Ted to sharpen me with his questions, while at the same time allowed me the privilege of witnessing truth.
     Not all the tests I had at officer school were book tests; GOD tested my heart immediately after receiving a nice paycheck. I felt the LORD telling me to give the whole month's wages to Him. Naturally I paused for a second, then proceeded to ask Him, "LORD, if this is You, please confirm it by having me know when I turn the TV on." As I clicked the TV on, CNN faded into view and the first thing my eyes saw was a caption at the bottom of the screen that said "The Whole Sha-bang." Right then I determined to give up my whole paycheck to GOD. I gave it to as an offering to Him and my church, CCCInc. CCCInc funds go 100% into GOD's work, and do not pay anyone's salary. All workers are self-employed, supporting the others, supporting the gospel.
     Besides testing, the Spirit moved within me in a new way. Four classmates and I were having a barbecue one nice evening. About the time we were through eating, the Spirit overpowered me (I didn't realize it at the time, I just knew I had never felt so light and euphoric). I remember telling my friends, "Guys, I feel very light, I feel weird... like my feet are not even touching the ground." No, I had not been drinking. I was filled with the Spirit. Then the Spirit literally put words into my mouth and I began to speak to my friends like a man possessed by GOD. Soon after, one person ran away crying, another just emptied out a bottle of alcohol on the ground, and the others sat silently staring at me.
     The gal that dumped her alcohol did so during the prophecy spoken to her. I remember "knowing" (and telling her) that she would believe the truth in 2008. I was practically in a holy trance, so don't remember all the details. Mitch was the one who had suddenly broken into tears and ran away .
Mitch stood 6 foot something, and was built like a brick house. I was confounded - I didn't know the Spirit had broken loose on him.
     When I "came to," I ran and caught up to Mitch near the parking lot. Seeing this strongman cry made me want to cry. I invited him to take a seat in my car. I remember praying to GOD while he was sitting there sobbing. I had no idea what to say. The LORD kept me quiet, and eventually Mitch began to talk about the divorce from his ex wife. He said it was still killing him, and he wanted to be free from the hurt. Then unconsciously out of my mouth came, "Mitch, have you forgiven her?" He sighed and began his big sobs again, "No, I can't…I can't forgive her." Unforgiveness was keeping him in bondage. I got a chance to pray for Mark, but he left to grieve some more, and I don't believe he ever gave his hurt up to GOD. I didn't do a very good job of following up on how Mitch, and that was probably why.


     These moves of the Spirit were very new to me. I wasn't familiar with the manifestation of spiritual gifts like exhortation, word of knowledge or prophecy. I did not know to identify and bind the unforgiveness in Mitch, and pray for his deliverance. What I do know now is that that night GOD bestowed several gifts of the spirit upon me. He continues to refine these gifts, using them in concert with other believers.
     IV. To Hawaii
     After completing officer school in Virginia, I visited my friend in Colorado for the New Millennium. I was in Denver because GOD provided a plane ticket from Denver instead of Chicago which helped me save $300 and helped my friend. I didn't know this at the time, but he needed a vehicle to drive home to Michigan. It proved to be a good location for the big celebration, because the city of Denver was shut down - it was a very relaxing and quiet New Millennium celebration with not too much ruckus from partiers. Praise GOD for a wonderful new year.
     I flew from Denver to the island of Oahu, Hawaii on the 5th of January. I spent the first ten days moving in, awestruck with appreciation for the beautiful territory that was to become home for the next three years. Having spent four years at the Academy and eighteen weeks in the officer basic course in Ft Eustis, I was excited to be in a place that had all the feeling of home.
     The first six weeks were spent familiarizing myself with new faces and places. The LORD abundantly provided for all of my needs. Most memorably was the inexpensive car He provided the first day I was on the island. I had in left my need for a car in GOD's hands when I left the car to my friend in Colorado. When Al, my new unit's liaison, came to pick me up for the first time, he brought me a nice gift. Right after "Hello," he remarked "I don't know why I bought this car. I bought it for $650 a couple weeks ago, but I don't need it now, and I'd be willing to get rid of it for $500. But who would want it?." Smiling, I reached out my hand and said, "Then it's sold. I'll have a check for you this week." -"You're kidding," he replied in sincere unbelief. GOD's gift-car did not have a single problem my entire stay in Hawaii, despite the fact that it was a 20-year-old car with 96,000 miles on it. It wasn't much for the eyes (until I brush painted it canary yellow), but I was riding in true native style with my island jalopee.
     On the Army base, I worked in the battalion operations office where I was the youngest of eight staff members. Our office had five noncommissioned and three commissioned officers. We were a tossed salad of people. I very much liked the diversity of people.


     As I began acclimating to the weather and the Army, the LORD continued refining the growth spurt that occurred in Virginia. The officemates soon knew that I was a "peculiar" lieutenant. I got a lot of comments about why I, as a single young officer, didn't want to drive fast cars and chase fast women. I quickly realized that, in the military, abstaining from profanity, alcohol, and the clubs practically afforded me "saint" status. Soon our office had a healthy diet of "GOD & Bible" conversations. Unfortuneately, my boss took offense to the gospel. I earned no small amount of scowls for my animated positivity and open confessions about Christ.
     Working in Hawaii was everything I had dreamed it would be. Nice work, nice weather, nice pay, and a very nice place to live right on the beach. We had three day weekends every three weeks. Almost every Friday (Aloha Friday) was little more than a half day. In contrast to West Point, this job was like being sent from prison to paradise. I took the time and money to mountain bike, swim, even surf. I was lone eagle, but only because I wanted to be alone with GOD in the beautiful creation. Many evenings were spent on a private beach with my guitar watching the sunset. I was in love with GOD's beauty in that place: rainbows, sunsets, waves; it was paradise. Each day while going to and from work I drove past several miles of succulent, sweet-smelling pineapple fields. I always looked forward to driving home, because I would be enraptured again with the breathtaking landscape. At my apartment, I had ocean waves on one side and majestic mountains on the other. It was an unintentional indulgence of the life I had always dreamed of!
     The job kept me reality in check for me. At the job, GOD helped me keep a good attitude, despite a boss who, without partiality, rained down sour-faced negativity on our staff. I just had a hard time with the fact that he disrespected his right-hand man, a master sergeant with 22 years of service. This was the equivalent of me telling my dad how to do his job. The boss saw me reading my little Gideon Bible in the office one day and told me not bring my Bible in because "it may be offensive to some people." That was one of the first "orders" I disobeyed for conscience sake. It was an opportunity for tough love, undoubtedly.
     V. Preparing For Deployment, and the Fulfilling the Dreams
     After my sixth week, our battalion began preparing for deployment to the big island of Hawaii for field training. Unbeknownst to me, this deployment would initiate my separation from the military.
     Deployment to the neighboring island went in a couple of waves. I was chosen to go with one of the first groups to help set up the operations center which housed key battalion leaders and the tactical planning hub. We set up shop roughshod in some big green field tents equipped with none of the ammenities of home. In my tent, I shared space with about fifteen other men, all but one of which were older than me. I held my own by keeping my Bible in the ready position, and by sharing my Coffeemate vanilla flavored coffee creamer, which helped the "muddy water" taste a bit better than dirt.


