To: Amity Shlaes
From: Alex Poole
Date: 08/05/04 02:05:11
Subject: Re: GOD's Hand on the USA

Dear Amity Shlaes,
Aug 2004
The following information may interest you.

GOD's Hand on the USA
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GOD's Hand on the USA
GOD the Spirit,
the pre-eminent evangeliser,
is using the USA to effect freedom of the oppressed
that His true gospel of Christ may spiritually free the world.
GOD, from 1861, used Lincoln to free American oppressed enabling
greater benefits, prosperity, unity for the American people.
GOD, 2 x 70 years later, is using USA to free oppressed nations
that others may benefit from His love gospel Mat28:19 Jn3:16.
GOD has few in the world who love their neighbour
enough to see this truth and support His work
thru His Freedom Principles for global peace.

"... this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come." Mat24:14

Note: GOD's hand in 2Macc10:1-8 was 2 x 70 years before Lk2:7.
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Isaiah 9:6,7

GOD, from 1948, has guided-nurtured certain companies and
individuals by allowing them to inwardly perceive the right way,
to instinctively know the right course, all without directly
empowering them or anointing them or abiding in them, His grace.
GOD, from Nov 2002, is seeking, sifting, sorting the above to recognise
His silent Hand, to confirm such publicly, to believe and obey
His current drawing into a personal relationship with Him into
being born again believers Jn14 Acts5:32; 9:17,18 1Cor12:7 1Peter1.
GOD desires that believers grow in grace, then into His full grace
to hear-believe-know Him as Abraham Jn5:24; 17:3, but most
believers fail-reject His grace Heb12:15-17 1Jn3:8,10 Rev21:8; 22:15
by rejecting His clear, holy word Deut5; 11:26-28 Mat19:17 Heb5:9 1Pet1:25.
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Intuitive Understanding

GOD has often used Robert Bartley's writing to get His points into focus for us at CCCInc.
Bartley was obviously an instrument of the Almighty for His purposes, though Bartley did not have a relationship, as such, as the disciples after Pentecost.
Writing about his recent death from cancer at 66, Amity Shlaes clearly saw that "he had an intuitive understanding" of many subjects about which he wrote over the years. One particularly strong foresight was Bartley's embrace of the simple economics espoused by Ronald Reagan, which radically changed America for good.
The church-going Bartley viewed everything from a moral perspective, economics, social issues and especially the character flaws of Bill Clinton.
From Alexander Hamilton thru Amity Shlaes, we read the same truth, Freedom without Moral Restraint Leads to Anarchy.
Also Amity writes of Bartley "sometimes even free-market countries had to spend money and fight wars" even in Iraq "to preserve free markets" and democracy.

Read "Morality's place in the market economy" by Amity Shlaes
Chicago Tribune - Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Also refer to "Robert Bartley" by Brent Staples
The New York Times - Tuesday, December 16, 2003, wherein
Mr. Staples describes two different Bartleys at work and at play, proving GOD's silent Hand.
GOD gave Bartley 12 months to seek Him,
a true personal relationship, but he failed and died,
as a witness to His ongoing purging-refining work in WSJ.
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GOD's simple meritocracy
GOD's grace was partially lifted 3x4 years after 1948, so
allowing the 60s Cultural Revolt; a new culture of depravity,
devalued virtues, etc., which the social elite began and
used to form-foster a new underclass, an insidious bigotry.
GOD allowed 4x10 years of: utterly debilitating messages
that the poor underclass were victims; creating gov't policy
to enslave the poor in welfare; turning vice and criminal
behaviour into a disability; but now meritocracy is returning.
GOD allowed 40 years of depraved-evil man: to "manage"
his worldly affairs; to prove his "love" of his neighbours;
to share His kingdom principles or the "freedom gospel"
to the world; but man failed miserably, so GOD must rule.
Read: Myron Magnet in Mahattan Institute's City Journal - Summer 2004
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