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Cindy Richards,
Chicago Sun-Times
Feb 2005
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Christian Health Care
GOD the Spirit pressed us to relay some
pertinent Spirit induced material for
your perusal-study thru prayer/fasting.
GOD's Bible-based free-market principles are vastly
superior to man's evil ways, so His health-care
system will be a reflection of His nature.
 Robert Bristow

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Christian Care Centers Inc.
Nurses Christian Fellowship
GOD's free-market principles will govern the CCCInc.
health care system along with a CCCInc. health benefits and
insurance program, open to all qualified Bible believers.
GOD's free-market principles and His simple meritocracy
determine our gross income, 10% of which covers each
participant's insurance coverage, or 10% of gross family income.
GOD's free-market principles ensure all qualified believers
receive quality health care, subject to local conditions,
laws, standards; paying 10% of their bills, CCCInc. covers 90%.
GOD's free-market principles and His simple meritocracy
will ensure qualified Bible believers have full access to
complete health care thru doctors, nurses and vaccines globally.
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