GOD demands we love
Thurgood Marshall said, "Distinctions by race are so evil, so
arbitrary and invidious that a state bound to defend the equal
protection of the laws must not involve them in any public sphere."
GOD pushed Ward Connerly; a business man, a member of the
U of C Board of Regents to put the Racial Privacy Initiative on the
California ballot for Nov 2002 to prevent gov't agencies in
Calif. from classifying individuals by race, etc., for any purpose
pertaining to public education, public contracting or public employment.
George Will in Newsweek Mar 25 2002.
Shelby Steele in WSJ Mar 29 2002.

(CCCInc. Note: GOD has shown us that most of the world is so hateful that He insists believers fight [thru prayer and fasting] against cultural implants by evil men who insist that others are inferior, cannot make it, need handouts, all a part of a soft form of bigotry, which maintains a permanent underclass.)