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We are in Bangalore-South India

Dear brother,
This is the info about my ministry.
If we have enough finance we have written a project on adopting a bunch of villages in India and screen all the women for cervical cancer caused by Human papilloma virus and refer them early to cancer centres.

We have now taken in charege of an orphanage with 65 children which has 25 females and the rest boys, they are sent to a nearby school for thier education.

All these years we were worshiping in a rented place,and now we are on our own and conducting our service in my rented house on an open terrace. My house owner is a non-christian who is not allowing us to pray and praise loudly. If we need to rent a place we need to pay nerly 170 dollar a month. So please pray for this specific need, we would like to have a place of our own and we know nothing is immpossible with God.

I work as the head of the department of microbiology at St Joseph's college, Bangalore. I teach under and post graduate students medical microbiology and molecular biology at this institute.I have specialised in cancer biology and currently working on Human Papilloma Virus and Helicobacter Pylori which cause cervical cancer and stomach cancer respectively.For our study we have chosen 25 slums in and around the Bangalore city because our earlier report shows that the incidence of these two cancers is very high among the slum population.We have resently started a group namely Grace Cancer Campaign Group to help this target population.The objectives of this group are:

To conduct cancer awareness programme.

To screen all cancer patients and pregnant women for the colonisation of these organisms.

To identify those patients who can't afford to pay for their treatement and support them financially.

To conduct literacy programme as most of them are illeterate.

To understand the predisposing factors involved in the high incidence of the disease.

To start a palliative care center for terminally ill patients.

To start a free school for slum children aged between 3-7 years old.

We are currently operating from a rented building and it works out to be quite expensive to carry on like this. Therefore we are contemplating on having our own place to accomodate our office complex.My group has chosen me to be their principle coordinator and entrusted me with the responsibility of raising fund for this project.We are looking for those who can support us towards our building fund and if possible we request you to come here and witness our work.We are also looking for those who can sponsor our slum children's education as most of them are sent ot earn their living.It is very difficult to change their attitude but we are progressing steadily. With this background we are approaching you for your donation and we accept your donation in any form either as checques or as demand draft.We would send a receipt and our report to you and keep you informed about our progress.If you can give us free cancer medicines please send it through courier and write my address very clearly because this would avoid any misuse during transit.We also accept old clothes from you and you can collect it and send it across to us for distributing it to the slum dwellers.
If you know any other organisation who support this kind of work, please let us have their address or you can introduce us to them We are planning to screen HIV patients for HPV colonisation because every week we are getting quite a few AIDS patients.

My address: Dr Betty Daniel,
Head of the department,Department of microbiology,
St Joseph's college,

My husband is pastoring a small church in banaswadi area and I am working to support the ministry and this is how we reach the unreached. His name is Daniel and he did his theology from Southern asia bible college at Bangalore. He helps me in counselling and literacy work. Four days a week, after my college work both of us visit a slum and share the gospel. Most of our church members are from a staunch hindu background.We mainly cater to the needs of poor because there are umpteeen number of churches for upper and middle class families.Moreover I deliberately did my doctoral programme in cancer biology to serve the poor.

All these days I lived for myself and the Lord gave me this burden and vision to minister to the needs of poor. Most of my earnings go in to these ministries.In april we conducted an open air crusade in one of our slum , and it was a beautiful experienswe and the Lord touched many people and they came forward to accept the Lord. So please pray for our ministry, we want to do a lot but we are limited by resourses.I only pray that the Lord will give us a way to get resourses.A servant in His ministry,
betty daniel.

If you want to refer as to who I am and what we claim is true, you can write to my college principal and enquire about my job and I am here with giving you few references of my articles in indian and international journals:

1 Daniel et al [1994] Proceedings of the XVI International Cancer Congress.Mounduzzi Editore, 3, 2271-2275
2 Daniel et al [1995] Journal of General Virology,76, 2589-2593
3 Daniel et al [1997] Journal of General Virology,78, 1095-1101
4 Rangarajan and Daniel etal.,[Manuscript in preperation]

Gal:6;14: But God forbid that I should glory, save in the CROSS of our Lord JESUS CHRIST, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I un to the world.

Recently our prayer hall had been demolished by few people from the neighbourhood.The reason is that we have continuous fasting prayer meeting and all night prayer meetings.It was built by our youth group with a help of a single mason,and our slum people sacrificially gave from theri small income but we still depend on God for His heavenly wisdom.People saty we should go to court but we are still praying about it.We defenitely need your presious prayer for this particular need.

Even if you can not support us with finance, still you can be a part of this ministry by praying for us and with us.The Lord will hear yoru prayers and do wonders in our ministry.

We have started a building fund for both house cum prayer hall kind of building and we are currently operating form a rented house and we are allowed to stay for only a couple of years. Therefore by the time, we establish ourselves, we are asked to move from that place and so please pray for this ministry. If we have a place of our own then it owuld be easy to work there.If any one contributes towards this, a prayer file will be opened in that persons name and we will record all their prayer requests and start praying for them. The prayer is not only for those who contributes but for every one but when we receive something from a person we feel we should be commited to them and do something for them. That is the reason why we have started this prayer file.

If you want to send your contribution please send it to
Account Number---10042,
State bank of India,
INdian institute of science branch,
Indian institute of science campus,

with much love,
betty and danny


Dear Betty and Daniel, Bangalore India

Praise GOD for His leading you and your submission to Him
and His call on both your lives. Acts14:22 Eph4:15 1Jn3:6

CCCInc. 7 companies are very much in need of committed
Christians as you both are proving yourselves to be.

CCCInc. church will network associate churches willing
to teach the full gospel of Christ, unlike the existing
soft, watered-down versions taught today.
[see Amsterdam 2000]

CCCInc. Centers will network the type of orphanage you
are involved with -- if established to share Jesus, and
tend their full educational needs.
[see Centers Home Page]

CCCInc. Care will network hospitals and clinics
sharing Christ first and administering to the bodily
needs efficiently in love.
[see Care Home Page]

CCCInc. will be establishing a Bombay (Mumbay)
office in 1-2 years as the Lord expands our work.
At present I am homeless, and GOD supplies all my
food, clothing, shelter. Every penny has gone
back to GOD for 15 years, for ministry work only,
not even "necessities".

A few others are tithing into CCCInc. to expand our
evangelisation work and establish some income-producing
businesses so we are not looking for tithing to
support the huge work ahead.
[see World Vision]

GOD has made it quite clear that as our
business income flows, we must split the revenue
into 3 parts: a) church   b) business   c) services.
This latter section (services) covers all types of
Christian service: health, centers for people, schools
etc, such as what you are doing.

So, please keep us informed of your progress.
We will pray for the Lord to work His will
thru you both.

Please have Daniel view and study our www
material as you will see the teaching is
hard, apostolic style, and participants of CCCInc.
must be qualified thru the Bible tests.

Yours in love,
Robert Bristow