To: Kim Barker []
Date: 11/08/05 07:34:04

Kim Barker,
Chicago Tribune
Nov 2005
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Freedom's Work for Fauzi Gailani
GOD's Hand thru the coalition of the willing freed
women like Fauzi in Afghanistan to help others
experience, live and work much as the West does,
but regretably
too few love their neighbour enough to care.
Thank GOD for caring, as seen in your article:
Chicago Tribune - Nov 6, 2005
in Christ's love,
Robert Bristow
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To: Georgie Anne Geyer []; Mary Mitchell []
Date: 10/18/05 7:03:21

Georgie Anne Geyer (Columnist),
Mary Mitchell (Chicago Sun-Times)
Oct 2005
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GOD loves women
GOD's love for all His offspring Acts17:23-31 flows from His moral love
for all His creation: animals, birds, forests, people, etc. Jn3:16
"for GOD so loved the cosmos."
GOD calls-desires man to love as He does, but very few equal Christ,
laying down His life for the sake of mankind to live in holiness,
sacrifice and service to/for others.
GOD is using USA (and others) to prove we love our neighbour globally,
to free women from abuse, bondage, even killing and torture, but few care,
as seen by the majority of comfortable, selfish women
against this moral work.
GOD's enemies are appeasing doormats refusing to stand against evil such
as the school bully, gangs or terrorists, all the same in His eye, so by their
collective inaction bring on massive chaos-deaths,
similar to 2-3 million in SE Asia.
in Christ's love,
 Robert Bristow
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GOD is Liberating Women

    The greatest social revolution in history is underway all around us: The emancipation of women. Advanced in our own society, elsewhere the battle for women's rights lies at the heart of colossal struggles over the future of great religions and civilizations.
    The Global War on Terror is a fight over the social, economic and cultural roles of women. The core issues for the terrorists are the interpretation of God's will and the continued oppression of women. Nothing so threatens Islamic extremists as the freedom Western women enjoy.
    The greatest moral advance has been the attainment of basic human rights by women.
    We do not think of our troops abroad as fighting for women's rights. But they are.

Excerpted from USA Today by Ralph Peters
GOD's humanistic enemies, such as the liberal elite women
in the USA, contrive-speak-work against His liberating work;
they are satan's tools to retain women in bondage-slavery,
in ignorance
His freedom principles.