     For the most part, the soldiers with me were very amiable and helpful. Most were noncommissioned officers, and one whose company I had grown to appreciate was MSG Matthews, a no-frills veteran of the system. Sometimes it seemed as though MSG felt personally responsible for developing my pyschology of officer-soldier relationships. I frequently approached MSG Matthews for "AI" (additional instruction) on Army questions or just to talk with him. He seemed to me the consummate sergeant. And he was an instrument in GOD's hand to help remove me from the military.
     I remember that day, Feb 26, 2000 - a peaceful afternoon, walking and talking with the GOD in "paradise." This was not the paradise of my home island of Oahu. This place was a dusty brown desert, spotted with dusty brown military buildings that comprised the aging command post. That day, I ventured outside from my location to be alone with GOD. My consciousness of time left me as I spent some hours praying and thinking. I specifically remember wondering if this desert was anything like the desert Jesus was tested in. After what seemed a few hours, I thought to head back towards camp.
     Returning to the tent, I was floating in a holy euphoria again. Strolling into the spacious tent, I quickly surveyed about ten of the soldiers doing their best to pass the time with stories, dominoes, and poker. Passing by, I greeted them with a hello and walked over to my cot, picked up the Bible, and tried to tune out the noise.
     I had not read very far when the men started a new round of filthy jokes. Shameless. The men already knew how I felt about verbal garbage, and where I stood in my faith, but apparently they didn't care anymore. Up until now they had been respectful and reserved during prayer or Bible study. However, this time one blurted out "Hey, LT (lieutenant), what do you think about that joke?"
     An unseen grip squeezed my heart and up come the words like drawn swords on my tongue. I looked up with a warm stare and remarked, "Guys, I don't think the LORD would be pleased to hear anything you're talking about." Silence fell with a thud. Sensing the tension, I rose up to leave. But right then, the silence was broken by MSG Matthew's familiar voice, except this time he was cursing at me. Realizing that he wasn't intending to stop, I began heading for the exit. As I passed by him, I put my hand on his shoulder and told him, "Master Sergeant, I said that because I care about you guys." This infuriated him into more profanity. Making my way toward the exit, I had the notion to turn around and tell him "I love you," but after turning around and looking into his eyes I couldn't speak. The eerie red glow in his eyes had literally reached out and shocked the peace right out of me. Immediately I left the tent and began shaking and crying uncontrollably. "What is wrong with me? Why can't I stop crying?" I was sobbing and shaking with no power to stop.
     Although this was happening in the dark of night, everyone in my scattered chain of command somehow soon was aware of what had happened. I hadn't managed to successfully conceal my crying, which probably appeared no less than a nervous breakdown, but it was all for GOD's purposes.


     The Holy Spirit gradually comforted me completely through prayer, and later told me what happened - I had been opposed by an evil spirit that openly manifested through MSG Matthews. Gathering my courage, I went back to confront this spirit. I walked back into the tent to speak with Matthews after about twenty minutes had passed. The glow was gone, the hatred was gone; he was calm again, almost gentle. I started to speak, "Master Serg…" - "No," he broke in, "Sir, you did the right thing. You were a man about it. I apologize."
     I was flabbergasted, and that's an understatement. That such a dramatic change had overcome him so suddenly puzzled me. Just a few minutes ago he had literally been glowing red. It followed the pattern of how evil spirits jump in, or manifest, then move on or hide. The beast had successfully jolted the peace out of me momentarily, but GOD was quickly restoring my focus. Turning to leave again, one of the officers informed me that I needed to talk with the chaplain.
     Even though the incident was over, it was too late to pretend as though nothing had happened. I had drawn some serious attention during the fifteen minutes that I was shaking uncontrollably. My commanders wanted answers. "Oh great," I thought, "what have I got myself into now? How are they going to believe me if I tell them the truth? LORD, help me!"
     I determined I was not going to lie, so the best thing I had was my personal testimony about what Jesus was doing in my life. I told them what I had seen, and, according to Scripture, what had happened. I lost concern over the possibility of their disbelieving me once I determined that GOD wanted me to tell them the truth. I had all the boldness of a foolish Peter walking on water. Most of them just looked confused, and recommended I see the chaplain. I did see the chaplain, though that meeting only seemed to establish the fact that there existed a chasm between our "mutual" faiths.
     VI. Talk With the Boss, "You're a Conscientious Objector"
     The next day I sat down with my boss, the operations office. He wanted some answers. He openly disliked the fact that I was a Christian. He knew I hadn't made good on his request to hide my Bible from plain view, and this irked him. I couldn't help but feel the exasperation he was experiencing for having to deal with this new dilemma. He was trying his best to get to the bottom of this, because he was a busy man.
     During his questioning, I shared with him my personal testimony. He was evidently unimpressed with me and the message of the cross. Summing up my testimony with a sigh, he said, "Seeing you have these religious convictions, LT Sellers, would you ever kill someone?" I hadn't given it much thought. In fact, I had never seriously contemplated the fact that this job may require me to do so. Certainly the soldiers in Hawaii were far from thinking about potential conflicts. The shock of the question jolted me into an immediate, silent prayer. I was trusting Him for an immediate response, and I set my heart on speaking that response. So when the Holy Spirit clearly spoke, "NO," I looked up from praying and replied, "No, sir, I could never do that."


