Dear Glen Richardson,
Dec 2004
GOD the Spirit pressed us to relay some
pertinent Spirit induced material for
your perusal-study thru prayer/fasting.
Robert Bristow

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GOD's Marketplace Rule
GOD in Ps2 clearly promised a King over the nations,
but few truly submit as Paul 1Cor9:27; most Lk19:27.
GOD in Is32:1 Jer23:5 Mat2:6 Lk1:33 Rev19:15 again clearly
promised to rule, being fulfilled thru His CCCInc. companies.
GOD's true institutions fully submit to His agenda, plan, will
as His company directors copy 1Tim3:16; 6:13-16 Heb3:6,14; 12:14.
GOD is purging, refining, separating selected businesses
to be networked into His corporate structure for His rule.
GOD is drawing, teaching, training true Bible believers to work
and volunteer as His business management in His companies.
GOD's multifaceted businesses are His kingdom laws
in practice, are His witness in the marketplace, for His glory.
GOD's marketplace rule, as He ruled Moses and Paul, will
show forth His essence, as at Mt. Sinai and Pentecost, Rev19:15.
[most Lk19:27] [Is32:1 Jer23:5]
[GOD's true institutions] [1Tim3:16; 6:13-16]
[selected businesses]
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[GOD is drawing, teaching, training...]
[His witness...] [Democracy Matters]
[GOD's Jer23 Plan on World Vision part 2 + 3]
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GOD is chastising McDonald's
that He can rule the corporation for His use

GOD's hard work upon McDonald's Corp. top management in '04
(a death and cancer) follows their inadequate response to His command
that McDonald's totally change its menu into a healthy life source,
rather than a death hastening, disease producing type of food choice.
GOD will radically change the food choice; eliminating fat and low value
junk food, bringing real, value based (high nutrition, etc.) organic food choices
that are offered fresh or cooked to maximise health benefits + natural process,
since proper diet (and exercise) naturally prevent hundreds of diseases.
GOD's true medical people freely share nutritional expertise to advance
personal health benefits and His enterprises-institutions loving care
of clients' well-being, so enabling McDonald's to participate in His
agenda-promise to affect, benefit, bless Christians 1st, then the world.
GOD is clearly giving Charlie Bell a choice, obey Him and His
Biblical marketplace ideals to live, or disobey Him to death,
as either way, GOD Almighty intends to glorify His holy name.



Charlie Bell, at 43, is the new CEO, following Jim Cantalupo's
fatal heart attack on Apr 19 '04, at merely 60 years of age.
Just 2x7 days later Bell is diagnosed with colon cancer for
failing to heed GOD's call to change McDonald's menu.
Bell continued to ignore GOD's will, so forced to resign Nov 22 '04.
High Value Foods
are explained in books and publications,
but are mostly ignored-untaught in the health field.