Original E-mail

To: Robert Bristow
From: Slav Hirnyj
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002
Dear Robert,
You may still remember me, Slav Hirnyj, the UIC Ph.D. graduate from Ukraine. We met in 1999 in the copy shop (was it called Kinko's?). I returned to Ukraine and for these almost 3 years I have been walking always remembering our conversation regarding 1Jn3 (sinning, obeying and abiding). In Ukraine I joined a Baptist congregation and tried to communicate 1Jn3, obeying the 10 Commandments, keeping the Sabbath and Biblical feasts, explaining the meaning of unleavened bread, etc. These years were years of cleansing and growing and testing. My time was and still is, however, divided (1Cor7:32-34). Three kids and almost no means of survival in a 1 room apartment with heat, water, electricity often shut down (during the winter time), this teaches us much to rely upon the LORD, to pray without ceasing.
Sowing and watering GOD's words over these years has resulted in the heart change of my wife - she, grown in Ukrainian Catholic tradition, came to Christ and now has become a witness to her many relatives. But, Robert, I weep much for the lostness of my countrymen who fill the official Catholic, Orthodox, and many Protestant churches on Sunday morning and live heart-hardened lives. Ukraine needs a prophet like Jonah. I heard Jonathan Hansen on the radio warning America and felt that Ukraine also needs a warning like this.
I am writing to you from Dresden, Germany, as a result of the answered prayer - I asked the LORD for a job and He provided one for me. This is a research institute in the field of Materials Science. Here I have found two brothers in Christ and also an English speaking community led by a former Southern Baptist pastor. He asked me to preach on the Palm Sunday and I preached on 1Jn3 and related.
Today, I finally found your web-page and even an e-mail link. I was so happy I instantly wrote you this e-mail. If you have a chance - please drop me a word.
GOD bless you on your roads.
Sincerely yours, in Christ Jesus,

Initial Response
Dear Slav,
Thank you for writing. Your message has been passed on to Robert. He will receive it shortly, and you should probably get a response very soon thereafter. I'm sure he will be very glad to receive your message.
GOD bless.

To: Slav Hirnyj
From: Robert Bristow
Date: Friday, Apr 19, 2002
Dear Slav,
Thank you for your e-mail of Apr 9, 2002, your comments will
edify-encourage-exhort many to continue their own
Acts14:22 1Pet1:7 into 9 Zech13:9 Mat3:11 Rom6 into Rev3:18.
Praise the LORD for His continued work in you Phil1:6, pressing
your belief-faith in His basic truth Eph4:15 1Jn3 till His word
took root and grew to allow Him to benefit you more fully, financially
and spiritually, even till the fullness Ps66:8-12 Jn10:9,10,
which the LORD revealed will be 1Pet5:10 2Pet1:10 into 11
as you Mat11:12 Lk13:24 Job33 walk in truth, ever sharing
with each contact the full gospel.
GOD's way to holiness-perfection Col1:28; 3:12; 4:12 1Thes5:23 is
the hard-narrow walk of the true saints-hagios-see link,
[GOD's hagios, holy, saints] thru His hard work on and in us, see link
[GOD's hard work] till we truly attain 1Jn3:6,9,24.
GOD tested you in Ukraine (it seems to be 3 years?) to truly believe,
and expects to build a network of believers thru and around
you, for His purposes, if you maintain the hard course.
I personally continue to pray and intercede for you Col1:29.
Dear Slav,
Sabbath, Aug 24th, 2002
GOD's holy inerrant word
My friend, in the name of the LORD, please review
His prompting, His exhortation, His outright declaration
of His holy word to you for years...
which you seem to have rejected, disbelieved.
You earlier stated GOD impressed, repeatedly, upon you
the truth of 1Jn, presumably 1Jn2:6; 3:6. Your e-mail.
We were thrilled to hear such news as the current
church flatly denies this truth - His holy word.
The hope for you and the substance of our
earlier correspondence was based solely upon you:
a) believing into Him Jn3:16 Greek,
b) 1Jn2:24,27 will abide NKJV and Greek,
c) Eph4:15 grow into Him.
We now find in your latest e-mails Mon 19th
+ Tue 20th you falsely claim to currently abide in Christ.
You have taken issue with us concerning
small stuff that appears on the CCCInc. web-site,
claiming that we have not represented
GOD's holy gospel, but we now see that your
disbelief has blinded you to His absolute Truth
and His love gospel 2Cor4:3,4 2Thes2:9-12, so,
totally negating your exhortation and
admonition towards our ministry.
GOD, from 1984, has insisted few truly abide
in Him and proved thru His word that the 3 part church
is totally based upon the copy Heb7-10, or the OT temple.
GOD's ministry work by His Spirit directly and thru
CCCInc. makes this truth an absolutely essential
part of His salvation plan: growing us
   from babes into children,
   from children into overcomers for true
soul salvation Job33 Act14:22, etc., and
only overcomers participate, see His gifts in
Rev2+3, all others are in the 2nd resurrection to
death and thence to outer darkness.
Yours thru Christ,
Robert Bristow
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Christian Community Churches Inc.

