incorporated in Delaware

effective        into
perpetuity without amendment
for  Christian  Community  Churches  Inc.
for    operating    an    association    of    churches    for
Bible    teaching     through     Bible     believing     churches    and
Bible   believing     schools     both    with     staff     and     volunteers   qualified
through    GOD's    word,    1Jn2:22;    4:1-3;    having    completed    personal    Bible    study
number  two  and  tithing   one   tenth  to  Christian   Community   Churches   Inc.  Mal3:6-12;  Mt17:27.


Christian  Community  Churches   and  associate   churches   qualify  to  membership  through  having  elected  tithing  elders,
bishops  and  deacons  all having  completed   personal  Bible  study  number  seven,  tithing evangelists,  preachers or  teachers all having
completed  personal  Bible  study  number  five, through having twelve ministries serving church and community: for building Bible  study  cell  groups;
for family counseling, education, prayer and stewardship; for volunteers to Christian Community Churches' associate organisations and through giving one half of total
tithes and offerings to Christian Community Churches Inc. in Chicago, Bombay, Capetown, Hong Kong, London, Mexico City, or Sydney,   1Cor7:17-24   Acts2:42-47   Rev3:7-13.


Christian    Community    Churches    Inc.    Chicago    board    of    elders-directors    minimum    three,    maximum    seven    elected     by    existing    board     of    elders-directors    to    elect    all
Christian   Community  Churches  Inc.  boards  of elders-directors  to  elect  all  associate  churches'  boards  of  elders-directors,   Neh10:1-11:2   1Cor2-4  to  elect  all  associate  churches'  bishops,  deacons,
evangelists,  preachers  and  teachers  all   through  qualifying  without   ceasing,    Mark10:39    Luke12:50   1Cor10:16,21   2Cor4:10,   elders-directors  meet   three   for  quorum,  bishops  meet  deacons,  deacons  meet
evangelists,  preachers,   staff,   teachers  and  volunteers  all  on  last  Thursday  monthly   worldwide,   so  a  maximum  of  three  elders-directors  per   qualifying   church   in   each   area to meet  first  Thursday  in  each  region,
to meet second Thursday  in each of  seven zones, to meet third Thursday all monthly with all  working accounting  books publishing  balance sheets by  last  Thursday  monthly worldwide  for  Christian  Community Churches Inc. U.S.A.

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