Freedom's Economy

GOD's full economic freedom eliminates corruption,
greed, waste by evil lawmakers who follow their lust for
power at the expense of society, squandering others' earnings
on frivolous self-interests, 100% contrary to evidence + history.
GOD's free-market principles were assisted thru various
tax cuts in USA, JFK in the 60s, Reagan in the 80s and
George Bush recently, all documented by Nat. Bureau of Econ. Res.
GOD's free-market principles thrive with limited gov't spending,
which allows the economy to expand, raises the living standard
and rewards conservative business that truly pays all society's bills.
as simply put: no business, no money.
Business - Tax Revenue - Government Services

    Business is great. Successful companies are the engine of a healthy society and nothing short of the foundation of a free and democratic world. While government is a key part of society and vital to all of us, it makes no money of its own. All the necessary things it provides -- from the justice system to welfare and hospitals -- come from some form of tax revenue paid by companies and their employees. Government is the support for the engine. It is not the engine.

The above was excerpted from "Five Questions to Ask . . ." by Jack Welch
OPINION - The Wall Street Journal - Thursday, October 28, 2004