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Mr. Charles Colson
Mar 2003
Part 4
GOD's dictated letters to you May '97, Jan '98 + Jan '99 were
disbelieved, discarded, disregarded, which leaves the LORD no choice,
but to severely chastise you and PFI for rejecting His call.
GOD promised to use PFI to teach the full Bible truth, to obey and
honour Him by working to support ministry 100%, to own
private prison facilities, all part of His end-times plan, witness, work.
GOD's hard work upon PFI includes the lawsuits to alert/warn you
that current operations are contrary to His will, to induce change,
to facilitate His power thru PFI, to draw thousands into repentance.
GOD's hard work will fulfill His promises that His true institutions
mirror, portray, witness His holy nature, 100% contrary to the
existing worldly so-called Christian efforts of evil man/institutions.
 Robert Bristow
Note: Refer to The New York Times article Feb13th 2003, page 23.
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