Dear Alex,
Apr 15th Sunday
GOD in Indonesia - Ministries Today web article in January
After our Sunday meeting I had lunch at CCIL; and the LORD had me change
my intended course, returning me to PT. The Indonesian church at PT was
just about to begin service (11:00), so the LORD made it clear that I attend.
GOD insisted I decline a translator, having me sit, listen + pray as to why I was there.
The LORD brought to mind the MT article, and made it very clear I was to speak
to the whole congregation, challenging a group to pray + fast weekly for their kin.
GOD had me outline His plan for me (a stranger) to speak, to one of the leaders,
who approached the pastor, who invited me to address the group (a 1st for me);
confirming my awkwardness, but delivering His call for a small (3-7) group to obey.
GOD impacted several hearts, it being a confirmation to the pastor + others
for some serious work to be done for Indonesia, but no previously clear
steps or direction given. The pastor formally accepted + expounded to all.
GOD later confirmed many points, expanded my witness to a few, and had
me challenge one young man, who works at Lucent, to study wireless
tech as the LORD is expanding this tech for His gospel to the world. His
wife had already told him the LORD was opening "new avenues" for him.
All very exciting!
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 11:05:20
From: Cory Sellers < >
To: Alex P. < >
Subject: Ministries Today
Miracles Save Christians From Attacks

Miraculous interventions are said to have saved Christians from Islamic fighters in Indonesia. Muslim warriors are reported to have been turned away from attacks on Christian communities in the Moluccan islands by a bearded figure dressed in white and riding a white horse.
The accounts by a visiting Australian pastor have been circulated by International Christian Concern (ICC), which has called for prayer and practical aid for Christian in the area who have been targeted by Muslim extremists in an escalating "holy war." Several thousand people have died in violent clashes in the last two years. Hundreds of Christians are reported to have been forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint.
In other "miracle" accounts distributed by ICC, Islamic raiders have fled after Elisha-like encounters with thousands of opposing soldiers seen only by them. Local Christians only learned of the events after military visited the area searching for an Australian they said was fighting for them, said the visiting minister.
In a letter to supporters, ICC president Steve Synder also told of a 17-year-old boy slashed with a sword and left for dead in a raid on a Christian village. As he was being prepared for burial later, he suddenly began breathing again. "[He] later testified that he had seen Jesus and was told to return. His mission on earth was not yet finished," Snyder said. He said that Christians in the region were enduring "extreme suffering and barbaric brutality."

from Ministries Today
Note:  GOD's grace, love, power as seen above depends upon
obedience to His word, specifically Mat26:52, a
hard call to love or harm not our enemies, ever.

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Dear Cory,
April 25th '00
GOD's agenda, plan, will is revealed to His anointed: the ungodly-lukewarm Jn14
see and hear in part or darkly 2Cor4:3,4, and most fail to obey thru faith; but
the prophets of GOD Amos3:7 Jn15 fully participate Gen15:13 Num14:22-35 Jer25:11,12;
continuing today, He reveals His plan Jn16:25, Rev11:3,6 into 10:7, yet most disbelieve Him.
GOD, in Ezek37, qualifies a 3part church along with a 3phase work: V7,8 drawing the
refuse into confessors, mere form, outer way, as in Mat15:7-9; V10,11 filling some
with Jn20:22, power Acts1:8; 5:32, inner truth Jn14 1Jn2, as in Mat7:21-23; 19:17-26;
V12-14, 21-27 delivering few Job33 Acts14:22 Lk13:23,24 Jn5:24; 15, as in Mat24:13,22; 25:10.
GOD's 3phase work is ongoing from Acts2, growing spiritual Israel or His 3part
church, but from Jan 2000 His absolute truth is freely preached thru His dictated
Bible study material on the internet, along with greater Spirit power over 12yrs
to begin Mat24:14 thru Ezek5:4 Ob18a Heb1:7 Rom12:1 2Cor4:11-7:1; 12:15 into Rev11:7.
GOD is currently fulfilling Zephaniah, repeating Ex20 Deut5 in Spirit power, for 12 yrs;
a jealous GOD speaking to the whole earth thru His fire or setting the airwaves
on holy fire, in order to restore His holy, global kingdom; all part of Malachi 4.
GOD in Jer23:29 Zech2:5; 12:6 qualifies the "fire of His jealousy," again in
Is29-33 Joel2 Nahum Rev11:5.
GOD in love has brought you to see His truth, firmly implanted thru
21 months of initial chastising + preparation work to submit to His yoke, Jan 2002,
but you despised His call, refused to obey over 18 mths to July 2003, so His final
21 months to qualify you at Jn14 level completes 5 yrs of grace, Apr '05.
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Dear Keith,
April '00
GOD's global plan is beyond the mortal mind, yet He shares His vision
with mere man 1Cor2 * etc; calling many, but choosing few to co-work 2Cor6
His holy kingdom principles in perfect faith Jam2 and perfect love 1Jn4 2Jn.
GOD's global plan is networking 1Jn3:6,9,24 saints, copying Christ into Rev14:12
in order to qualify for Rev17:14; His 3rd part Zech13:9 Mat5:48 Jn17:20-24 Rom8; 14:17,
living fully sanctified 1Jn1:7 for soul salvation 1Pet1:9 2Thes2:13 Mat16:26 => 24:13.
GOD's global plan is copying Moses, David, Paul ministries to rule His true churches
Is32:1 Dan2:40-45 Mat2:6 so that His Rom6 servants obey His agenda, His voice,
His will to qualify for 1Cor15:49-58 for true Jews Rom2:29; 9-11 Rev2:9,27 His subjects.
GOD's global plan is using air-based technology to copy Acts2-7 teaching to fight,
overcome, win all 2Cor10:3-5 Eph6:10-18 1Jn5:4,18 Rev12:11, especially thru Is14:29b
Rev8:10,11 from 2012, a huge global purging period for 12 yrs, to fulfill Mat24:14 Rev10:7.

Heb5:14..But strong meat belongs to them that are perfect, those who
by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.
Rev17:15 qualifies the evil church hating the true called as they "die,"
their Job33 Ps18:16 Rom6 separation "from the water" into Him.
GOD had me challenge Calvin, an Apostolic member, concerning his deep
seated hate, but Calvin rejected GOD's truth and assaulted me twice, even
threatening "to wipe the street with my blood," but I obey Mat5:44,48.
GOD intends to build space portals for His global evangelism, rule, teaching.
[GOD's hard work]
[Bishop Brazier]
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