     The boss was calm, but growing noticeably agitated. He was shocked, and indignantly so. "What if we were in a foxhole and the enemy was coming at us with guns to overrun our position? What would you do, lieutanant?"
     "I would pray, sir."
     "You'd better pray! You mean to tell me you wouldn't shoot?"
     "I would take my gun, point it in the air and shoot or not shoot at all."
     "How did you ever make it through West Point, lieutenant? Didn't they teach you about this???"
     "They did, sir, but the LORD has changed my life and understanding a lot since then."
     In spirit I saw a grin slowly growing across his face. Sternly, he asked me one more time to confirm my position. By this time I was certain the answer was never going to change again. "No, I would not kill anyone." He was pensive, but again I saw him grinning in spirit as he said, "Do you know what this means, LT Sellers? This means you are a conscientious objector, and you can't serve in the military. I'm going to tell the commander. I don't want you in my army!"
     Thus the investigating to determine my sincerity as conscientious objector had begun. It turned out to be quite an adventure for everyone. It was unfamiliar territory for everyone. Hawaii had not had a conscientious objection in over twenty years, and never involving an officer. Little could be done while we were deployed in the field, but more formal investigations would begin as soon as we arrived back on Oahu. Nonetheless, my duties soon reflected the undertones of suspicion that I couldn't be trusted with even menial tasks.
     VII. Conscientious Objection - GOD's Scripture, My Position
     Upon arriving back on Oahu, the investigation commenced. We tried our best to follow the Army's regulation on handling consciencous objections. First, I had to write an official statement summarizing my beliefs and why they were incompatible with military service. This statement alone forced me into more prayer and study on the subject of participating in the military. I was crying out to GOD for help because I had no idea what Scriptures to base my understanding on. If GOD had told me "NO," then certainly there would be Scriptural evidence to support His answer. After a couple of weeks, the LORD had helped me complete a solid four page statement regarding my conscientious objection. The following summarizes my current position.
     Military defense is not necessary for the Christian.
     GOD in flesh, Jesus, fulfilled the physical covenant, leaving us a better one Heb9; His life, and His Second Testament plainly explains Christians battle, worship and walk by the Holy Spirit Eph6, not in worldly ways Jam4, 1Jn2:11.


     GOD's method of waging war has ever been Zech4:6, seen in Ex14:14, Josh6, 2Chron32. GOD is Spirit, and demands we take up spiritual arms and fight spiritual war to overcome satan, sin and self, as "our battle is NOT against flesh and blood, but against...wickedness in the heavenly places" Eph6:13-16.
     GOD's Old Testament warfare, in part, represents the Christian's fight for soul salvation through the Spirit. It is also a foreshadowing of the grace of GOD that is available to GOD's people through submission to His holy ways 2Chron7:14, as GOD Himself proclaimed that He Himself would fight FOR His people Ex14:14. This spiritual covenant boasts of the people of GOD as spiritual descendants, regardless of nationality Acts10:35, Rom2:28,29; Rom9:6.
     Obedient Christians are trained to be violent warriors by GOD, except they are violent against self-indulgence, self-righteousness, hypocrisy, unbelief, fear and pride. As a Christian, I still offer sacrifices, but I sacrifice my will and other precious gifts like time and comfort. GOD still fights my enemies, but my enemies are sin, evil spirits, and lukewarm love for GOD. Only through the obeying Christ's commands Jn14:15,21,23 can I hope to "get out of the way and into the Way" so Jesus Christ can live through me 100% (Gal2:19 into 20). I must remain vigilant and violent to take to the kingdom by force Matt11:12, taking every thought captive to Jesus Christ, forever 2Cor10:5. GOD ALWAYS saves the righteous from their enemies Ps37:4, but the wicked succumb to fear Prov10:24. Notwithstanding, many are involved in an honorable work for Freedom's Way; however, those who would see life must cleanse their hands of all blood.
     There was other work besides writing an official statement. I had to gather character statements from several people who lived and worked around me enough to make an evaluation on my character. As I mentioned before, abstaining from profanity, alcohol, and clubbing was practically sainthood to most of my peers. Because the LORD kept me content to do little more than work, pray and play out in creation, the reviews went over very well.
     The conscientious objection process, under GOD's grace, moved fluidly and very rapidly, with all the necessary paperwork gathered in a month. Yet things came grinding to a halt the same time I wandered off into fleshly lusts, and into an abbreviated flirtation with a young lady. The reason satan was able to distract me was because I was not doing my daily prayer and Bible study at the time. I clearly remember that I began to "coast" after all of the conscientious objection investigation materials had been gathered. I spent just minutes of study and prayer every day and quickly fell into immorality. When this young lady entered the picture, I enjoyed her intellect, besides her beauty, which led to a shameful digression for no less than three weeks. Before long, I was living under unbearable conviction of sin, and so, out of obedience to GOD, coldly cut off the relationship and all communication with her.


     My sin had thrown a terrible wrench in the process, but the fruits of repentance showed up very quickly. Before my digression into sin, the paperwork had made it to division headquarters and was awaiting review after about 8 weeks (very short for government paperwork). During my digression, nothing progressed - not a word about my paperwork, I had even heard at one point it was probably lost.
     After repenting by giving up the relationship and seeking GOD again, I began to receive His direction. It was at this time I knew I was going to leave Hawaii for certain. I received a vision of leaving Hawaii very hastily, and even told my Mormon friends about it. They didn't seem to think much of it, but it stayed with me.
     [Despite my backsliding into sin, some good things happened in Hawaii that have stayed with me. I remember GOD would faithfully wake me up at 4:44 AM, a minute before my alarm clock, day after day. This way He proved that I only needed Him to get me up in the morning. During one morning PT session on the beach, I was pondering the beauty of the rainbows that were beginning to form like a corridor of multicolored arches. The LORD spoke understanding into my heart that morning about how the rainbow is literally the representation of His Spirit covenant. GOD manifesting Himself in man and man abiding in GOD Jn15:4. It meant very much to me knowing that GOD was willing to speak to me about His awesome creation.
     GOD taught me to trust Him with my finances while I was in Hawaii. One day I received a notice that I owed the government $2,000 for expenses incurred from moving to Hawaii. I could not believe it. I had been diligent to keep tidy financial records, and I knew that I had covered every dime. I went to the LORD and told Him I was trusting Him to help me. He reminded me of the test giving up of my whole paycheck to during officer basic. Suddenly, I knew that these two events were linked, and everything was going to be fine. To summarize the outcome, GOD worked it out so that I not only owed nothing, but I received another couple thousand dollars back on top of that! Praise His name!]
     VIII. The Outcome of Investigation - Approved?
     The investigation found no evidence to contradict my statements of my faith - not a cuss word, not a drink of alcohol, nothing. GOD had kept me above reproach 1Tim3:7. The sin I fell into came AFTER the Army's full investigation had been submitted, so it was not considered in the decision making process. There would be heavy consequences for this sin, which I'll explain shortly.