Bible Prophesying
Laszlo Kadar,
Paul Lee,
Joseph Oleson,
May '99
GOD's true church officers
GOD in Jn15 has clearly qualified those He ordains, His very few in Him,
living as/of Him - holy, pure 1Jn3-5; not positionally (a lie), but literally, now.
GOD's inerrant word is clear and precise, but the Judas church teaches a
false message (see Hybels Mar '95), leading millions into partial or spirit salvation.
GOD's full salvation message teaches "death into life" or copy Christ to be saved
here + now Rom - Col, then abide or live "in death" to join Him 2Tim2 Rev20:4,6.
GOD is calling you 3 to work as His holy deacons: to enforce His dictated By-laws;
to monitor + report on His anointed ministries; to share only His full gospel, the Bible.
Laszlo - GOD's dictated letter of Mar '98 (Concepts #2) is your life's final choosing.
Paul - GOD has called you to co-ordinate all campus outreach, and be a major CEO.
Joseph - GOD's dictated letter of Mar '98 (Concepts #5) must be obeyed by you to live.
   So then.......
enter into life, keep the commandments...forever Mat19:17; 24:13
eternal salvation to all who obey Him Heb5:9 1Jn3:9; 5:4 Rev3:9-12
which is rarely believed, lived, taught... so most die Jn3:36 2Thes1:8,9
   confirmed in Jn15:5 or 6 - 1Jn3:6,24     Rom8:1,6,13 - Heb3:6,14; 6:4-6; 10:26-31; 12:15.
GOD's 5 years of grace is now bringing you into His work.
18 years + 18 days to March 21 '04 brings you into full unity
with Robert who completes 21 years on March 21 '04.
Mar 27 '04.
Joseph failed, so
deleted from the Book.

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Christian Community Churches Inc./ Willow Creek Community Church

Rev Bill Hybels,
2 of 4
Mar '95
GOD's truth and current heresy
GOD's clear, simple, post Acts1:8; 2 message was intact, believed, lived by
the early disciples, but many heresies later denied the basic reason for
Jesus... defeat satan so we may follow, yet very few believe the power
available thru faith to overcome satan, self, sin... GOD's work if we obey
thru purging in fire.
GOD's clear, simple word 
"believing into
"grow up into" 
is proven,
qualified, supported by 100's of O.T. and N.T. scriptures but current
heresy declares mere confession/ritual baptism secures eternal life
in Christ... a total absence of obedience, love, faith... essential for
justification, righteousness, soul salvation, sanctification,
transformation, union.
GOD's clear, simple word 
"body of sin..destroyed, 
free from sin, dead to sin"
is Mat1:21, He delivers, remits but current heresy declares man
will not cease... so denying, rejecting, unbelieving GOD's grace, love, power
towards diligent, faithful, proved elect of GOD refusing satan, self, sin
in good conscience, walking after the Spirit in Christ.
GOD's clear, simple word 
Ezek   Rom
"sin is death, 
Jn3   Eph5   2Thes   1Pet
wrath upon disobedience, 
Rev   Rom8
is death" includes all believers Deut11 Rom1:18 but current heresy
declares all go to heaven/soul is immortal/GOD is love, all merciful...
so Jer23 Ezek34 Acts20:29 1Jn2:18... as heaven is for GOD's elect,
others Mat10:28 1Cor3:15; 5:5 naked, mere spirit saved, cast into darkness
Ps1:5 1Pet4:18 Mat7:21 Heb5:9; 12:15.
 Robert Bristow
Rev Hybels,
Dec '97
GOD alone established Willow Creek, Ps127:1, for His global plan.
GOD alone established a "seeker" type ministry for baby believers.
GOD intends to repeat Acts2 thru willing believers seeking His power.
GOD's new Willow Creek may lose you, 1999 is a critical testing period.
 Robert Bristow
June '00, GOD's devouring fire is clear
at WCCC as He purges away the old.
[original 2 of 4]
[His devouring fire]
Apr '98
GOD's message above has been rejected for 3 years by Hybels + WCCC,
but His grace continues for 12 months, for a final 10yr test, Mar '99.
GOD planted WCCC for His purposes, to fulfill His global plan of a family
truly seeking Christ and His Spirit power for soul salvation.
GOD's love for us demands He supply His chosen servant-leaders, as
He promised Jer23:4, as He literally reigns Mat2:6 Lk1:33, others Lk19:27.
GOD's love equally demands judgement + wrath against any unrepentant sin,
but WCCC currently disbelieves basic Bible truth, so cursed Gal:8,9.
 Robert Bristow
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Dear Slav,
Wednesday, Sep 4th, 2002
GOD's inerrant word
My friend, your haste to justify your efforts, your work does you a great disservice. You are above average in intelligence, a million miles above me, and I have learned that mind games never win. So, I can only trust in His guidance to communicate with all minds, 1Cor2; 9:16,27.
Please take time to read, carefully, prayerfully, all the files and links to see the whole message. You have not read:
to see the whole file. You claim 1Jn2:6...3:6,9,24...5:4,18 for yourself, but do not live, walk as such...yet. True abiding in our holy GOD is rare!!
GOD has led us corporately to develop the CCCInc. web-site. GOD literally shuts down computers if we move in error! GOD is our ruler, King. GOD has dictated (breathed) the exact material for the web-site, and subsequently proved our work.
Consequently, until you prove yourself at least at Jn14 level by completing GOD's Bible study-tests.
Note true Jn14 level.
Therefore we will refrain from even discussing the types of issues you raised: except to add;
a) CCCInc. is Bible based, sharing GOD's love gospel to all,
b) CCCInc. is Christ-centred, not respecting people or nations,
c) CCCInc. is Spirit-ruled, adhering to GOD's agenda only.
GOD has proved the CCCInc. corporate work over 14 years; from May 1988 to May 2002.
[see His work in and thru CCCInc.]
Yours thru Christ
Robert Bristow