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Rev Stowell,
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Aug '96
GOD in flesh, Christ Jesus, foretold His new power, teaching, work
Jn4; 14; 17 Acts1:8 but you refuse to believe His clear, precise word and
reject a personal encounter, experience  Acts15:7-11.
GOD, from Acts2:1-4, continued Acts10:43-47; 13:41; 16; 19:1-21...etc. till
1Cor12; 14 today but you teach lies, contradict many verses, deliberately
Mt12:32  (Acts20:29  2Pet2:14)... so Jer23  Jn8:31-45.
GOD's word clearly, repeatedly divides believers into 3 parts:
sinners, lukewarm, 1Jn2:6; 3:6, but you are blinded in sin from truth,
mere mouth believer Jm2:19  1Jn3:6b,8a,10 2Jn9... as Acts1:17.
GOD promised to purge and discard evil from MBI enabling His Spirit
power, teaching, work.
 Robert Bristow
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