     Throughout the investigation, there were many trials of speaking my faith and trusting GOD for answers. Frequently I had to stand in faith, at every level of my chain of command to answer the same line of questions fired at me. The favorite was "what are you going to do about the $130,000 that you are going to have to pay back to the government?" All I could say was "GOD will take care of it." They asked "Are you planning to get a job?" - "No." "Then what are you planning to do?" - "Seek the LORD until He tells me what to do." "Are you going to use your education to make more money in the civilian world?" - "No." "Then how are you going to pay back the debt???" - "GOD said to do this, so He will take care of my debt."
     As you can imagine, I got some pretty unfriendly advice - "You're going to look back on this and wish you had never done this"…"You're throwing everything away"…"You could stay here and just ride this out, and chances are you'll never have to be in war, or make a decision to kill anyone"…"We can put you in a unit where you'll never see action, and you won't have to leave"… "Why don't you become a chaplain???" But that's not what GOD wanted. He said "come out, be SEPARATE" (2Cor6:17).
     A month after repenting from sin, I still had heard nothing of my investigation's progress. I was beginning to wonder if GOD had left me because of my disobedience. One night in my room, after receiving some encouraging e-mails from my brother, I felt as though it was time to leave. At that moment I believed that if I moved in faith, GOD would answer my move. I just spoke quietly to GOD, "LORD, if you want me to do this, please make the ticket cheap." So I called to book a ticket out of Hawaii - to leave for Momence, Illinois in TWO days. It was a super priced ticket. The only problem was, I wanted to be approved as a conscientious objector first, and out-process from Hawaii (at least a two week process). I didn't have time to think about it, I just started packing up my things. I would have 42 hours before I needed to be at the airport with enough time to check in.
     That night I didn't go to bed. I stayed up all night to seek the LORD, and walked the 10 miles to work, starting at 12 AM. I knew GOD was going to answer. As normal business hours began, I remember I got a phone call at 10:30. My office mate came out and said "Hey, sir, you got a phone call today from headquarters…something about a conscientious objection case." Hallelujah, I thought as I laughed to myself, buzzing with excitement. I returned the phone call, and agreed to meet with the division chief the next day at 10:30 AM, only four hours before I needed to be down at the airport, where I'd be leaving...secretly, and AWOL.


     Soon after the phone call, the battalion commander stormed in, and asked me what was going on. He wanted to know why they didn't follow procedure, by calling him first so he could then tell me. I could only shrug my shoulders…GOD must've figured it was urgent, I thought to myself. The commander was normally way too busy to do something like that. I may never have gotten the message.
     [Note: Going AWOL was not GOD's will. However, at the time I totally believed it was GOD because I carried the delusional ideas borne out of my willful disobedience (the heavy consequence for sin). Let me be very clear: He did not condone it, but He did allow it, because it was a desperate act of faith. There were 1,000 times He could have exposed my sneakiness and foiled my attempts to leave. Once again though, GOD did not have me go AWOL; however, He did work around my sin to turn the AWOL experience into a positive event, as you will read.]
     That day there was almost nothing on the work agenda for me, so I took advantage of the time. I brought in all my training gear, replaced the computer, my keys, and even cut up my ID. I placed the ID with $40 inside an envelope, with a note that detailed where I was going, and that the $40 was for my office mate's help returning my army-issued equipment, which I had stashed neatly in the office closet. In the note I detailed exactly where I'd be, with my address, e-mail address, and phone. I wanted them to know that I was not trying to hide, but trying to obey.
     I managed to get my car, and donate all my uniforms to the thrift store. I made arrangements to sell my car to my renter, who knew of what was happening. She thought I was nuts. I told her not to lie for me, but did tell her to not answer the phone until I was gone. All in all, I hastily gave away a couple thousand dollars worth of stuff, all in line with the vision I had had of leaving hastily. The material possessions I sold were enough to finance mailing several packages and buying the plane ticket. By the end of the day I was thoroughly exhausted, but everything was in order.
     The day of reckoning had arrived. I showed up at headquarters to meet with the division chief fifteen minutes earlier than scheduled. When I arrived, I noticed the division chaplain there. I actually knew who he was, because he had been at West Point the same time I was! I knew him to be quite a gentleman. I sat down to talk with him, and it was a very warm and sincere talk. He was very much interested in my reasons for leaving. As 1030, 1040, 1050 came and went, we continued talking and talking, and he grew increasingly incensed with the sincerity of the situation.


     The conversation with the chaplain was all glory to GOD. This talk was of no small importance, because his recommendation to the chief would determine whether I was a conscientious objector or not. Shortly after 11 o' clock, as we were finishing our discussion, the chief walked in. The chaplain poked me in the ribs and said "this is very strange indeed - the colonel has not missed a day of work for 22 years." The colonel was 45 minutes late because of car trouble. "Thank you, GOD," I prayed silently. I knew what GOD was intending to do.
     [Note: Even though at this point at knew I was going to be AWOL, it was important to me (and evidently GOD as well--I having received the phone call from HQ at the last minute) to establish that I was leaving AWOL as a confirmed conscientious objector. In hindsight, once I had gone AWOL, the legal consequences of going AWOL nullify any possible benefit that may come from qualifying as a conscientious objector.]
     Because he was late, the colonel had only a few short minutes with me. He asked me how I intended to pay for the $130K debt, and if I was going after more money in the civilian sector. I didn't have much time to answer before he said, "Well, I'll just have to base my decision on the recommendation that the chaplain gives me about you." I thanked the colonel, and walked out with the chaplain. The chaplain walked me to the door and said "I want you to know that I'm approving you for this." Patting me on the shoulder, he gave me a big, warm smile, and bid me a kind farewell. It was time to leave, though only one other person knew it.
     [At this point, had I stayed in Hawaii, I would have been out-processed as a conscientious objector, and received an honorable discharge. However, I went AWOL the same day, which cancelled any chance of honorable discharge status - all a consequence for sin. GOD's message was clear: He will not honor sin.]
     It finally hit me - the two dreams I had while in school at West Point! I was leaving the military to follow the LORD! It gave me a good vibe just realizing what was happening. But trouble had only just begun.
     I went to my office and made everything as tidy as could be. Then I gave the envelope I had prepared to the soldier on duty, with instructions to give the envelope to my office mate the following morning. I raced home to get my stuff. When I got to the apartment, my renter was there ready to drive me to the airport in my old jalopy. She said one of the officers had called and left a message saying that I had "better stay right there." They had found out, but it was too late, I was on the way to the airport.


