Freedom's Success

GOD-given Freedom
requires loving others into sacrifice Phil2,
hard service, rather than appeasing evil doers/terrorists,
thru tough love, Jn3:16,17.
"For GOD so loved the cosmos that He gave
His only begotten Son...that the cosmos...might be saved"

GOD has given Iraq a new freedom of religion,
guaranteed in the interim constitution, so when Fred Barnes
recently visited Iraq he attended Pastor Jule's Pentecostal church. Pastor Jule expressed his gratitude;
GOD used coalition forces
to destroy Saddam
and give us freedom
and wished American evangelicals knew;
I thank GOD for the courage of the
American soldiers who have paid a
great price for our nation to be free
Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard writing "The Sermon Was in Arabic"
The Wall Street Journal - March 26, 2004
"101st Airborne Scores Success in Reconstruction of Northern Iraq"
By Michael R. Gordon - The New York Times - Thursday, September 4, 2003
"The Big Story in Iraq is the Little Stories"
By Daniel Henninger - The Wall Street Journal - Friday, September 26, 2003
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Freedom's Success

"Thank You, America"

    The American people should be exposed to the gratitude of the Iraqi people.


    The web page features Kurds thanking America. Why have their voices not been heard on American news broadcasts and in major newspapers?
    Some of these grateful people should be brought to the U.S. for a "Thank You America" event. Let the Democrats tell the liberated Iraqis they should not have been freed from the clutches of Saddam Hussein.

Excerpted from Daily Herald - Nov 15, 2005 by Cal Thomas
Freedom's Success

GOD is showing us
that because the UN failed
the US hard work is producing results
Read: Chicago Tribune - Nov 25, 2005

    One goal was to advance freedom and democracy in the Middle East--not just to help the people there but to change the mind-set of the region that produced the attacks of September 11. Before 2003, the dictators and authoritarian rulers of the region focused their peoples' inevitable discontent on the United States and Israel. Now the progress toward democracy in Iraq is leading Middle Easterners to concentrate on the question of how to build decent governments and decent societies. We can see the results--the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon, the first seriously contested elections in Egypt, Libya's giving up WMDs, the Jordanian protests against Abu Musab Zarqawi's recent suicide attacks, and even a bit of reform in Saudi Arabia. In Syria, the Washington Post's David Ignatius reports, "People talk politics here with a passion I haven't heard since the 1980s in Eastern Europe. They're writing manifestos, dreaming of new political parties, trying to rehabilitate old ones from the 1950s."

Excerpted from US News + World Report by Michael Barone - Nov 28, 2005