Freedom's Price

GOD has shown His grace to South Korea, setting them free 50 years ago and subsequently spreading the truth, His full gospel enabling them to attain full, real freedom.
GOD allowed the sacrifice of around 50,000 soldiers from various countries to free the Koreans; enabling the South Koreans to participate in the freedom of Iraq.
When writing about this in the NYTimes Mar 19 '04 Donald Rumsfeld was explaining Freedom's Price to a young Korean journalist "I told her about a satellite photo of the Korean peninsula, taken at night, that I keep on a table. North of the demilitarized zone there is nothing but darkness -- except a pinprick of light at the capital, but the entire country of South Korea is ablaze in light, the light of freedom."

GOD established Yoido Full Gospel Church
in Korea with 760,000 members as His witness Mat24:14