Dear Keith,
Wed, Jan 31st '01
Professional Services
GOD is copying the 1st church (Acts2-20) in calling, training, proving
His teams of qualified believers to do a job in the world for Him.
GOD's letters throughout the CCCInc. website explain this in detail,
but you have yet to fully understand His method, system, ways, etc.
GOD's business-ministry runs on very little (but just enough) $ for
each stage of growth, totally contrary to the worldly system you see.
GOD's business-ministry is essentially fulfilling Ps110:3a, never paying
the outside world to provide services He can deliver directly Himself.
GOD's business-ministry is thru obedient faith in His supply, in His time,
never operating on our agenda, so ensuring He gets the glory Himself.
GOD's business-ministry is fully explained on the website, so please
* study + understand in order to share His patterns with others.
GOD has shown us your desire for CCCInc. to be judged + approved
by the worldly types, but also we see your lack in trusting Him.
* Suggest you start with "every single page" on Companies #1 section.
GOD's business-ministry will network truly committed, qualified, tested
believers; totally contrary to the present church types, no matter
their talk, their money, their talent, their following, their work!!
GOD's business-ministry advances His agenda only or His S.O.P. to fulfill
His clear Bible promises, seen by few living Jn15, His true team;
others follow in obedient faith to be His management + and staff globally.
GOD's business-ministry must adhere to legal requirements for gov't
reporting, but is not tied to worldly-traditional business practices
which can be costly, time-consuming, inefficient + grossly unproductive.
GOD's business-ministry will never resemble the worldly church or the
worldly business community as He directs each + every step along
the way; copying Acts2-20, as He uses ordinary people for His glory.
GOD is directing an accounting structure
to fit the internet, not to fit worldly practices,
for all 7 corporations and subsidiaries.

Sun, Jan 28th '01

1. Wait and see what thoughts satan gives you after you make 15,000 bucks in 3 days. Suffice it to say, blabbed into your head.
2. I am grieved through my own lack of financial stewardship. If GOD indeed brought mass increase through my account, He was directing me forward in some way, though I was completely blind to it.
Today, after discussion, I feel as though I am in the position to move ahead with endeavoring to build business/law soundness into CCC's reporting techniques, through the aid of professional advice.
Why? Successful and sound business reporting techniques have been laid. Businesses don't "develop" their own reporting techniques. The end state of our waiting and praying for guidance in building an R/E is the current 3 prong system: R/E, balance sheet, cash flow statement. We continue to slowly drag GOD's plan along, by "waiting" for the R/E to be revealed to us in Spirit. It's already there, no revelation needed.
What is necessary is the prayer and supplication surrounding the application of the professional advice and services that contribute to GOD's structure. GOD wants it to be MANAGED by disciples. We don't throw our figures at agencies and let them finagle our figures. But we seek their current law-abiding reporting structure/techniques and know-how to facilitate our conforming to what every other successful business has already conformed to.
3. Work to learn: We are at the point where we have the fundamentals to talk half-sensibly to planners/professionals now. But our learning curve is severely curtailed if we continue to build confidence, competence, and establish sound groundwork to speak "buzz" intelligibly among (at least where I'm at) a cross section/gateway for millionares and corporate big whigs, political powerhouses, successful businessmen! (The guy down the road is a billionare and runs Mustard Seed Ministries living off less than 1% - gives 99% - of his salary. I don't think he'd have a problem giving 50% to a parent company). I want to talk to him about my company, and get his input! Sounding like you know what you are talking about is the most important thing when selling an idea! That's why the WSJ, that's why get out into the marketplace. Listen to the're not going to be an expert by doing these things, you will be knowledgeable enough to make conversation though!
HIS S.O.P. is going to be different in many ways, according to HIS Spirit, but is HE really going to have us not doing the big 3 (R/E, balance sheet, cash flows)? Are we going to teach ourselves? Is it our job to? Working knowledge, not expertise is all we will have for a while. We need expertise, and sorely.
We don't even have a provision for loans yet. Think about your car loans. Loans are amoritized, with a principle AND interest portion expensed every month. The loan balance shows up on the balance sheet! It gets paid incrementally, because you derive a benefit from the low interest rate on that loan (until Discover bumps you back up to 25%! :) ahah.
You wanna move this plan? Get some professional services.
Thanks for the letter. I really need Rob to pray big for me, I appreciate that a lot. Need some clear vision, listening ears.

Friday, Jan 26th '01
GOD had me aware of Keith's "thoughts," his heart
for some time, but as is common, just prayed
+ waited for His timing to see if truly of HIM.
GOD has used Keith's trades to increase CCCInc. $
substantially, to teach him listening lessons, to test faith,
and to have 1st hand witness of HIS work in his PR contacts.
GOD has had Keith's trades overlap the month-end
GP split + transfer to I.I., so I can see no reason for
Keith to transfer anything until HIS S.O.P. are executed.
GOD is teaching all to kill the "profit motive" for mere $ sake,
and concentrate on stewardship - the job for HIS purposes,
so Keith should earnestly pray for HIS work in this area, for His purposes.
Standard Operating Procedures