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Attn Dr Ian Campbell
Jan '98 Part 6
GOD is calling you to Ez33:1-9 in the ranks of SA, as His co-mission must be regained;
His true, soul salvation message is prime, Job33:24-30 Acts14:22 Heb10:39 1Pet1:9.
GOD is calling you to copy Christ who fed souls then bellies, contrary to SA, which currently
performs as a gov't service, unable by law to truly evangelize, so truly against Him.
GOD is calling you to instigate true rehab among SA ranks first, then they will see
His need for spiritual and physical rehab, as very few in SA are truly born again.
GOD is calling you to begin effecting His will in the SA ranks thru true 1Pet1:22 level,
that a few will then grow Eph4:15 till 1Jn2:6; 3:6, truly abiding in His holy will.
GOD's true rehab centers are Bible based, Ps119 Acts2; 5:42, then teach/train job skills,
mentoring all believers thru church outreach till all grow to Acts1:8 1Pet1:22,23 level.
GOD's true rehab centers are business funded (never gov't funded), trusting Him
to supply ample for His missionary work, helping true seekers, not fake Jam2:19.
GOD's true rehab centers are managed by Jn15 level, that His witness is clear;
staff at Jn14 level min to ensure His Spirit is free to work, copying Acts2-7.
 Robert Bristow

Lt. Colonel Marlene Chase, editor in chief, interviews Captain Ian Campbell, M.D., for War Cry readers.
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