     I have rarely felt so relieved as I did when I sat down in my seat on the airplane. I wasn't nervous, just exhausted. Over forty hours of scrambling had exhausted me mentally, physically, spiritually.
     IX. Arriving in Illinois and onto Jail
     After a very peaceful flight to Illinois, I arrived "home" to a round of new threats awaiting me. Legitimate threats, nonetheless - of apprehension, prison, dishonorable discharge, court martial, etc. Joining forces with Cory, we went out to pray, and received peace from the LORD. These phone calls continued for another couple days, from Hawaii, from parents... all trying to convince me to return, "or else." I turned to the LORD, who comforted me that it was better just to stay put, and that He would be taking care of me now. I stopped getting phone calls and correspondences thereafter. In fact, nothing happened for nineteen weeks. Eighteen weeks I spent seeking the LORD in His SOPs - getting up early to pray, reading the Bible one to three hours a day, fasting, exercising, studying CCCInc. material. I again began to grow spiritually by leaps and bounds. After eighteen weeks, I enjoyed a rest from the rigorous routine the Lord had laid on me.
     It was this nineteenth week I received a visit from a police officer. The officer came to our apartment, and asked me to come with him. I was admittedly nervous, but I knew GOD was going to be take care of me.
     With the officer waiting at the door, I asked my brother to come away to another room for a minute to pray. It was quite clear that this was the end (again) to a process started with my declaration of conscientious objection on February 27, 2000. I was taken to the Kankakee county jail, where I was placed in a holding cell for 12 cold hours, wondering what was going to happen. I had no idea how long I was going to be there.
     By the end of the first 12 hours, I was shivering in this prison cell, part-covered with urine from a guy who was so stoned he missed the basin, all the while talking to a guy who was "eating" a fish sandwich that wasn't there. He was severely schizophrenic. I wasn't horrified, just deeply saddened. When I was finally was assigned my own cell and issued a mattress and blanket, I went gladly, knelt down to pray, then practically expired out of grief.


     In the holding cell I met seven people. A couple men in the adjacent drug rehab cell, Al and James, listened closely as I shared why I was in jail. James began to open up about beating his wife. James apparently had hit "rock bottom" and showed an honestly repentant heart towards his sin that got him put in jail. I basically just prayed silently for them, and only felt led to share words about true repentance and seeking GOD in Scripture and prayer daily. I gave them a Bible I had on me which they genuinely appreciated.
     The experience of jail seemed to be one much less of witnessing than for the strengthening of my faith, fight and compassion. I was quickly moving toward discouragement, not knowing how long I might be detained. After seeing how the security officers treated the inmates, I grew increasingly disheartened. I could hardly pray my heart was so heavy: Heavy for the demonic oppression there; heavy from meeting people with problems so much greater than I had ever dreamed. It just allowed the LORD to open my eyes to literally another world. I only ended up staying for one night - the LORD's mercy had quickly moved the necessary paperwork quickly into the right hands. I found out later that many other AWOL offenders had stayed in jail for weeks--even months--waiting for paperwork.
     X. To Fort Knox, Kentucky: Revival
     I received a plane ticket from the government to travel to Ft. Knox, Kentucky. I gathered up a bag of items and caught the plane the same day after leaving the jail. At Ft. Knox, I turned myself into the Personnel Control Facility, where I was put with about forty other AWOL individuals. This was where final out-processing from the military would take place. Most people were gone within 3-5 days. I thought I would be too, but I didn't realize my situation was much different--I was the only officer there. Consequently this turned out to be a major patience test and source of anxiety because I had my heart set on leaving--not on doing GOD's work. Even so, with each new person I spoke to, I realized more clearly the LORD's purpose for having me there, which strengthened my resolve to stay longer.
     >From the moment I arrived, the Holy Spirit literally began reviving people. All the men were designated as AWOL, and were generally between the ages of 18 and 23. I cannot emphasize enough that from the very moment I walked in they had a keen interest in wanting to know what I had to say. I had no understanding of why I was so popular. It was ALL the Holy Spirit's doing. Several guys were pulling up chairs within the first fifteen minutes I was there to find out why this officer went AWOL from the Army, especially a West Point graduate who had been stationed in Hawaii. The extraordinary situation made for a very interested audience, but it was the Spirit's show. It was witnessing what Jesus Christ had done in my life, and the growth I had gained after learning the truth published by CCCInc.


