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E-mail and Responses
Ministries-Clinics etc. in India
Keith Sellers
Momence Revival
Chris Johnston
Moody Bible Institute people
Glen Richardson
Dean Hirsch - World Vision
Wendy Scanlon
Edith Blumhofer - GOD's true Evangelicals
Jill Austin, Jon Hamill, Lou Engle
Joseph Loconte, Heritage Foundation #2
Stearns, Hirsch - World Vision in Africa
ACSI computer courses
GOD's work-force must be qualified
GOD in Indonesia
Slav Hirnyj - Germany
Rathna Kumar - Bangalore, India
Joseph Loconte, Heritage Foundation
Alan Keyes
Glen Richardson - Prison Ministry
Rev. Michael Easley - GOD Ordains Few
President of MBI from March 2005
Vincent Auricchio - Faith and Work 101
Paul Gebhart - The Healing of Nations
Wendy Scanlon - David in Australia has cancer
Stearns, Hirsch - GOD calls World Vision...
Goldman Sachs re Wal-Mart, GE
Bruce Boardman - Innovate or Die
CCCInc. Home Page
Christian Community Churches Inc.

E-mail and Responses
Magazine/ Newspaper people:
Mary Mitchell
Terry Eastland
Betsy Hart
Amity Shlaes
Mary Laney
Cathleen Falsani
Carol Marin, Debra Pickett and Georgie Anne Geyer
John Fountain - Loving GOD
Cathleen Falsani - GOD's tsunami for Bible believers
John Fountain - Family Ministries
Marvin Olasky - Work, Not Beg
Dawn Turner Trice - GOD is Not tripe
Betsy Hart - Democratic Culture/ GOD-given Freedom
Colvin (Fortune) - Wal-Mart #2
Cindy Richards - Christian Health Care
Colvin - Metro 7 at Wal-Mart
Mark Brown - Dare to Embrace Truth
Betsy Hart - Unsocialised Behaviour
Geoffrey Colvin - Value Driven
David Brooks - GOD's Pillars
Betsy Hart - Positive Stream
Geyer, Mitchell - GOD loves women
Cathleen Falsani - Jam4:4 Christians
Mary Mitchell - Awake to Reality
Georgie Anne Geyer - Historic Perceptions
Cathleen Falsani - GOD's Earthquake, Oct 2005
J. Lee Grady - It Was for Freedom
Kim Barker - Freedom's Work for Fauzi Gailani
C. Falsani - "Schiavo's barbaric death"
Bret Stephens - 2017 for Israel
Rosett, Melloan, Donlan, Bakke - GOD's Special Nurturing
W. Neikirk - GOD's or Carter's way
C. Falsani - GOD's Katrina helps thousands
Mitchell - Awake to Reality Part2
Various - London Bombing
George Will re ACSI computer courses
Geoffrey Colvin - Wal-Mart
Dennis Byrne - GOD's design process
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