     After only a day, the LORD made plain to me His evident favor among the men, who began to visit me in my room, asking about my personal testimony and about the Bible. Sometimes we would just talk. I was so overwhelmed with joy because GOD had made a captive audience and given me grace to speak boldly. During my fourteen days there, thirty to forty guys heard the message of the gospel, and several had some very moving testimonies of repentance. I quickly developed a heart of love for these guys. We were the worst the army had to offer, the outcasts, the dishonorable derelicts; but GOD was moving in our midst.
     As the only officer, I was the only one who could refrain from going to the mess hall for meals. I would take advantage of these opportunities, watching their formation march off to lunch from my window on the third floor. Then I would bow down on my face, and a spirit of prayer would come over me, and all I could do was moan and cry for their souls. It was very emotional for me, and GOD's power increased day after day. Soon I had some guys coming to me in anguish of spirit asking me how to repent and fix their lives. One guy, who prided himself on his tough biker image and abundant profanity, walked up to me and started asking about Jesus. Afterwards, I don't remember hearing him curse again. Often, the guys were concerned that I wasn't eating enough, so they'd bring back food from the mess hall for me. I was so encouraged. This was the first time I had been given power to witness GOD's truth to a large group of men, which to me was very exciting!
     Each of the guys still called me "sir", though they were not required to, because I had been demoted to a no-rank status, each of the guys still called me "sir." This was a deep-reaching experience, a very real revival, bringing forth repentance of sins, continual prayer, fasting, teaching, moves of the Spirit like a miracle of healing, as well as some very rapidly answered prayer requests. One of the last days I was there, I went down to the chaplain's office and picked up a stack of Bibles, thinking I had taken more than anyone would want (I remember grabbing seven English translations and three Spanish). When I came back and said "Who wants a Bible?" I found I didn't have enough for all the hands that raised! Even the Spanish Bibles were taken. Praise GOD!
     During my stay at Fort Knox I had time to speak more in-depth to several individuals who ended up staying longer than the normal 3-5 days. The first person was Phil, who himself went AWOL because the LORD convicted him about staying in military service. Phil had many amazing stories from his own life. He had grown up an orphan, his mother a prostitute, his father a drug dealer. Phil was left by his dad to live with his dad's drug dealer when he was eleven. He himself was hooked on methamphetamines at that time, and never considered it to be out of the norm. He practically lived on drugs up through his early twenties. Though he looked extremely healthy and vibrant, it took the power of Jesus to break his drug addiction.


     Phil received the anointing a year prior when he began attending a Pentecostal church in Washington (I do not remember the name, except that it was a sister church to the one in Brownsville, Florida). During his first visit to the church, he had approached the altar, and received the anointing of the Holy Spirit which INSTANTLY broke his addiction to drugs. Very soon thereafter, he began to receive visions, and the LORD confirmed a prophetic calling on his life. He did not believe the church heresy of "once saved, always saved," jokingly calling it "fire insurance." Phil had become a member of the church, and spent much time working for the church.
     [CCCInc. Note: Scripture clearly shows that only the overcomer level has "soul" salvation, yet must continually obey/qualify daily to retain overcoming status and gain eternal life.]
     Phil told me how he had gotten embroiled in working for the church, and had grown weary working in the church, being busy, working out of habit, and eventually lost his joy of serving the LORD. The LORD then gave him a vision while he was in the church one Sunday morning. He saw a black cloud in the bathroom of the church, so he left the sanctuary and headed for the bathroom to see what was the matter. In the bathroom one of his trusted church leaders/friend was molesting a child. To say the least, this shook up his faith, and he left the church. He returned to sin, and lost the anointing. He started in the army, but only after a short stay he was leaving as a conscientious objector because in his spirit he was convicted. His chain of command didn't take his request for conscientious objection seriously, so he left AWOL. Phil was transitioning back to seeking the LORD's will for his life. I spent some time discussing the 3-part church with him, and gave him some CCCInc. web-site material, and he took it with him.
     Phil received GOD's truth with a healthy skepticism (he questioned all teaching he received). I gave him a copy of "sin free, law of text." Phil told me that from the time he stood up to his chain of command for his beliefs, he had had a strong desire to study GOD's word. However, in his reading, he had been coming across some "contradictions" that he thought might be an issue of text mistranslation. He felt prompted to study the original texts in search of answers. This was a clear indication that the material I had brought down was for him. (E.g., the "sin free" study-letter talks about the textual mistranslation of the word "remission" to "forgiveness.") Phil was one of three guys that was at the Ft. Knox facility as long as I was, so we had the opportunity to discuss the gospel frequently. After one week at Ft Knox, he came to me and told me that he had recommitted his life to Christ. There was no indication he had regained the anointing at that point though. We parted ways after two weeks, and I have yet to hear from him, but trust the LORD will have us meet again soon.


XI. GOD's Miracle of Healing
     Another fellow named Mike was an important person in my life during this time. I don't remember why he had gone AWOL. For the first ten days, he had been pretty quiet, but I remember seeing him listening to the Bible discussions, and watching me sometimes. He was about 27 years old and married. The day he came to talk with me, he was distressed, almost depressed. Mike had been at the out-processing facility a little longer than many of us because of a medical condition. In fact, he had been getting tests done on a cancerous lump in his lung. He told me his father had died of a cancerous lung lump while in his 40s. This was obviously a very troubling and frightening burden for Mike. I didn't know what to say. The prior three days, the Spirit had urged me to pray specifically for a miracle. For three days I prayed for a miracle, with my own notion of what might happen, unaware that this was His recipient.
     When I spoke with Mike, I told Him that GOD could do anything. He agreed, and mentioned that He had placed His faith in Jesus. He then asked if I would pray for his condition to be healed (this was in front of several other individuals--a display of faith). He said he was going to get results from the hospital in a few days letting him know what action to take, since there was still a chance it was benign. We prayed, and believed GOD for a miracle.
     The very next day, Mike approached me, beaming. He told me he had gone down to the hospital to escort a friend who needed to get checked out. While he was down there, he had the thought to get a copy of his medical record. As he walked up to ask the receptionist, he bumped into the doctor reviewing his lung lump. He told Mike some very good news: they must have previously been mistaken--the diagnosis revealed that the lump in his chest was a calcium deposit, not cancer. We were ready to dance! GOD answered with a very plain miracle. Mike and I parted ways shortly after that, and though I haven't heard from him since, I know his life was changed.
     The last of the three is a powerful testimony about the meanest soldier in the place. Rich was an abrasive young man with a short temper and foul mouth. He ended up being at out processing longer than I was for getting into fights. During my first ten days there, I just did my best to be kind to him. GOD used Rich as a good lesson of why one should never write anyone off as "beyond help" or "unlovable," because when GOD touched his heart, it was powerful.


     Rich had grown up in a family where his father had been very abusive to his mother. He joined a gang in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he was living at the age of fourteen. His speech was brash, his manner crass. He loved to be the center of attention which he often maintained by loud and foul humor. The LORD had me pray for him while I was there. We never had any conflicts. All I had done was smile at him every time I saw him, and I caught him listening in on some of the conversations I had with the other guys. After the first week, his loudness became very useful - he began to yell when I'd enter the rec room "LT's here, so ya'll better not be cursing!"
     During the second week, Rich had humbled himself significantly, and asked me to pray for him. He wanted to see the commander, who had refused to see him because he had been in a fight ten days prior. The day after praying, the commander agreed to see him. This proved again, as in Mike's case, that GOD responds to faith Heb11:6. Encouraged that he had received an answer to prayer, Rich again asked me to pray for him about leaving (it had been close to 40 days, because the commander refused to finish his paperwork). Once again, after praying, things progressed smoothly for him. The answer to prayer had a profound effect on him.
     When it was time for me to leave, he called me into his room and began telling more about his life. He told me he had a little son, and needed prayer to be able to change and stay out of trouble. He then said something that deeply moved me--"I have never met anyone like you. I wanted to thank you for helping me." This was just totally out of his character. Then, shutting the door to his room, he walked over, clasped my hand, and asked me to pray for him. He was so humbled--crying--and he gave me a big hug. As I was leaving, he told me that he would never forget the way I cared about him and all the guys there. All I could do was thank the LORD, for this kind dagger to my heart. I shared very basic gospel truth with Rich, and am hoping for the LORD's provision in His life, to use Rich powerfully for His glory.
     My experience in Fort Knox allowed the Spirit to do some very important work in my heart. First of all, He comforted me to know that I can witness to men. Prior to this experience, my friends had scoffed at me because it seemed that women were the only people I ever shared the gospel with. This time of speaking with men comforted me by reassuring me that the people who came to listen were not attracted to me, but to Jesus, and His love. Secondly, I learned that bearing others' burdens is an overwhelming joy. The Spirit strengthened me to fast for a good portion of the time I was there, three full days at the beginning, then several 24 hour periods after that. Having officer privileges afforded me the chance to sacrifice while they ate, and GOD multiplied the sacrifice. I even exercised in my room each day, besides praying and reading the Bible.


     I still enjoy remembering and experiencing the weeping that would possess me when I began to bear the burdens of others in my prayers. I could feel their heaviness, and yet I was empowered to bear their burdens and pray them away rejoicing. The amazing thing about GOD's power is that it alone can keep us from pride. It was GOD's glory, no contention with others, no doctrinal disputes, just GOD's power to bring people to repentance. My food had literally been to pray for these souls. Through this the LORD proved the great reward for following His daily SOP (early morning prayer, Bible study, praise, etc.). Although I remember being VERY dry many times, the oasis He brought me to erased all remembrance of the struggling for my first 18 weeks in Momence, IL. I praise GOD for turning my curse of going AWOL into a colossal blessing. GOD's period of testing my faith was 3x7 weeks, or from July 27 to December 25. 3x7 weeks is also 5 months, the same period of time to move from declaring conscientious objection (Feb 27) to leaving Hawaii (July 27). Altogether it took ten months to complete the process. The lessons surrounding the importance of obedient faith were evident - that only the LORD gives faith and His Spirit power to accomplish His work of love and bearing others' burdens. Also, prayers were answered more because of the individual's faith in GOD than because of my praying. May GOD be praised and receive all the glory, always.
     XII. Conclusion
     Another five months after my dismissal from the PCF, I was officially released from all connection to the military (April '01). I had to undergo a court martial proceeding via telephone to determine the terms of my discharge. I was assigned a JAG officer, CPT Nap, to review my case, and determine whether I should be given an honorable discharge, or something other than honorable. CPT Nap argued an excellent case on my behalf, that I deserved an honorable discharge because I was compelled to leave the military to "follow [my] faith in GOD." However excellent the argument, it failed, ultimately the consequence of my sin--dishonoring GOD, so my being justly dishonored.
     GOD allowed me throughout my disobedience to be stripped bare of everything. I couldn't even get hired into minimum wage jobs. I managed to make a little money substitute teaching while living in Michigan, and selling the remnant of my worldly possessions on Ebay. In a move of desperate faith, I put my West Point class ring up for auction on Ebay. The ring had originally cost me $300, but the auction brought $3100. That money was placed in a safe fund to be used for starting Inspired Distributing.


Between 2000 and 2003 I spent time living in several cities, including Washington DC, Detroit, Kalamazoo and Momence. At one point GOD tripled an investment I had made in a security, but I squandered it by my greed. I could have cashed in the security and paid off all my bills, but I wasn't listening to him, so eventually lost all of it.
     While living in Washington DC, I had the opportunity to meet a couple interesting individuals, one with the gift of prophecy and the other with the gift of miracles. I really clicked with Jerry, a 50 year old gentleman whom GOD had used to do several significant miracles. GOD actually taught Jerry His 3-part church in spirit, but Jerry rejected my witness of CCCInc. GOD used Jerry to confirm his gift of miracles to me, as well as through another Jn14 Christian woman, who received "signs and wonders" while praying in tongues over me.
     The other person, Gayle, had the gift of prophecy. She prophesied to me about my dad and I. She said that we would come to a resolution of our fight. I figured she must be wrong because dad and I weren't fighting. More than two years later, that word about our differences being resolved is a great encouragement. I wish I would have respected GOD's work in Gayle and listened better.
     One of the other neat things that happened in Washington came from my friend John. He told me one day about a dream he had about me. He said that in the dream, I was up on a high hill with a beautiful woman singing songs to all the people surrounding us. He said he climbed towards us through the crowd, came up and we saw each other and embraced. From the moment he told me, I knew what the dream was: GOD had brought me to His holy hill Zion to speak the wonderful truth of the gospel through CCCInc. John has never believed that CCCInc. is GOD's last days witness, but these dream indicates that he will be seeking to push and climb up the mountain, and there is where we will meet again.
     While visiting Washington DC in 2001, GOD had me meet a man with the gift of prophecy named Ron. When I first met him, we just sat and talked for about 20 minutes. Then he began to tell me what GOD had told him about me. It was all exactly right. I could never forget - he said GOD showed him a large winepress, and He was turning this handle, applying pressure to the grapes, squeezing, squeezing, squeezing. He said that I was resisting GOD, but GOD wanted me to stop resisting, because He was killing my flesh. Everything else he had to tell me stuck really well. That time in Washington GOD broke me of much of my self-centeredness.


     Presently, GOD has "retrained" me into seeking Him diligently according to His SOPs, and promises to overturn four years of joblessness into abundant provision through working in His CCCInc. business Inspired Distributing. He promises to enact many miracles--a gift first manifested in the healing of the lung-lump--for the purpose of running a global business. My brother and I have been seriously working Inspired Distributing and we are seeing His blessings through serious effort come.
Note: As of March 2003, there is yet no bill for $130,000, so, just as GOD promised, "It's all taken care of."
Note: Participation in the military for moral reasons is an honourable service, but GOD's way for His 1Pet2:5,9 own is more honourable.

Type: sub, corp, cell gr, stu gr, pastor; Level: confess, Jn14 Disc: Brief details of meeting; scriptures, if believed, Spirit cfm, proof of growth, recent victories, proof of Rom6.

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Christian Community Companies Inc.
GOD's Blessings + Power
through obedience + doing His S.O.P.
GOD's blessings only flow thru obedience to His holy, Ex20 law Jam1:12 Rev22:14,
but obedience to His intimate Spirit law (S.O.P.) are essential for soul-salvation.
GOD, in 1Chron4:9, calls Jabez "more honorable" than his brothers, and blessed him,
but few learn to truly honor GOD thru diligence to secure His blessings 2Pet1:10 into 11.

1Jn2...3 Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments.

1Jn3...24 Now he who keeps His commandments abides in Him, and He in him.


The following from CLS summaries, Jan 5 '03
    GOD showed me a vision last night... I saw Jesus on Earth at the right side of the vision, with the Father behind Him. He was facing the left, looking at me. He handed me a stone tablet, then another one. I gave the second one to Alex, who was standing on my left, a little to my rear, and a third one Jesus gave me I handed to Keith who was standing to my right, also a little to my rear (so a triangle formation). I then looked up and saw the heavens open up, and light begin to pour out in love and power in the form of a stream. It covered the area between Jesus and ourselves, and began to go around the whole world. However, the stream did not cover an area of darkness that was immediately behind us, nor did it flow to a smaller spot that was immediately behind the Father and the Son. I got the impression afterwards that the power covered 2/3 of the world, while the remaining 1/3 was left untouched. When the power had completely encompassed the globe, Jesus pointed up to heaven, and a large angel stepped to the precipice with a large book in his hand, about to write. Jesus shouted, "It is finished!" GOD later pointed out that the tablets represented the 10 commandments, while the fact that Jesus gave each of us our own "copy" represents His personalization of them to us (so, His SOPs, or Spirit-law). GOD has repeatedly shown me this week the "commandments of Jesus" as listed in Mat5-7.


1Chron4...9 Now Jabez was more honorable than his brothers, and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, "Because I bore him in pain."
10 And Jabez called on the GOD of Israel saying, "Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain!" So GOD granted him what he requested.
Jn14...15 "If you love Me, keep My commandments.
13 "And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son."

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GOD's New Thing
Part 1
GOD's 7 CCCInc. companies were incorporated Jan'98 to be
His legal entities for His new thing from 2000 to 2068,
all promised for spiritual Israel thru the OT prophets.
GOD is qualifying new shepherds Jer23:4 who submit to
His rule Is32:1 Jer23:5b Mat2:6 Lk1:33 at least in part at
Jn14 level, but fully at Jn15 level His few chosen, elect.
GOD's new shepherds must believe and teach His full truth,
His full gospel to participate in His final covenant work,
His Dan9:27 Jer31 Rev19:15, lest Lk19:27 Jn15:6 Rev21:8; 22:15.
GOD alone calls and ordains or anoints and seals then
He alone sustains thru obedient faith, networking
true participants into Is42:9; 43:19; 62:2; 65:15c Jer31:22; 33:14.
Note: Jer30 flows into Jer31, see Amsterdam 2000.
Note: GOD's New Thing fully began Nov17th 2002,
His personal Jubilee (Lev25; 27) 50 x 40 years after Lk2:7.
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Christian Community Churches Inc.
Sep '95
See, Know Him
"Whosoever abideth in Him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth
hath not seen Him, neither known Him."
GOD, in Gen-Rev, clearly calls believers to see, know Him,
most disbelieve and lost in eternal outer darkness.
GOD, in N.T., says we must see, know Him just to be born again
Jn14 1Jn2:3,24,27 tho merely dim, lukewarm, vague.
GOD's true children see, know His face 1Cor1:30; 2:6; 13:10-12
if Zech13:9 Mal3:3 Mat3:11 1Pet1:7 Rev3:18-21 then Jn10; 15; 17:3.
GOD's true servants see, know Him at Moses, Paul level Amos3:7 Heb1:1
(fathers in the Son) Rom8:29; 12:1,19 Eph3:19b; 4:13d living in death, rejoicing.
GOD, from '84, insists I die daily to live in Him, to see, know Him,
to Jn16:12,13,25, to be His scribe, to serve thru Mic5:5 Rev1:20.
GOD's Acts15:16 will copy Acts2:42-47; 5:42; 6:3(7 CCCInc. globally);
7:55-60 [to fulfil Rev17:9(3:7-13) till 16:19(11:11)].
GOD's true believers are His tenth, tithe, or seed, planted to grow more
Lk17:15,18 Jn15:2 Rev11:1 till as Christ 11:2 into 11:7 into 11:13 so Is6:13.
GOD, from '84, plants me thru abuse, rejection, suffering to pray 5-12hrs.
7 days a wk against satan in the church.
GOD, from '84, reveals 100% truth that His Acts15:16 Jer23:4,5b 1Jn5:8 Rev11:3,4
bind satan and cast evil into hell.
GOD's enemies Jn8:44 Acts20:29 continue till 1Cor15:25 2Pet2:1,14
into Mat10:28 1Cor3:15; 5:5(Zech13:8 Ps1:5 1Pet4:17,18).
GOD wants full repentance so Mk4:28 Lk3:17 that His sheep, seed see
and know Him 1Jn3:6 lest Mat7:21-23; 8:12; 22:13; 25.
GOD says no darkness or sin abides in Him 1Jn1:5; 3:5 yet satan teaches
all willful sinning believers abide in a holy GOD.
 Robert Bristow
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